What does ft mean on Snapchat?

What Does FT Mean On Snapchat? in this fast-moving world, social media application is full of slang and acronyms. In this article, you will learn all the possible definitions of the word “ft” and what does ft mean on Snapchat.

There are different phrases on Snapchat you can simply guess…

“Do you want ft”
“Hit me up ft”

Common Definition of ft

Do you know?

What does actually ft Mean on the snapchat app?

Although there are other definitions of the acronym FT. The most common definition is listed first in the FT definition on Snapchat. What I really know about “What does FT mean on Snapchat” is FaceTime. Every Snapchat user relies on this abbreviation.

Facetime is Abbreviated as FT

According to the most common definition of ft, which means facetime to engage in a video call. Apple’s iPhones come equipped with a chat app called FaceTime.

The definition of “FaceTime” is widely known as a unique feature of Apple’s iPhones. Users who have never used an iPhone might not be familiar with it. Ft mean on Snapchat is the default calling feature on iPhones.

If you’re an iPhone user and a friend requests an “FT” on Snapchat, here ft means they want to video call you.

Is ft the best feature of Snapchat?

Let’s take a look at ft benefits.

1) FUN Source

People prefer to take selfies with their closest friends online using social media because of the fun. Snapchat was the first website that allowed users to post and connect with stories that disappeared after 24 hours.

2) Allow Video Call or Video Chat?

Yes! In the same vein as FT’s definition, you can make regular phone calls directly with Snapchat users and save your time. The video shows up to 15 of your closest friends.


There are different advantages of ft calling on Snapchat. You can give lessons to your students and arrange seminars and events in no time. You can guess the fantastic features of the app without using it.

Comparison With Other Apps

In context with Snapchat, FaceTime video calls have the added benefit of connecting with multiple users. Up to 32 users can join a single group call via FaceTime with strong internet. This is the main point. In contrast to Snapchat, you can only video chat with up to 15 friends. This app has no such restrictions as WhatsApp and Instagram. It allows you to get a group call instead of talking to each person individually.

How to do FT call to Snapchat Users

1) Select the snap icon in the chat window’s upper right corner.

2) enter the conversation with them with whom you want to talk.

3) You’ll find a little video icon up top; click it.

4) To make an internet connection, you must hold for the other person’s picture to appear.

Call on Snapchat

If you don’t know ho to make a call on snapchat, here’s how.

Step 1:

You can only use video chat by clicking the phone icon next to the camera.

Step 2:

Up to fifteen of your closest pals can join you in a single call. Start a group chats with the people you want on the call, then click the camera icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 3:

A video conversation window can be minimized by swiping it down. To put it another way: hold on! Before accepting your invitation, the other individual can see you.

Ft Meaning in Texting

FT means “FaceTime,” but there are times when they are meaning something else. However, ft comes up with various meanings and definitions in a slang term. When people write “FT” on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc., they always have the abbreviation “FaceTime”. But there are certain things we will discuss below:


“FT” may refer to “featuring” assume that ft in many places stands for “featuring”. Whenever you hear the word “ft” about a song or see an advertisement for a musician.


Finally, the meaning of FT is often “Full Time” in football. Yes, that is a rather out-there application, but it’s good to have a wide range of acronym knowledge. Similarly, the abbreviation HT means “Half Time” in the sport of football.

Financial Times

The meaning of fT here is “Financial times.” The “Financial Times” is a British daily media outlet and online publication. It also covers international business and economic news.

FaceTime (ft) Popularity

However, a recent survey indicated that individuals are eager to pay for the premium service. Despite the pervasive use of free FaceTime.

Most Promising App

According to the results, the medium amount respondents on Snapchat are prepared to pay for FaceTime for $2.78. With so many people talking through FaceTime on Snapchat, even a small annual fee would bring in millions of cash for Apple.

Snap inc.

The Snapchat application was launched by Snap inc., an American camera, and social media company. Twitter is also established by Snap inc., the best trending application on social media.

What Does ft Mean on Social Media?

Ft means facetime. Is the abbreviation of ft the same on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? However, other websites have a different definition of what that ft means. When a person comments on bad terms, these words come in the form of scolding and having bad intentions.

When someone uses such words as “can you FT” with the simplest definition of ft means on Snapchat or other websites to arrange a FaceTime call.

The title means the featured person is also in the video or song. While on YouTube, the music video is not the only place where ft. is used. YouTubers that collaborate with others also often include “ft.” in the title, along with the creator they’re featuring and whom they consider their biggest fan.

How to ft a Friend?

Having connected with someone new on social media, you’ve decided to communicate with them from Snapchat to FaceTime. The first requirement is that you and your best friend own an iOS device.

Steps While Using Iphone

If you have an Iphone, you must go by the given steps.

Step 1:

Unlock the device and swipe down to use the iPhone’s search functionality.

Step 2:

When you start typing in the search “FaceTime,” the program will appear. Tap on FaceTime Clicks the + icon in the right-side corner.

Step 3:

Enter the phone number or email address. If you have already attached it to your browser, to try again. It will automatically be linked.

Step 4:

Select the Video Call option to make a FaceTime call. You must wait until your friend picks up the phone.

Final Words

The About article answered the question, “what does ft mean on snapchat?” Talking through FaceTiming should only be done with people you are familiar with. It is a risk to FaceTime with a weirdo, no matter how enticing it may be. FaceTiming someone is fine if you already know them. However, in today’s world, protecting your personal information is crucial.

Think twice before accepting a FaceTime request from someone you don’t know on Snapchat. Is this person giving you the creeps? Do you know them in real life? Don’t give out your personal cell phone number if you’re not sure you can trust the person.

Friendly Reminder:

You must safeguard your privacy when using social media sites. The world is full of decisive people!

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David is a chief SEO marketer and expert in ranking any content or website with decades of experience and profound observations in SEO. With 20 years of global experience and expertise in SEO strategies, content management, copywriting, and customer experience. He’s also the creator of “Legends of SEO,” a blog on pursuing financial independence through SEO marketing.