How To Draw A Rose: Step By Step Tutorial

Are you a non-art person and wonder if you can draw a rose? If yes, keep reading this easy step-by-step tutorial to draw a simple rose drawing. This super easy tutorial will leave you amazed. Once you have followed all the steps, you will have a realistic rose drawing or other popular flowers with a pencil. However, you can also color it if you prefer a colorful drawing. All you need to know is how to draw random shapes and few lines techniques such as curved lines.

With this simple stroking and step-by-step drawing tutorial, you’ll learn to draw roses in few minutes. You require complete dedication and practice to become an ace in “how to draw a rose.” Without wasting any time, let’s get right into the process.

How To Draw A Rose: Step By Step Drawing Tutorial (kids edition)

One of the most beautiful (and pleasant-smelling) flowers is the rose. To sketch the essence of this blossom (rose), we wanted to build this one so that it is both straightforward and lovely.

Several beginners attempted it out, and they were all pleasantly pleased and delighted with how gorgeous their roses turned out by drawing some basic shapes (so we are really, really happy with how we designed this tutorial).

Learn how to draw professionally by taking our drawing lessons. Follow all the steps given below to learn how to draw a rose or any flower drawing:

Step 1: Gather Required Material

While you might think that art supplies don’t matter as a beginner, it’s actually a misconception. Having the right supplies affects how well your drawing will turn out. Although, in this case, “how to draw a rose,” you only require a few supplies, such as:

Art Supplies Required:

  1. Sketchbook: Make sure the pages have a smooth surface and are made of high-quality material.
  2. Pencil: As a beginner, you can take any pencil. But if you are professional, you can go for a charcoal pencil.
  3. Eraser: Having the right eraser matters the most. Ensure that your eraser can erase pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal pencils, giving neat results.

Step 2: Start Drawing An Oval

The next step in “how to draw a rose” is to draw an oval shape representing the flower’s center on the sheet. It is recommended to use very light lines unless you’re done with the entire shape of the flower to erase the mistakes quickly.

The oval shape doesn’t need to be perfect. Because nothing is perfect in nature, so, focus on outlining the flower rather than worrying about getting the best shape oval. However, your oval turns out, and your flower drawing will look perfect in the end.

Step 3: Create A Coil/Spiral

Next step in “how to draw a rose” is to draw a little coil in the oval. The spiral should be like a slightly curved line in a loose spring. You can make it clockwise or anticlockwise. The direction doesn’t matter. Also, you don’t have to procrastinate on how many turns you should draw in the spiral. It’s all up to you.

Step 4: Draw A Heart Shape

The next step in “how to draw a rose” is to sketch a heart. Start at the upper side, create a heart shape on the boundaries the oval/circle shape, then trace a heart around the coil. Once more, don’t bother about a perfect heart’s shape; the both sides don’t have to be identical.

Nothing is wrong if other areas of the heart contact the oval form, even though they do not need to.

Step 5: Draw Unopened Rose Petals

Next step in “how to draw a rose: step by step tutorial” is to create inner petals (unopened). Start at the top and create an excellent curvy shape by drawing a line that follows the shape of the heart to the right side of oval.

Create a sharp (V) shape and really embed it in your heart. On the opposite bottom of the heart, create a similar shape without the pointed tip, and place a line, so it touches the first one.

Step 6: Draw Rose Blossom

Next step in “how to draw a rose” is to create a U or unopened flower shape . Can you already see your rose starting to bloom?

Add some details. Sketch a curved line from the V’s tip to the base of the flower. If your “heart form” doesn’t touch the boundaries of oval on the sides, add few lines linking the oval to the heart.

Step 7: Draw Sepals And Stem

Next step in “how to draw a rose” is to draw basic shapes of sepals. Draw a few tilted leaves under the rose petals. Don’t forget to add a little stem and a few leaves under it.

Step 8: Color Your Flower Drawing

Last step in “how to draw a rose” is to color your flowers. Take out your colored pencil supplies. Use different colors to get a beautiful final result.

How To Draw A Rose Pencil Drawing: Step By Step Drawing Tutorial (Pro Edition)

Learn how to draw a rose!

This drawing tutorial will guide you through each step of the drawing process so you can produce your own pencil drawings of roses. Here, you’ll get a detailed demonstration of how to draw a rose like a pro.

You can make this floral painting using everyday items you can find around your house. Because most people are looking for drawing tutorials that absolutely anyone can try — and don’t worry, you can try it right now if you want! — This flower drawing technique didn’t require any sophisticated art supplies.

Let’s get going!

Supplies Required For Realistic Rose Drawing

  • Any HB pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Cotton bud or Q-tip
  • Kneaded Rubber or any type of eraser
  • Picture of a rose that can help you relate to what you need to draw (you can take a picture of any real rose)
  • White paper or blank paper

You don’t have to worry about getting everything in precisely the right proportion is one of the best things about learning how to draw a rose.

Who will notice if you design a too-big or too-small petal? So don’t stress about replicating the image precisely in your artwork.

Just unwind and relish the painting experience!

If you really want the drawing to be flawless, you can employ image transfer techniques like transfer paper, the grid method, or an art projector to create a particularly large drawing.

Start Drawing The Center Of the Rose Petals

Finding the rose’s center is the simplest method of drawing a rose. Draw from the innermost petal, which you should find. Since you will draw outward, start your design near the center of your page.

Sketch The Outlines Of Rose Petals

When drawing the inner petals, start small so that when you create the outer petals, they won’t work off the page! Drawing the first petal may be a little pressured task, but once to get into the flow you’ll enjoy this “how to draw a rose step-by-step tutorial.”

Draw each petal separately and check their alignment as you go. At this moment, don’t worry about including shadows.

The most important step is lightly sketching the entire bloom with a pencil. Use a soft touch when drawing flowers so that they will be simpler to remove if you need to make adjustments.

Shade The Flower To Turn It Into Perfect Rose

You can begin shading the rose once you have completed drawing its full outline. Again, if you begin with the innermost petal and work your way outwards in the design, it is simpler to keep track of “where you’re at.”

Popular Approaches for Shaded Areas:

There are two approaches to shading:

Dark to light: Start shading with the darkest parts, then move on to the lighter portions.

Light to dark: begin with the light portions and gently shade them. As you make your way to the darker spots, gradually increase the pressure of your pencil.

Smoothing And Blending With Q-Tip

Working your way around the blossom, continue shading. Once you’ve shaded an entire area, use your Q-tip to rub the graphite. This will mix the graphite and soften the pencil traces, giving the surface a smooth appearance.

This is an excellent method for flowers to create a soft, delicate feeling. Q-tips are an excellent DIY option for mixing. If you wish to take drawing seriously, you can purchase a tortillon or a stump from an art supply store.

Line Off Any Areas That Are Too Dark

So this is the last step in how to draw a rose step by step (realistic edition). With the Q-tip, keep adding and lightening shadows. The parts you may have over-darkened be lightened by using your eraser to take some of the graphite off the paper.

You’ll see that some darker areas have become lighter after running the Q-tip over them because the Q-tip pulled off the graphite. Simply draw black pencil marks to make those areas dark again. You can add more shading and blend it until you’re satisfied with the shade of your flower drawing. Continue in this way until the drawing of your beautiful rose is complete.

You can check other drawing tutorials if you want to learn to draw better.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t matter if the pencil’s tip is dull during shading. It is preferable to use a dull pencil when shading rather than a highly sharp one because it makes it easier to shading.

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