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Our team has built this site in the hope of creating a superb website on the internet where you can find the top, most detailed review of products and businesses.
If you check our website you will find that we are regularly posting on our website and we are always building powerful backlinks to rank up our site for keywords in different niches.

If you want to publish a guest post on our website do send us an email at:
getreviewed [at the rate of] bestreviewsmytopten.com

As it is a review site, we would appreciate if you can keep it strictly related to reviews. We appreciate 1500-word, well-written content with 1 link to your desired website.

Few things you should know before applying:
> We do not allow affiliate link or re-direct affiliate links in guest posts.
> We are currently very much interested to get article related to android and ios apps. or any sorts of apps that make the internet a better place.
> While applying please use the subject line: guest post submission request so that we know what it’s all about.
> We do not accept low-quality submissions. All articles needs to go through our editor to make sure it is suitable for our readers and maintains the quality of our website. If you are interested, get in touch with us explaining the topic you want to write about.

> Currently we are not accepting any Free articles. A One-time payment may be required based on your article.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Editor in chief

Short guide on how to do guest post outreach
Guest post outreach is one of the most effective ways to get high quality backlinks for your website. This has been proven to be highly effective as you are getting backlink from real site with real traffic. The sites that are posting articles from a regular basis. Not from cheap web 2.0s or PBNs. These are real sites owned by bloggers and affiliates who are posting high value articles for their readers. Hence getting backlinks from these sites will give your site more rank boost then any other method.
How to find guest post opportunities?
The best way to find guest post opportunities on the internet is by using google search queries customized to fit your own need. I will give you few examples in next few lines. Before that here are few most popular queries that people use to find guest post opportunities.
kw+ “write for us”
kw + “guest post for us”
kw & intitle: “write for us”
kw & write for us
kw + intitle: “contribute to”
kw + guest post
kw & guest post
“kw” + “write for us”
write for us intitle: kw
kw & advertise with us
For example, if i wish to get a backlink from a well known review based website and who have guest post options, i will be searching with queries like:
review + “write for us”
write for us + review
review + “guest post for us”
review & intitle: “write for us”
bestopten & write for us
review + intitle: “contribute to”
review + guest post
bestreview & guest post
review & advertise with us
“review” + “write for us”
write for us intitle: review
review & write for us inurl:review
write for us + intitle:review
review + submit a post
review + submit an article
review + intitle:”guest post”
review + intitle:”write for us”
review write for us
write for us review
review guest post
guest post review article
domain review

Once you find the right website do reach out to them with your application email and wait for them to get back to you.