A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain

The first step towards starting your own website would be getting your own domain. This is something which you would be able to call your own as well as be able to customize it to your own likings and preferences. That being said, this would be the perfect place to get yourself familiar with A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain.


What is Nameserver

Nameserver would be referred to as the server element which would be existing in the DNS (Domain Name System). Thanks to these nameservers existing, it would help in connecting IP addresses of users with the URLs. In other words, it might even be referred to as the phonebook of the internet.


How DNS Management System and A2 Hosting Nameservers works

Another step towards learning more about A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain would entail knowing about DNS management system and A2 hosting nameservers. According to the tech experts, it would be deemed essential that you would set the default name servers in order to manage the DNS settings, particularly when the A2 hosting would be used. In this way, when the domain that would be used to enter a web browser, the browser would be looking at the nameservers in order to connect the dots between the browser and the website. Once that would be done, the A2 hosting nameservers would be retrieved. The next step would entail using the A2 hosting nameservers so that the website’s IP address could also be traced as a response. Then, the browser would be transmitting a request so that it would be able to reach a specific page that you would be looking to view. Thanks to the A2 hosting web server, the demanded page to be viewed would be sent to the browser where the website seems to be hosted.


A2 Hosting Nameservers

This section would be for those people who would already have a nameserver to their credit. However, a common misconception is that the selected name would be set in gold. However, that would not be the case as you would easily be able to change the existing name of the server with the help of your A2 hosting account.


Where to find your Nameservers

To know more about A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain, you would also need to know here you would be able to find the Nameservers. In fact, it would not considered to be a big deal at all. All you would have to do is open up the A2 hosting browser and then use that to log into your account. The A2 Hosting Portal would have all your details pertaining to your nameserver. In addition, the IP addresses and nameservers would also be listed in the product details of each and every product.


How to change Nameservers to A2 hosting

If you would like everything to be done in a prim and proper manner, you might also be wondering how to change nameservers. This is another important aspect which you would need to know in regards to A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain. Just follow the simple steps which have been listed below and you would have no trouble in achieving this task:

  1. Log into the control center and then provide the password and username
  2. Select the domain so that you would then be able to access the page for Domain Settings
  3. Additional Settings would then need to be clicked upon so that a drop-down menu would then come
  4. Manage DNS would need to be selected
  5. In the Nameservers section, click upon Change
  6. With the few options that would be provided, enter your own Nameserver and then click upon Save/Connect
  7. In the next step, click Yes which would signify that you have consented to all the terms and conditions.


So, that’s more or less all that you would need to know for A2 hosting nameservers and how to add them on your domain. I hope you will find this article informative and helpful

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