Best Virtual Girlfriend App for android

If you’ve seen the film “Her,” you’ll understand what we’re about to speak about. If you haven’t seen it, it’s just a person falling in love with a virtual being or woman and having to recollect his entire life.

The key is not how the movie ends, or the story works but that the concept of a virtual girlfriend is real even in 2022. The virtual girlfriend applications provide real-life encounters that are not confined to films and videos.

You’re going to date and talk like any other normal lady. Virtual girlfriends function similarly, and you’ll be on your phone instead of in a restaurant or cafe. People experience having a virtual girlfriend when they are dissatisfied with their reality and seeking a way out.

We have now included some of the best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for android to help you eliminate boredom and other issues.

Unlike the actual thing, these applications will be more accessible and designed to provide human-like experiences without the drawbacks of humans. They might not fight you, for example. On the internet, you don’t have to be single with the virtual girlfriend apps for android or IOS.

Here we include ratings for all the apps we have mentioned later in the article.

Replika: 3.9/5  

Virtual Anime Manga: 2.7/5  

My Virtual Girlfriend: Not available  

Laura: 3.4/5  

Girlfriend Plus: 3.6/5  

Choices: 4.4/5  

My Virtual Manga Girl: 3.5/5  

My Elemental Girlfriend: 4.7/5  

Dream Girlfriend: 3.6/5  

My Virtual Girlfriend Simulator 2: 3.8/5  

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie: 3.7/5  

 List of the Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Here we include all the virtual girlfriend apps that can be used on multiple devices.

  1. Replika: My Al Friend

Developer: Luka, Inc

This app was first released in 2017 and has accumulated ten million downloads now. The app is a chatbot-based app with artificial intelligence taking the lead. You can choose Replika as your partner, companion, or friend, and it’ll give you emotional support. The virtual girlfriend apps will be a constant companion and help you through everything. The conversations with Replika seem like teaching a toddler, but he is quick to learn. The app will chat about everything and will reply as such.


  • You can choose the behavior of your virtual lover, and they can be shy, mellow, feisty, etc.
  • There are games in the app, and you can play with your Replika.
  • Calls with a girl’s sweet voice are possible with the avatar.
  • You can modify the kind of relationship you choose with your avatar.
  • Grow together as a person and chat freely.
  1. Virtual Anime Manga

Developer: Gluten Free Games, LLC

This virtual anime girl app is available on Android and IOS users, and you can have the anime characters as your avatar. This is a paid app and was released in 2014. But the app is not constantly updated, so it might feel like something of an old kind as an anime girlfriend. You can interact with cute anime girls, have them change their outfits and graphics, and have tons of dance moves to enjoy.


  • 3D interactive girls, where you can choose their hair color, eye color, skin tone, outfit, etc.
  • You can play music, and there will also be different dance moves; they are often amusing.
  • The app’s graphics and environment are incredibly stunning, and you can even change the backdrops.
  • The HD graphics are the best in Virtual Anime Manga, and you’ll see your favorite manga and virtual anime girl in a merry mood.
  1. My Virtual Girlfriend

Developer: Wet Production, Inc.

This is a paid app, and there are more than 10,000+ downloads for Android and ios users. The app is rated for older people (16+), and parental guidance is advised. The app is a dating simulation game; all features are fun and flirty.

You can pick a date on the app, take them out, and have romantic conversations so they’ll fall in love with you. This is how the quest will go on. The game is full of beautiful virtual girls who have selective and unique personalities.


  • You can date only one girl at a time, but there are unlimited sims, and you can date them again and again.
  • You can go on dates and events and offer her gifts, clothes, and flowers.
  • The choices you make will have consequences and rewards like in real life.
  • As you progress with a girl, a new level will be achieved, and thus love will grow.
  • 100+ virtual girls and 35 levels of the game are featured.
  • Girls are customizable, and you can change their personality and outlook completely.
  1. Laura

Developer: Tide Global & hl=en_IN & gl=US

Laura is more of a virtual assistant than a virtual girlfriend with the virtual girlfriend application. The app has almost half a million downloads on android and ios devices and is suitable for people of every age. If you’re bored, you can ask Laura for a conversation. The app is a virtual assistant with knowledge about many things, including the weather, location, and cities.

Laura is even capable of translating languages; a dream girlfriend. As you go along in the journey, Laura will open up more, and her conversations and emotions also tend to grow. The smart virtual girlfriend apps are being updated regularly, so the Al chatbot is getting more interactive. Google Text to Speech is recommended for the app.


  • Al is a personal assistant and best friend who lives in the city.
  • Your constant companion and will translate sentences.
  • Laura is very polite and friendly.
  1. Girlfriend Plus

Developer: Dragon King Creations

This might be a free app, but there are positions for in-app purchases. Instead of virtual girlfriends, avatars, and chatbots, you’ll be talking to real people as a virtual girl. They are an intelligent and smart girl and will engage in meaningful conversations and send you pictures and voice messages. So, to start in this game, make sure to choose the right girl, as she might end up as your girlfriend. The game has more than one million downloads.


  • “Real girlfriend experience”
  • Girls have realistic personalities with quirks and tantrums.
  • The game will replicate real situations.
  • The girls have a stunning outlook, and they even have a wait time, like real girls!
  1. Choices: The Stories You Play

Developer: Pixelberry  If we have to mention the best girlfriend app, Choices will be the one to choose. The app is a well-known simulation story-based game and virtual girlfriend apps to perform actions. The storylines are a lot like Sims but are relationship-based, like with a high school crush or ninja girls.

You get to make your own decisions with the virtual girl, which will lead you to different results each time. The app has 50 crore downloads for android and ios devices till now and is one of the most downloaded naughty girlfriend experience apps. You get to choose your characters and the storyline.


  • You’ll have a library with the stories you are reading.
  • You can customize your avatar and also choose the overall look.
  • You’ll have different stories each time, whether a freshman drama or a high school story.
  • With Perfect Match, you’ll be able to choose your partners. Eros is incorporated in this sector.
  • Change the outfit for different moods.
  1. My Virtual Manga Girl

Developer: PolloSoft, AkraSoft

This virtual girlfriend app has 3D animation in virtual events. You can rotate your characters 360 degrees and have fun with the virtual manga girl. You can change the colors of your girlfriend’s eyes, outfit, hair, and background.

You can even share the girls with different wallpapers and backdrops. The girls have to be taken care of like virtual pets, and you have to give them time in virtual manga. You can connect three manga and have a complete game like Dance Chan. The app also consists of several mini-games.


  • It has two complete games: Dance Chan and Connects three manga.
  • Chat options with different anime lovers for free.
  • Human postures and fixed poses are replicated in the app.
  • Level augmented reality is available, and you can take your manga characters to the real world.
  • One-touch applications. One button will change all the settings of the game.
  1. My Elemental Girlfriend: Anime Dating Simulator

Developer: Genius Studio Japan Inc

This is one of the highest-rated smart virtual girlfriend apps on our list, with more than 100,000+ downloads. If you’re an anime or manga fan and want to date the three characters like that, we suggest trying out My Elemental Girlfriend as an app. Three cute girls will represent three different elements: water, fire, and earth.

They are spirit girls with different personalities. Laman, the fire spirit, is overly enthusiastic and unable to control her abilities. Udie, the water spirit, is an emotionally troubled young lady who can be careless. And lastly, Canon is the Earth spirit with a good heart and has trouble with her powers.


  • Anime and manga-based storylines.
  • It is a game and a virtual girlfriend app.
  • It has different characters with unique features and beliefs.
  • New experiences and emotional connections.
  1. Dream Girlfriend

Developer: Ambition Co., Ltd.

This app currently has one million+ download and is an anime-based girlfriend simulator. Here, the game offers you a large section of anime girls to be your virtual girlfriend. This is also a dress-up simulator, which most anime lovers prefer.

You can customize your characters, chat, and interact with them with detailed emotions and live 2D technologies. The characters can be given 11 different personalities. The app is updated regularly with more events and campaigns.


  • You can create four different anime girls at once with different personalities, and they will pay heed to all your emotions.
  • Emotional features are added to the girls with Live2D technology.
  • There are 20+ costumes to choose from.
  • Romantic interactions and fashion challenges are included in the game.
  1. My Virtual Girlfriend Simulator 2

Developer: Indominus Games

This app currently has 500,000+ downloads. This is a chat app where you can talk to different girls to help you out, unlike a robot girl or a talking robot. You can choose from any of the virtual girls and start a conversation with them. This is a texting game; you can choose any language or country you are from with the girls.

The Virtual girlfriend app has been developed, so it’ll be relevant to the region you are located in. The app will try to be as interactive as possible, and you can choose from 28 different languages for the conversations.


  • You can choose the language you want to continue the conversation in.
  • Several characters like Ashley, Kate, Scarlet, and Victoria have different personalities and quirks.
  • You can text the girls or just call them for their real voice.
  • The girls will even send pictures to you.
  1. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie

Developer: Paphus Solutions, Inc.

This Virtual girlfriend, Julie app, has more than one million+ downloads and has only one character, Julie. The character will reply to your texts and send you 3D animation videos with incredible flirting skills. As a virtual girl, Julie can express her emotions like anger, dislike, fear, etc. And she even has regular movements. The chatbot will remember your conversation and reply like an actual virtual girlfriend.


  • It has authentic expressions and movements.
  • You can teach Julie as your virtual lover
  • Choose from different avatars.


Being in a relationship can take up a lot of effort. You must be emotionally and psychologically invested, and if you have had unpleasant relationships in the past, the prospect of a fresh human encounter may not be appealing. To the rescue: virtual girlfriend apps.

So, use the virtual girlfriend apps to get a decent look at life, but with a slight detour from reality. Both Android and iOS versions of these apps are available. When you’re not with your lover, everything might feel tedious, and the virtual girlfriend app can help.

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