How to find Find font from image

Are you finding fonts for your image? Don’t you know what type of font to use? And you don’t know how to find font from image? Don’t worry! In this article, we will tell you how to find fonts from images using different websites and apps.

Suppose you have a beautiful font in any image while scrolling. You don’t know what type of font is it. There is a trick that everyone should know about. You can easily identify fonts using different advanced font identifier technology. Font identification is not as difficult as you think.

If you like some font, and you want to use that font to recreate some post or meme. Just use some font finder tool to find the exact font used. You can identify fonts using the tools given below.

How To Identify Fonts

There are different ways for font identification. It depends on” where are you finding the font from?” You can find fonts from an image, any website, or any post. There are many font identifiers, some of which are discussed below.

How To Identify Font From Website?

If you are going to find the front from any website. You must have to be familiar with Cascading style sheets (CSS). You have to right-click on the text, that you want to inspect. The tab will appear, click on inspect.

On the right side of your screen, a new window will show the coding consisting of different characters and letters. Read these coding to know the font type. It can be called a difficult method. There are also more easy methods available for finding the correct font.

Using Quickly Find Fonts

Copy the text from the website and paste it on the font detector. Tap search and after some time, the name of the font will pop up. There will be multiple font styles, select the matching font. Download the best font on your computer or Mobile.

Identify pdf font from Adobe Acrobat

If you have a pdf and want to know the font type used, you can easily find it. You can use adobe acrobat to know the font. Tap ”Document Properties” after right-clicking on the pdf.

After clicking on it, the document properties tab will appear. In the tab, go to the fonts. The list of fonts and the size will appear. It’s an easy way and can be used by everyone.

Using Font Squirrel Matcherator

The most famous thing about the font squirrel matcherator is that it’s legally free. It has many free fonts available, moreover, it provides high-quality fonts. Font squirrel matcherator is the number one website that is free as well as high quality.

If you want to identify fonts. There are many font finder tools available like Font squirrel matcherator. Just follow these steps to identify the font used in an image.

How to use it?

You can take a downloaded image or image URL. It has an image URL option. Now go to the website and open it. Click on the image that you downloaded. Now upload an image. If you have the URL, go and paste it.

Take the crop box and covers the desired font. To find accurate results, upload the image correctly. If you haven’t cropped the image correctly, it will cause lower accuracy. After this, click on matcherate it, and search results.

It will show multiple results and the results from different websites. Some will be free and some will be the ones that can be purchased. Go on the fonts that match from the font matcherator. Find the match font and select the best font that is free.

Using Adobe Photoshop

If you want to find a font from an image, you can find using Adobe Photoshop. This image editing software is used for different purposes. It can be used to create high-quality pictures for print. It is best known font identifier.

Using this app, you can easily find the matched fonts. There are many adobe fonts available in the app. In the following steps, we will tell you how to use this app to find fonts from an image:

How to use it?

Open adobe photoshop on your mobile. To search the area in the image that has the font, select the image. You can also select a screenshot. Then go and find the Rectangular marquee tool. Only select the area, which has the font.

Search match fonts in the toolbar. You can match fonts already downloaded on your mobile or can easily download from Typekit. Typekit has a cloud icon, you can click on it to download. In the end, add the matched font found in the picture.

Using WhatFontIs

WhatFontIs is the easiest to use. Suppose you have gone to a restaurant and you like the Restaurant name font. Or you are reading a print.

If you want to know that ” what type of font is it?” You can use WhatFontIs to know it. It’s a website available on Chrome, Firefox, etc. It can be used by everyone easily and quickly.

Take the picture of the letter, that you want to know the font. It can be any picture, screenshot, or even an URL, which makes the app quite useful. It has 850,000 fonts available.


Just scan your image and the results will be shown. Select the best result and download it.

Finding Cursive Fonts from a Magazine or Print

Suppose, you are reading a magazine or some printed material. During reading, you found a fond that you like. Take a scanned photo of the page, and upload an image on the website.

Just use a website like WhatTheFont. It can be said as the best tool to find the best match. Go to the website and upload the scanned image. Select the font area and skip the letters that you don’t want to find.

To find the font, simply drag the required cropped area and search. WhatTheFond has a variety of fonts available. So, the tool will check its all fonts and compare them. after comparing them, it will show the match fonts. Please select the best match and download it.

Use Glyphs

Glyphs is a font editing app. It’s a mac only an app. It doesn’t work for PC and other android mobiles. It can also be used for finding the font.

Ask An Expert

If you haven’t found The font even after using all methods and tools. There are some experts in this field, who can help you to find fonts from an image.

The most famous expert in this field, who can help you is ”The Typography.Guru”. They have a big name on the internet and can recognize any text, letters, or characters. They will surely help you.

Best Font Finder

If you can’t find the font using the following methods, you can use the following font finder to identify fonts. These identifiers can help you to solve your problem.

Fonts Ninja

It’s an easy and frequently used website used by beginners. It’s not a free website and is available on chrome, firefox, safari, etc.


It’s an app for iPhone and iPad users. This tool can help you to find the font, size, etc from the text. Its use is simple and can be used by beginners.


It’s a web app available on chrome firefox, etc. It will search the text and will tell about the font used.

Other Font Identifier

  • Fontanello
  • WhatTheFont
  • Tiff
  • Fontspring Matcherator tool

Best Free Fonts Finder

If you can’t afford a paid font finder tool, there are many free identifier tools available for it. Some of the free tools are given:

Identify Fonts:

It’s best for the person, who wants to find the font immediately. Just click the picture, even if these images are extraneous shapes when you will scan it. Font will be found.


It’s an online font finder, moreover, it is free. It has a variety of fonts available for search.

Artwork Font finder:

It’s best for you if you want to upload pdf and large files. It will scan the files and let us know the font.

This app will show your font and similar fonts to it. So, you can choose the closest match to the sample font.

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In the two years, Christie has developed a wide range of mobile applications using Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, etc. In addition to these, she has also worked as a back-end developer. With her “Young Coders,” Christie aims to spread her coding strategies and experiences. She has in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding mobile app development.