AMASUITE 5 Review – Read it Unless you want to hassle

Amasuite 5 review

If you are into Amazon affiliates like me then AmaSuite 5 is software that you should have on your arsenal. In this AmaSuite 5 review, I will be revealing everything that you need to know before buying the AmaSuite 5 software package. So, let’s get right into it.

Amasuite 5 is a software tool developed for Amazon sellers and affiliates to help them in successfully running their brands. It comes up with various features. As an Amazon seller, you have the great benefit of reaching the global market.

But the downside of Amazon is that there are already many sellers in the amazon market selling the same products as yours. Thus there is great competition in the global market of Amazon.

To become the top Amazon seller, you need to choose and promote the most in-demand product. The businesses that cannot reach the top in the Amazon market are due to a lack of research and information about how to choose and promote a product. Therefore, to spread the benefits of AmaSuite 5, I decided to write a detailed “AmaSuite 5 review”.

People behind the latest Amasuite release

Dave Guidon and Chris Guthrie are the owners of the Amasuite software package. If you are in the Amazon Affiliate space for a long time then I am sure you have heard of Chris Guthrie. He is one of the pioneers of Amazon Affiliate marketing. His website is proof of his knowledge about Amazon Affiliate marketing.

Although he has now moved to Amazon FBA his knowledge about Amazon Affiliate marketing is something that most internet marketers still admire. So, when an individual like that creates software like Amasuite you can bet that this is a piece of software that will help your affiliate marketing business to reach the next level.

What is AmaSuite 5?

AmaSuite 5 is a useful software bundle, developed to assist Amazon sellers and affiliates in extracting and analyzing the top profitable products on Amazon. You can also generate interactive HTML reports. It pulls out a list of those products that have the potential to be easily promoted by you or through the Amazon affiliate program.

This software tool was chiefly developed to work for Amazon FBA and affiliate business structures. It is user-friendly and easier to use. It helps you save time in researching products and keywords. It gives the latest updates so that you don’t fall behind in the Amazon ranking.

More About Amasuite 5

Unlike others, Amasuite is not a single software but a bundle of software created to help both newbie and expert marketers. I heard and bought Amasuite back in 2011 when amazon 3.0 was released. Back then I was a struggling marketer who was just getting his feet into amazon affiliate marketing. I was looking for an easy way to find profitable products using which I can create niche affiliate websites.

The moment I saw the power that amasuite holds within, I bought it immediately. Back then there was only 4 software that was included in the software suite. Back then it was only Azon product inspector, Azon top 100 analyzers, Azon keyword generator, and async for WordPress.

Now Amasuite 5.0 comes with 5 of the most powerful software that makes the life of an amazon affiliate marketer easier than ever. Ama keyword generator to find the most profitable buyer intent keywords, Ama top product analyzer to find 100 top-selling products from any niche, ama search analyzer to find untapped low-hanging products that you can instantly promote and earn money, ama review analyzer to find legit reviews, and last but not the least Ali inspector to find trending, bestselling products from Ali express.

AmaSuite 5 comes up with five different apps:

Each app will provide high-tech information about the top-selling products by top Amazon sellers. It will also provide special information about the product that will be beneficial in selling or promoting the product. AmaSuite 5 has a relatively easy-to-understand interface and features. It works on both Windows and Mac.

As displayed in its name “AmaSuite 5”, it is clear that it has five products. A brief description of these products is given below:

Ama Keyword generator 

It extracts the data from mostly used top online eCommerce websites and provides the list of keywords that buyers use to search for a particular product. Keyword Generator will give you a model of what buyers are searching for so that you can optimize your product according to it.

It will help you explore the sales-generating niche keywords using the keyword generator that will increase your ranking in the Amazon market. With just a few clicks you can discover profitable keywords and increase your sales and ranking.

Everyone knows how important it is to use buyer intent keywords or buying keywords while writing amazon product reviews and for your online business. Rather than using keywords that might attract wrong traffic from the internet, using buyer intent keywords will help your reviews to increase your chances of getting more sales.

Ama keyword generator works very fast and within minutes you will get a list of keywords used by buyers that will help you to understand what keywords people are actually using to find a particular product. This is very useful software for both Amazon Affiliate marketers and Amazon FBA partners.

If you are into Amazon FBA and want to get more sales from your amazon product listing, you can use this software to find keywords and their search volume to rank higher on Google and Amazon product listing. Resulting in increased exposure and better sales for your amazon product.

To refine the search result you can also use the fast filter technology of this app to find better-suited keywords for your Amazon business. If you are not sure how to do it, check the bonus video training courses on the jungle scout web application software tool.

How to use it?

Simply enter the niche keywords and Keyword Generator will show thousands of profitable keywords and phrases used on top online e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target. After getting the correct keywords, optimize your product listings and promotional campaigns using the right keywords extracted by the keyword generator.

The amasuite tool includes training material from where you can learn all about both the tools – Free and paid version.

Ama Top Product Analyzer

Before buying Amasuite, I had to manually search for top 100 products that have good pricing, an excellent rating and, not out of stock. If you are like me, I am sure how frustrated it is to find a product going out of stock right after you rank your website for that particular keyword. If you do some research as I did on amasuite vs jungle scout you will find that AmaSuite 5 performs way better than jungle scout.

Before using Ama’s top product analyzing tool, I had to manually check each product category from different angles to know if that product category had enough potential to do business. Once you put the product type on the ama top product analyzer, ama top product analyzer will fetch the top 100 products on the market for that particular product category.

The product analyzer software tool also is very helpful for affiliate marketers as well. You will be able to find easy to rank products to cover on your amazon affiliate websites. The results also show the selling price of each product which is something that you cant find on the free version of jungle scout software which is an alternative of this software.

We have an in-depth review of jungle scout on our website where we have covered all the jungle scout features. If you compare jungle scout with amasuite, both of them has their pros and cons. But for reviewers who own amazon affiliate sites and loves doing product research, jungle scout provides fewer options than this one. As amasuite’s search crawler for amazon search results pages grab more products and information from amazon website and gets better accurate data than jungle scout.

Then you can sort out the amazon website search result or you can fix the parameters from the starting. Here are the parameters I use while using the Ama Top product analyzer:

• Product category should have at least 50 products

• Category should have at least 20 products with a 4.0 or above rating

• Pricing should be between $100 and above

• Product should have enough stock

• Product should have a decent amount of detailed reviews from legit customers

I am not saying that you can’t get this sort of data without ama top product analyzer. But if you are short in cash then you can spend 3-7 days searching for the products that had the potential to be mentioned on your top 10 or top 20 list.

But if you have the budget and understand how precious time is then investing in ama top product analyzer is an action that I would highly recommend you to take immediately. While comparing this tool with jungle scout, we have found the features and crawlers of this app way better deal for the money than jungle scout.

Ama Top Product Analyzer is like a product research tool for amazon’s affiliate program that gives information about top-performing dropship products. If you are a beginner and don’t exactly know what to sell on Amazon. AmaSuite 5 product research tools can help you in extracting the top products that are hidden in subcategories.

Ama search analyzer 

This search analyzer software gives its user the extra edge that manual researchers will never get. Ama search analyzer goes beyond the top 100 product listing and finds the hidden gems that are somehow related to your desired product and has good earning potential. For better decision making do compare this data with keyword rank score or sort the table after using the export data option.

The ama search analyzer searches both USA and UK Amazon to find products with the most lucrative discount offer. Contrary to popular belief discount offers are not always bad. By using these products that are currently at discounted price, you can attract more traffic to your website leading to a potential increase in sales. To increase your number of sales per month from your affiliate website, you can also use this link localizer WordPress plugin as well.

From the search analyzer dashboard, you can download product images for your eCommerce store and also how many sellers are selling the product. While comparing the ama search analyzer with the jungle scout chrome extension we have found the data to be more accurate even with a slow internet connection.

If you check the training course and proven amazon course section of amasuite website, you will see that it is easier to do research for your amazon store using the product rank function of this tool.

How to use it?

Using AmaSuite 5 is quite simple and easy to understand. You just have to enter the search phrase and choose the category of the product. The Amasuite 5 search analyzer will extract the profitable products with their performance insights.

It will also analyze ASIN numbers and amazon links that would be profitable in optimizing your products related to the price range, average customer rating, discount percentage, and many more.

Upon comparing this tool with its top competitor jungle scout extension we have found that amasuite is more newbie-friendly for eCommerce websites owner who prefers selling physical products. Even the training is better for amazon websites affiliate than jungle scout academy that comes with the chrome extension.

AmaSuite 5 Review Analyzer 

Once you finalize your product it is time for you to write some reviews for your brand new affiliate website. The same goes for your new Amazon FBA listing. But these days it is a bit tough to find legit reviews from genuine buyers. Thus it is a bit hard to know how real the product works and how customers feel about that product.

In this case, the Ama review analyzer comes in handy. This simple software only shows you the legit verified reviews from genuine clients for any particular product.       

Plus if you are planning to go private level for your next FBA listing then this product will help you to get tons of ideas. Compatible with both pc and mac, this simple software analyzes and reveals all the pros and cons of any particular product. And the best part is you even do not have to visit to read the full detail. You can easily read the full review right from the software. so you should definitely amasuite 5 downloads now.

How to use it?

AmaSuite 5 extracts the reviews in just a moment that helps in knowing what buyers like or dislike about a specific product. If you think of selling private label products then usage of AmaSuite 5 to analyze the top private label products is highly favorable and suggested.

All you need to do is to enter the ASIN number and click on the “Go” button. The review analyzer will provide an arranged data table about all customer feedback. With the help of a review analyzer, you can understand what customers like and dislike about a specific product. You can use this information for hunting niche keywords about new profitable products. Also, results from the review analyzer only show the verified feedback, so you can be sure that the data table is accurate and legit. You can also use this software to plan sponsored ad campaigns and supplier modules for your product with instant search. And amasuites support system is superb. They provide instant answers to questions guarantee.

Ali Inspector reviews- New in Amazon 5.0 bundle

If you are thinking of getting into Amazon FBA or private leveling this Ali express is the swiss knife that will help you to cut through all your problems. By using Ali Inspector software you will be able to find trending top selling products, top-performing niches. Although you can do the same thing manually but let’s face it, on a website like Ali express it would take you weeks before you can find a product that has all the potentials.

How to use it?

Just like the other products of AmaSuite 5, Ali Inspector bonus software is also self-explanatory and easier to use. Open the app and type the name of the product and insights about top-selling and in-demand products will be shown. Click on the best seller tab and use filter features to narrow down the best products and related keywords. It will not only give you the information but also allows you to download the product images and descriptions.

AmaSuite 5 Features

Here are some key points that apply to all the software that is available on Amasuite.

  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • every tool has separate training material
  • Uses several proxies to ensure smooth operation
  • Can easily download reports in CSV, and, HTML format
  • Responsive customer service
  • creating interactive HTML reports efficiently
  • Private members area
  • No need for high-speed internet connectivity
  • 30-days money-back Guarantee

AmaSuite 5 Training Programs

Amazon Sellers Training Course:

Learn pro tactics to successfully sell private label products on Amazon. This course is the bonus in AmaSuite 5, you can get this course by buying the AmaSuite software toolkit.

Amazon affiliate training Course:

Amazon Affiliate Training Course crash course is also added in Amasuite 5 toolkit. It has the latest information about everything (how to research, choose a product, choose keywords, get traffic, and create effective content).

Training on product research tool

If you want to be a successful person in the Amazon market, then amasuite is all you need. This toolkit will help reach the “earn cash while you sleep” level.

Limited-time free bonus offers [worth $850]

Once you buy the full amasuite package you will get:

• 7 modules of 2017 March updated Amazon Sellers training course: Perfect for individuals who are interested in getting into the FBA business model. Currently, similar training courses are worth $360-$467 in top online tutorial sites like udemy. Pricing is higher for private coaching.

• 9 modules long detailed video tutorial on amazon Affiliate training by Chris Guthrie– Perfect for complete newbies who wants to jump into amazon affiliate marketing. – Currently, similar training is being sold at $246-$542 price tag on popular tutorial sites like udemy. Private coaching costs more.

Some minor setbacks

The only setback that I have found about this product is getting too many emails from Dave Guindon. Although many of them hold valuable business information most of them are marketing peaches that I actually do not like. But that’s just my perspective. If you are like me you can just unsubscribe from the email list and you are good to go.

Why not order now?

Now that I have revealed everything that you need to know about Amasuite, why not order your subscription to amasuite right now and start saving time on your Amazon business?

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