7 Best 3D Launcher for Android Devices

best 3d launchers for android

Do you ever wonder how some social media influencers have such aesthetic themes and other great android features? You might be thinking that it might be because their mobile phones are expensive. But it’s not completely true.

If you have an android, no matter if it’s an old or new model. You can also get aesthetic and eye-catching features on your phone with a wide variety of 3d launcher apps available on the Google play store or Google Chrome. The 3D launcher app allows you to transform the old and ordinary interface of your android device according to your own preferences. 3D launcher apps are the best option to give your android device an artistic look.

But there are thousands of 3D launchers available, how would you know which one is best for you? No worries, as here we have summarized the 7 best 3D launchers for Android devices:

  1. Nova Launcher app

This illustrious and famous android launcher app is available free of cost on the google play store. You can’t talk about the best 3D launchers without discussing Nova Launcher. It has a wide range of customization features for android devices.

Nova Launcher offers various benefits that make it one of the best android launchers, including:

  • Customizable UI

You can easily control and customize your desktop (Android home screen), app icons, app drawer, dock, and folders.

  • Icon Themes

Nova provides a number of elegant and cool themes, where you can also create a new theme according to your style. It also allows you to customize icon grids, layouts, HD wallpapers, and animation themes.

  • Backup and Restore

Just like your default launcher, this cool launcher also allows you to backup and restore your data.

  • Drawer Folder

You can manage and sort out all your app icons within an app drawer using the Drawer Folder feature.

  • Gestures

It also provides gesture support where you can specify gestures for particular actions such as sliding three fingers for screen capture, etc.

The popularity of this android launcher is due to the wide range of templates on the theme store, and icon packs designed to satisfy every person’s preferences. In case, you are interested in buying the premium version of Nova Launcher, it comes up with top-notch features such as Hide Apps, Icon Swipes, and much more.

  1. V Launcher

This cool launcher app is available free of cost on Google Play Store for Android devices. It comes up with a wide collection of free themes, wallpapers, and much more. Above all, it also provides 3D wallpapers that give a full-fledged look to your Android device. It also allows you to change or customize the call screen according to your taste.

Some of its characteristics are explained below:

  • Search Bar

Like traditional launcher apps, the V launcher also allows the user to search across the device using the search bar feature.

  • News

Who doesn’t like to follow all hot topics and news updates? But isn’t it hectic to especially search for the news update? V launcher brings a built-in news update feature to keep you in touch with daily news and gossip.

  • Weather Forecast

V launcher also comes up with precise daily to the weekly weather forecast of user-specified locations.

  • Widgets

You can long touch the home screen to explore various widgets related to your apps.

  • Boost

The boost feature allows you to speed up your phone with just a single touch.

  • Menu

The menu bar feature provides quick access to recently used and specified apps.

  • Live Wallpapers and Theme

It has a wide range of live wallpapers and themes from cool to aesthetic styles.

  • Amazing Call Screen effects

It also allows you to customize your boring call screen into an elegant and artistic one.

  1. Compact Launcher

The Compact launcher is one of the most popular launcher apps on the Google Play Store for Android. Its great features give you user friendly and best UI experience. It comes up with 100+ wallpapers, free themes, and beautiful 3D interface features. Its advanced 3D launcher features attract the user to leave their traditional and boring launcher. With its 3 dimension dynamic effects, it allows the user to customize position, angle, length as well as the display of each app icon.

Some of its key characteristics are:

  • Themes

It has a variety of themes categorized as simple, Hitech, sci-fic, tiles, and data info themes. Their Hitech themes give a futuristic and sci-fi feel. Some templates also give hacking/ hacker’s UI vibes. Moreover, the tiles theme allows you to enjoy win style theme on your Android OS.

  • Wallpapers

The Compact launcher app for android comes up with plenty of lively HD wallpapers according to your theme preferences. You can also choose wallpapers from your gallery.

  • App Locker

Its app lock feature allows you to secure your apps with passwords.

  • Hide Apps

You can now hide your apps from the apps list and secure the hidden apps with fingerprint passwords.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

This launcher provides 43 languages to provide a user-friendly experience.

  • Icon Packs and App Personalization

This app allows you to use any icon packs available on Google Play Store. The app personalization feature allows you to customize the icons of specified apps according to your taste. You can also customize the display icon of the apps.

  • Numerous Widgets

The Compact launcher also has a wide range of widgets to make your mobile experience easier and faster such as weather information, clock, battery widget, and memory analyzer.

  1. CM Launcher 3D

This ace launcher app for android devices is powered by the most advanced 3D animation engine. This launcher is developed by the same software developers of CM Security. The best feature of this launcher is the built-in antivirus software which secures your Android device from data theft and viruses. Its extraordinary features make it the best 3D launcher for Android.

Its key characteristics are:

  • Fast & Simple: This 3D launcher app for android is very easy to find, install and use because of its user-friendly and easy functioning.
  • Friendly UI: It has a user-friendly interface that comes up with self-explanatory functionality and management.
  • Secure: It secures and protects your data Android from third-party access. You can also hide apps and secure them with passwords from third-party users.
  • Small & Light: The chief feature is that it comes up in relatively small size with various advanced features.
  • Stylish: You can easily change transition effects into advanced 3D effects. It also provides stylish features for the home screen and app drawer.
  1. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is another legendary entry in 3D Android launchers. It is also available free of cost on Google Play Store. Microsoft launcher provides you with a customizable and attractive home screen that empowers you to be more productive. As it is developed by Microsoft developers, so considering it one of the best launcher apps will not be wrong. Through the Microsoft 3D launcher app, android users can experience a mixture of Windows and Android operating systems.

It includes features like Word, Excel, Bing Search, and much more. This Android launcher app has a great booster feature to terminate all the unnecessary apps working in the background. This effective booster feature is still not available in the latest Android phones and launcher apps. With Microsoft Launcher, you can change transition effects, and wallpapers, and make your daily mobile life easy with magic finger effects.

Some key benefits of Microsoft Launcher, that make it different from other 3D launcher apps are given below:

  1. Customization options: Give your home screen an aesthetic and consistent feel with customizable icons and icon pack features.
  2. Beautiful Wallpapers: Enjoy fresh and new wallpapers from Bing every day or choose your own photos from the gallery.
  3. Dark Theme: This launcher is compatible with Android’s dark mode settings. It allows the users to use a dark theme in low lights environment and at night time.
  4. Backup & Restore: Backup & restore feature has become a necessity in each excellent launcher.
  5. Junk Cleaner: It provides a junk cleaner facility to remove all the unnecessary cache.
  6. Gesture Support: Switch, double-tap, and pinch on the home screen to explore the features of Microsoft Launcher. User-friendly functioning enhances the user experience.
  1. Arc Launcher

This 3D launcher is best in 2022 with its extraordinary and top-notch features. It’s highly customizable and performance-driven with aesthetic themes and features. Arc Launcher comes up with a wide variety of free themes and lively wallpaper. You can easily convert your boring home screen into a secure, fast, and stylish User Interface. It has 4.5+ ratings which make it one of the best launchers for android. Therefore, it is right to include it in the best 3D launcher apps on Google Store. Although, constant ads can be annoying.

Some key benefits of the Arc launcher are:

  1. AI Voice Assistant: The most advanced benefit of the Arch launcher is its AI Voice Assistant. You just need to say change wallpaper, change theme, or boost memory and this advanced technology will automatically obey your order.
  2. Arc Launcher Theme store & Wallpapers: It comes up with 200+ free HIgh Tech themes and wallpapers such as:
  • Tron Techy Technology Theme
  • Premium Gold Theme
  • Royal Black Themes
  • Neon Theme
  • Iron Theme which has this awesome Iron Robot Figure and man.
  • Galaxy on Fire theme with Planet on fire and floating universe feel
  • Superhero Ant
  • Lock Screen templates
  • and many more exclusive designs to refresh your day.
  1. DIY: Do it yourself themes and functioning facility
  2. Smart Arc Launcher Folders category feature
  3. Arc Launcher Numerous Widgets
  1. GO Launcher

G Launcher is the best 3D launcher and the oldest among all. With more than 1 million installs, the popularity of the Go Launcher app cannot be denied. It comes up with numerous free “go launcher” plugins to sprinkle amazing effects on your Android’s full-screen display.

With its extremely small size, you can enjoy slim and smooth transition effects and a secure and speedy experience. It has about 10000+ HD wallpapers, lively themes, transition effects, and facilities to match your taste. Moreover, what makes it the best 3D Launcher is its effective intelligence management. Various gestures and helpful tools are available to provide a user-friendly experience.

The top benefits of Go Launcher are:

  1. Go Theme Store: The Go Launcher comes up with 10,000+ themes including both 2D & 3D, all free of cost. The cool and aesthetic themes can enhance your boring android into a productive and attractive user interface.
  2. Go Wallpaper: What’s better than getting fresh and lively wallpapers for free? Go Launcher comes up with daily updates on various styles of HD wallpapers such as pets, space, beauty, flowers, nature, landscapes, and artistic innovations from around the world.
  3. Scroll Effects: It makes your phone/Android device experience fun with 20+ screen and drawer animation 3D & 2D effects.
  4. Convenient Widgets: Like other launchers for android, the Go launcher also provides numerous convenient widgets such as weather forecasting, date & time, search, switches, and calendar.
  5. Hide App & App Lock: It allows the user to hide apps or secure the apps with passwords. It reduces data theft and third-party access.
  6. Calls Identification: It provides caller identity so that you are well prepared before actually picking up the call from an unknown number.
  7. Dr. Clean: It has an amazing Dr. Clean feature to eliminate unnecessary cache and boost your phone with a single touch.


Most people use Android but are unaware of the fact that each Android device has its own home launcher app pre-installed. But now there are numerous third-party launchers available on Google inc to provide lively wallpapers and cool themes to enhance the user experience.

Here we have listed the 7 best 3d launchers for android. So if you are bored of your traditional launcher, install a launcher now to upgrade your phone experience.

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Levi is a Tech expert, freelance writer, and digital marketer. His combined love for Tech and non-fiction writing has resulted in his first book on Tech and humanities (in progress). Besides Tech, he is also interested in covering a wide variety of topics through his blog. He likes to describe how Tech is an essential part of every field.