11 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Intex

Above-ground pool vacuum cleaners are essential because they clean the pools without draining. It makes an excellent choice for swimming pool cleaning. In addition, these pool vacuums can sweep or scrub the inside of the pool without draining, making pool water neat for pool skimmer.

It’s no secret that pool owners must diligently keep their above-ground pools clean. A dirty pool can also be damaging if not cleaned well. That’s why purchasing the best above-ground pool vacuum for Intex is essential for anyone who wants to ensure their pool stays looking great all year long.

If you buy a pool vacuum, there are plenty of great options. In this blog post, we’ve outlined 11 of the best above-ground pool vacuums for above-ground pools.

We’ve also provided a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for your needs. We’ve covered whether you’re looking for an automatic pool cleaner or a manual pool vacuum option.

This review will help you select the right above-ground and in-ground pool vacuum. But before buying yours, let’s look at the ground pool vacuums available in the market.

Types of Intex Pool Vacuums for Intex Pools

Ground pool vacuums are a great way to clean the bottom of your pool. Based on nature, there are two significant types of ground pool vacuums: manual and automatic.

1) Manual vacuums require more work but are less expensive.

2) Automatic vacuums are more expensive but require less work.

Based on functioning, four types of pool vacuums are available for use on Intex pools. They are handheld pool vacuums, robotic pool cleaners, suction pool vacuums, and pressure pool cleaners.

Let’s check their features one by one.

1) Handheld Pool Vacuums

These ground pool vacuums are affordable to maintain your Intex pool. It also cleans your pool water of dirt and debris. Using a handheld pool vacuum is parallel to the vacuum you use in your home. You must maneuver it manually throughout your pool area.

It can take longer for you to cleanse your above-ground pool employing a handheld pool filter, despite being the most reasonable. This type of pool vacuum is best for effortless set pool owners and those who have Intex kiddie pools at home.

2) Robotic Pool Cleaners

This Intex auto pool cleaner is believed to be the most efficient pool vacuum today. They do not require being connected to your pump or filtration system. They have their motor and filter inside them.

They can clean your above-ground pool without much work on your part. A robotic pool cleaner is a plug & play instrument that does all your pool cleaning. The primary drawback of having one is its high upfront expense.

3) Suction Pool Vacuums

These pool vacuum cleaners function by using the suction power of your Intex pool pump to pile dirt and debris in your Intex pool. This ground pool filter uses the most energy among other pool cleaners.

You may need a more powerful pump to run some of these vacuums. These also operate your pool filter to entangle the dirt, so you must change your filter or backwash your sand filter more often.

4) Pressure Pool Cleaners

These pressure-side pool vacuums operate the water returning to your Intex pool. Unlike suction pool vacuums, pressure pool cleaners do not load your filtration system. This pool filter is adequate for medium to large-sized Intex pools that often have large debris.

Pressure pool cleaners are also more durable than suction pool vacuums. When shopping for a pressure pool cleaner, be sure to scrutinize for one that’s compatible with your Intex pool model.

Buying Guide for Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner

When selecting the best ground pool cleaner for Intex pools, there are a few factors you need to consider. The most important considerations are the size of your pool space, its location in your lawn, how much waste ends up in your pool, and how much time you like to dedicate to vacuuming.

Want to make the acknowledged decision?

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1) Intex Vaccum Power

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the vacuum is powerful enough to clean your pool without leaving some contaminants behind. The rule of thumb is to choose a vacuum cleaner with superior suction power. The more powerful it is, the more effective it will clean your pool.

2) Pool Pump Filteration System

In addition to a powerful motor, you’ll also want to ensure that the vacuum cleaner you purchase has an adequate filtration system. This is essential for trapping all contaminants, including leaves, debris, dirt, dust, and even algae. Be sure to choose an easily removable filter for cleaning that is easy to reinstall.

3) The Pool Size

Next, you’ll want to consider the size of your pool when choosing an above-ground pool vacuum for Intex. If you have a large pool, you’ll need a powerful vacuum that can cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time. Conversely, if you have a small pool, you may not need as much power and can save money by purchasing smaller, less expensive but best vacuums for Intex.

4) Budget of Ground Pool Vacuums

Ultimately, you’ll like to check the price of the vacuum when making your purchase. There are many high-quality vacuums on the market, but they vary widely in price. Be sure to compare expenses before deciding. With so many options available, there’s no reason to overspend on an above-ground pool filter for Intex.

Types of Vacuum Head

There are three types of vacuum heads: suction cup, brush, and skim. Let’s see the difference between them.

Suction cup heads attach to the bottom of the vacuum and use suction to remove debris.

Brush heads have bristles that scrub the bottom of the pool and remove debris.

Skim heads have a net that traps debris in the water.

Looking for the best pool vacuum for Intex? Here is our review to get the best vacuum and remove all the dust that makes your pool dirty. Let’s dig into the details!

  1. The Hayward 900 Wanda

The Hayward is designed to work with Intex above-ground pools. The pool can be cleaned with little disruption using the suction power of robotic cleaners. Intelligent driving technology makes the process simple and fast. It’s no secret that the Hayward is well-liked because of how simple it is to set up and use. Contrary to popular belief, a secondary booster pool pump is not required for a flawless result.

Additionally, it delicately scrapes the dirt off the bottom and pumps water through crevices. Using a standard pool cleaner on a large pool may be inefficient and costly. The Hayward 900 always delivers top-notch outcomes in pools of every form or size. Within two or three rotations, a turbine system efficiently vacuums up any debris in its path. One handy feature of the system is its ability to drain the pool’s base water before cleaning.

Overall, Hayward Wanda is unique among automatic pool cleaners. The most pleasing aspect is that there is no need to knot or tighten the hose to secure it.


  • The hose can be attached to the skimmer easily.
  • Enhanced quality of cleansing with vacuum head.
  • Having a crystal-clear pool does not need a booster pump.
  1. Cordless Pool Blaster for Above Ground Cleaner

The Blaster is a cutting-edge above-ground pool cleaning that doesn’t need cords or batteries. It’s easy to move about the pool and does an excellent job cleaning. Its revolutionary high-flow filtration pump is located below the pool’s surface, providing robust and dependable vacuum suction. For convenience, it has a quality charging adapter that snaps into position and an on and off button.

This fantastic lightweight vacuum for swimming pools eliminates the need for permanent hose connections or suction lines and may be used immediately. The Lithium-ion high-quality battery that drives the cleaner can be recharged in about four hours, which is quite convenient. Nonetheless, this cleaner will get clogged when sand particles are present in the Intex above-ground pool. A frequent break to cleanse the filter for an in-ground pool is required.

Overall, this Pool Blaster is one of the best vacuums for an Intex pool since it is powerful, lightweight, and straightforward.


  • Comfortable and soft vacuum head.
  • Easy to use push-button on/off switch.
  • No more tangled power lines due to the cordless setup.
  • The filter bag effectively traps debris and dust.
  1. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly

One of the most incredible suction side above-ground pool cleaners is the Pentair K50600. It is often known as the E and Z Vac. This is because the hydraulic pressure provides powerful suction for a more immersive experience. The vacuum cleaner’s outstanding hydraulic construction ensures the best possible cleaning results. The cleaner’s sole functional moving portion is a flapper. Furthermore, there are no moving parts or equipment needing servicing.

Customers love the pool vacuum because of its strong suction and top-notch hydraulic construction. In terms of durability, it is a game-changer since there are no exterior moving components. In addition, the effortless skimming valve controls the cleaning pace. The above-ground pool cleaner’s automated water regulator is particularly effective at skimming. In addition to keeping the cleaning rate consistent, this function also removes debris.

Overall, Pentair pool cleaners will regulate the water pressure while cleaning automatically. It glides effortlessly over the top of the water as if the trash were never there.


  • It controls the flow of water to maintain a constant cleaning pace.
  • Its exceptional hydraulic suction design provides powerful suction in a small package.
  1. Pentair Kreepy & Krauly E&Z Vacuum Suction Cleaner

The foremost thing that stands out to us about this cleaner is its hydraulic construction. It is fantastic as it provides the possible vacuuming force. The only working portion of this machine is the flapper. Because of this, the device is reliable and the best vacuum for Intex.

This pool cleaner has a skimming valve. It adjusts the water flow to maintain the optimum cleaning pace. This machine’s arbitrary cleaning practice sets it apart from the competition and ensures it will get to every corner of the Intex pool.

Overall, Pentair Kreepy Krauly is an excellent option for anybody shopping for a new Intex pool. It’s simple to assemble and use and needs almost any upkeep.


  • Maximize suction for quick and straightforward cleanup.
  • Skimming valves help to maintain the best possible cleaning speeds.
  • There are no moving parts like gears or wheels that may break down.

5) Pool Rover US S2 40, 115VAC/48VDC

A high-end vacuum cleaner, the POOL ROVER, with powerful suction and unique functions. The cleaner’s rope won’t get tangled due to an adjustable axle system. The combination of its high-definition features and powerful performance makes this device our top pick.

The large, fast wheels maximize the coverage area. A pool owner can trust that the pool’s walls and floor will be spotless after using this vacuum cleaner. But what makes it the most suitable vacuum for an Intex pool? It doesn’t only remove debris and grime from your collection; it also releases chemicals, making the water healthier.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner is the perfect union of productiveness and contentment. There is no better above-ground pool vacuum than this one from Intex, thanks to its modern design and special functions. Unquestionably, it is a valuable tool.


  • It has a swivel cable and is ready to use.
  • The included technology ensures that your pool is clean and sanitary.
  • This vacuum’s superior cleaning function enables it to remove chemicals from water.
  • It provides the best filtration available, filtering 80 gallons per minute and up to 5000 gallons per hour.
  1. Aquabot Rover Pool Hybrid Robotic Cleaner

This cleaner has cutting-edge engineering, as seen by its powerful pump and top-tier filtration system. The pool water in the Intex will thoroughly mix and remove more and finer particles. Significantly lowering the required dosage of chemicals. Deep cleaning of the pool floor has never been easier than with this equipment, which has an amazing jet-propelled approach that vacuums, filters, and eliminates debris and microorganisms.

This Pool Rover is self-contained equipment that eliminates the need for additional feed lines, pumps, or connections to the filtration system. A built-in navigation system is quite convenient since it requires no human intervention. Some models may have a few layout and filter bag problems.

Overall, this robotic pool vacuum performs a fantastic job in just a few minutes.


  • Powered by a pump motor located inside.
  • Dual action filtering and thorough cleaning.
  • Filter bags can be used several times and lasts a long time.
  1. Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

There is no better choice than the Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner to complement your Intex pool. This air-powered pool cleaner is the result of careful design and development utilizing state-of-the-art mechanical equipment by the manufacturer. The automatic direction reversal and pool cleaning functions are two of its most notable features, along with its simple design and long lifespan.

This Intex-powered pool cleaner requires no assembly, unlike competitive models. This pool cleaner is excellent for the Intex pool and the sand pump. Don’t combine the most outstanding results with other brands if you want the most significant results.

These manual pool vacuums for Intex pools can scrub the pool’s upper reaches using automatic reversing. The best vacuum for Intex automated pool cleaners can automatically reverse direction to clean both sides of the pool surface. After repeated uses, robotic pool cleaners no longer change on their own.

Overall, most complaints about these pool cleaners are about lack of durability. The durable construction of this pool cleaner bodes well for years of trouble-free use.


  • Enables you to do an automated top-side pool cleaning.
  • Attaches to the pool inlet with a long hose that measures 24 feet, 7 inches.
  • The pool vacuum can reverse the directions while cleaning the pool.
  1. PAXCESS Automatic Cordless Pool Cleaner

The Paxcess has a robotic flair, making it ideal for cleaning Intex pools automatically. Having a watertight build also provides an advantage against the rain that seems to come from nowhere. Most notably, the vacuum cleaner weighs just 12 pounds and can be easily hacked into any location because of its floating hand.

Get a vital cleaning at 16 meters per minute while spending less time cleaning. The lithium-ion, 5000 mAh battery keeps the (best vacuum for Intex) auto cleaner going for 90 minutes. That means you’ll have to clean the pool more than three times in one sitting. The existing filtration system of this best vacuum for Intex possesses a triangular vacuum head and a filter pump. This makes the pool cleaner good for an inflatable pool.

Overall, the most significant aspect of this above-ground swimming pool cleaner is that no suction pipes or pump installation are required.


  • Fully cordless and self-cleaning and affordable pool vacuum.
  • A 15-degree incline in any collection is no problem for the vacuum.
  • There is no need for a particular suction side pool vacuum.
  • It automatically shuts off after the cleaning process is complete.
  1. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Vacuum

The Zodiac Ranger is here to introduce you to a high-quality pool vacuum cleaner that can clean the Intex pool with ease and efficiency. A sturdy deflector wheel on the machine prevents it from becoming stuck on obstacles like corners, ladders, and stairs. The cleaner easily maneuvers the unit around obstacles like stairs and the pool floor.

Since there is just one moving element, this pool cleaner operates more quickly and quietly than models with flappers or hammers. You’ll be relieved that the only thing left to do during installation except connecting the feed line is to turn on the power. It can also work with most sand filter pumps, which is a huge plus.

Overall, this is an excellent Intex pool cleaner. Consequently, you must get a whole unit.


  • Easily navigates stairs of the entire pool.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of sand filter pumps.
  • Valves that can regulate themselves for peak efficiency.
  • A small number of moving components means low upkeep.
  • Having the device pre-installed makes for a quick and easy set-up.
  1. Dolphin Escape Automatic Pool Vacuum

Intelligent scanning, superior filtration, and continuous rubber tracks are just a few of the innovative features of dolphin pool cleaners. This little machine’s excellent mapping and scanning capabilities will wow the pool skimmer as it deftly negotiates the pool’s surface for a thorough cleaning.

This powerful pool vacuum is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their pool clean and free of debris. Its superior suctioning power will quickly and easily remove leaves, stubborn dirt, dust, and algae from your pool. In addition, the filtration system traps all contaminants, ensuring they don’t end up back in your above-ground pool.

It has powerful twin motors designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, making it a great alternative to conventional above-ground pool vacuums. The forty-foot cord with these robotic pool vacuums is fantastic since it lets pool skimmer clean in otherwise inaccessible areas.

Best About it:

The best part about Dolphin E10 is that it doesn’t require additional equipment, such as hoses or pumps. Plug it in, drop it into your vacuum Intex pool, and you’re ready to go!

Overall, the equipment also includes hyper brushes, perfect for removing debris, germs, and algae from the pool’s surface.


  • In-pool scanning and mapping technology
  • Rubber tracks guarantee an excellent pool filter system.
  • The dirt is easily removed with an agitating brush.

11 VINGLI Above Ground Pool Cleaner

When searching for a cheap above-ground pool vacuum cleaner, Vingli is your best choice. Quick cleaning, simple installation, little noise, compatibility with your current filtration system, and the ability to accommodate above-ground pools of any pool size/pool shape are just a few of its many attractive qualities.

Many people don’t want to spend the extra money on an automated wall-climbing vacuum. Therefore they think this manual-Vac machine is perfect for t em. With its simple installation process, Vingli is a fantastic alternative. You can set your best Intex pool vacuum, which will only take a few minutes!

Overall, Vingli is an effective lure because of its low noise level, allowing the pool skimmer to get up and personalize the cleaning area with relative ease.


  • Suction pool’s pump with high-quality rubber disks.
  • Quiet, stable filter pump with a 200-hour operating time.
  • Superior, long-lasting hoses that are now resistant to scratches.

FAQs about above-ground pools

What is the best above-ground pool vacuum for Intex?

The Dolphin Escape Automatic Pool Vacuum is an excellent option, thanks to its superior suctioning power and filtration system.

What is the cheapest manual vacuum cleaner?

The VINGLI Above Ground Pool Cleaner is a good option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. It’s easy to install and has a low noise level.

Is it easy to install the Vingli Above Ground Pool Cleaner?

Yes, installing the Vingli Pool cleaner for all pool shapes is easy.


Conclusively, look no further if you’re looking for the best pool vacuum for your above-ground pool. We’ve shared the 11 best pool vacuums on the market and provided an in-depth review of each. Some qualities of an excellent above-ground pool cleaner are that it is easy to install, has a low noise level, and can quickly remove leaves, dirt, and algae from the pool. This guide will help you whether you’re looking for a robotic pool or an above-ground vacuum.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the guidelines, and select your perfect pool vacuum for your smaller and larger pools!

We hope our review has enabled you to get the best vacuum for the Intex pool vacuum. Let us know which pool vacuum is your favorite! Do let us know if you have any queries.

Ready to get the pool clean within minutes!

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Kate holds an MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. She started his writing journey by writing her heart out through her blog. Kate covers a wide variety of topics related to her interests on her blog. She has also worked as Editorial Staff in Texas Publishing Agency.