7 Best Dialer App for Android

best dialer app

Just like most other smartphones, the primary functions are social media apps, gaming apps, business, blogging, and other activities. And, these days we use different apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, and Messenger, etc. for calling. Calling is one of the necessities of a phone and this feature comes with brand-specific pre-installed user interfaces. If you are an android user, you must know how easy it is to customize and personalize the dialer.
The built-in dialer on the Android devices is reliable, but if you want more there are some dialer apps for Android. Are you looking for the best dialer app for Android? If so then keep on reading, we have reviewed the best dialer apps together here for you.
The Top 7 Best Dialer App for Android
There are a lot of dialer apps on your Android Playstore but are all of them good? Not all of the dialer apps are worth your time. Here is the list of the best android phone app for your customize dialer feature.

1. Exdialer:
Exdialer is one of the best apps for android. This dialer is easy to use, does not occupy much space on your phone, and is available in more than 30 languages. This dialer app comes with 5 days trial version.

So, if you don’t like it, you can simply unsubscribe it. Other additional features are missed call alert, customization of the dialer button, and also dialer facility to your Viber, Whatapp, and other Messengers on your phone. Once the free trial is over, you can subscribe to the exdialer pro apk or keep using the lite version.
• It has in-built gesture and shortcut for easy access
• Supports multiple languages
• Comes with additional plug-ins
• Awesome themes to customize

2. Simple Dialer:
After reviewing several phone dialer apk on Playstore, we found out that this gem called Simple Dialer. Simple Dialer is the perfect dialer app that you are looking for in your android system. This app is simple but has all the required features.

By many users, this is considered one of the best in the Playstore. Along with the usual features, this comes with a large keypad for those who suffer from the smaller one. Also, as a user, you can customize it in any way you want.
• Font and color can be customized
• Large buttons for people who have trouble reading the smaller ones
• Can add contact button and dial from the contact list
• Confirmation message before making the call

3. Drupe:
Drupe dialer is the best dialer id app for android as well as iPhone. If you are tired of getting spam calls and want to dodge these stupid calls then Drupe is there to rescue. This is not just a dialer app but also, a caller id app. With the help of this high-functional app, the users can set reminders for calls as well. Along with the usual features, you can send animated GIFs, stickers, and messages to the people in your contact list. Want to juggle calls between Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Duo, etc.? Then, this is the one for you.
• Call-id tracking
• Call recording option
• GIF and stickers to share with friends
• Multiple actions integration

4. True Phone Dialer:
The True Phone Dialer is the must-try dialer app for android. Even if you are already sold by the other apps we have written about before, you should give it a try. This app will replace the contacts as well as the dialer pad for elevating your dialing experience to a whole new level.

Also, this app has been downloaded more than 50, 00,000+ times from the Google Playstore, hence, you can understand, how good this app is. Also, among all the other dialer apps on Google, this is the most downloaded one. The best thing about the app is, it is customizable as well as user-friendly. You can access all your social media options through this app, so it is not only a simple dialer app. This is something more than that.
• Supports many languages
• The Fast T9 search in the recent contacts
• Supports dual sim option
• Easy usability
• Simple navigation

5. Speed Dial:
Another best dialer id app for android is the Speed dialer. This will surely make dialing faster and simpler for you. The bird view feature helps you to switch between the speed dial pages easily. This app helps you to call or send a text to your contact list without any issue. Also, the smart connection technology automatically fetch images and assign them to your contact details.
• Contacts are available with 3D touch
• Gives you contact remainder
• Supports multiple languages
• The speed dial page is customizable

6. Contacts+:
This app is designed very smartly and especially for android phones. You can find duplicate contacts, manage them, and merge the duplicates with the help of this app. Also, this app will interact with your social media apps and integrate the contacts. You can also find this app with your social media accounts. The sophisticated user interface helps you with social media apps. Along with the usual features of the dialer, this is highly customizable. So, if you want a lightweight app then this is the one for you.
• Caller ID available
• Block spam SMS
• Supports Android wear
• Smart card integration with your contact list
• Can call from your contact list with one word

7. Truecaller:
Truecaller is more popular as a caller ID app rather than a dialer app. Apart from that, this app is great as a dialer app. This dialer provides fast and accurate call tracking. This is simple and user-friendly. If you want a dialer app with this is highly recommended.
• Easy dialing
• Smart SMS management
• Blocks spam caller

Now it’s time to change your boring default dialar!
Don’t want to waste your time on silly apps? These seven are the best phone dialer applications for the android system. We have tested each app by yourself before deciding so you can trust us without a second thought.