Vidyz review: Best youtube alternative app

In this vidyz review, I will reveal everything that you need to know to take your video marketing to the next level.
As you know more than 1,300,000,000 people watching videos on youtube. And every day 300 hours of videos are being uploaded on youtube by content creators and marketers. But there is a catch. Youtube videos now don’t support adding links in it. It also has rules about what sort of promotional videos you can upload on your channel and what type of videos you can not. Which sometimes restricts our flow to promote products to visitors. Plus your competitor might go for the shady techniques to report about your videos to take your channel down, as you are getting all of their sales.
This is something that most of us marketers are having a problem with. But now, you and I have the perfect solution to bypass all these hassles cause now we have vidyz, the ultimate video marketing tool.

About the developers of vidyz

If you are working as an affiliate marketer for quite a while then I am pretty sure you have heard of Mike (From Mike from Maine blog). This guy has sold thousands of products just using his review+interview videos on youtube. He is an industry veteran who knows what to say on review videos and what makes people tick. Partnering with another industry leader Brett, they have been working together to develop this platform since 2014. In February 2019, they first launched this platform and since then this platform became one of the most sold products in the IM industry.
Check the sales page, or keep reading my review to find everything that you need to know about this awesome Youtube alternative for marketers.

Vidyz Review: The Good things

Although there are many video hosting services on the internet right now, Vidyz is something else. What I mostly liked about this service is that it is packed with everything that a marketer needs to use to harness the power of video marketing, and take their business to the next level.

Next-gen Video player
The first thing that I like about vidyz is its an awesome media player. It is full of features that are you wish you had on Youtube as an affiliate marketer. Every time someone lands on a webpage where you have embedded a video made with Vidyz, the video will autoplay. The user doesn’t have to click any button at all. I have found that when a user is scrolling the landing page, as soon as he/she crosses the video the video starts to play automatically which definitely is something that helps to get a user’s attention towards the video.

Video sharing on steroid
Vidyz platform has all the options that you need to share a video from its platform to any of your favorite platforms. They provide a mobile-optimized embed code that will help you to easily embed the video in your landing page with ease.
You can also generate shareable links that you can use to send the video link to your email subscribers or post it on facebook, twitter, and other social media websites. Pretty cool huh?

Get more clicks on from your videos
video marketing is the most efficient way to get an increased amount of conversion in 2019. But when you are using a video that is from YouTube you do not have the option to add a call to action as YouTube has already discontinued their feature to add captions on their videos.
There is no way for you to add a clickable link on any youtube video and for that reason, it is not that effective to embed YouTube videos to your website anymore. Plus think about the recommended video screen that you see after the end of each Youtube video, which means that you might be losing your customers to your competitors on a regular basis.
But if you use a service call Vidyz then it will help you to add high converting links and buttons on your video. which means that while your video is showing, buttons and link will pop up to ask the viewer to take specific actions. That’s why I believe this is the best youtube alternative that is out there. And I am pretty sure that Vidyz video platform is something that will be a game changer for your business.

Get more sale from your videos
if you are an affiliate marketer or a Shopify website owner, you have definitely experienced the fact that people nowadays are more interested to buy products after watching a review video on popular websites like YouTube or Vimeo. But in most of these videos you have to add the product link in the comment section so after someone is totally convinced that he or she wants to buy that product then they have to go to the comment section to buy it. But what if at the end of the video instead of clicking your affiliate link that viewer switches to some other video and starts watching it? Think about it for a moment. Just because you didn’t have a pop-up buy button or an order link on your video, you have lost a paid customer to your competitors.
I am pretty sure you don’t want to experience that on a regular basis.
Vidyz platform helps you to add buy buttons on your video. Just embed the video on any of your websites and start promoting the page on the Internet. When someone is watching your promotional video he or she will see the buy button several times within the video. You can also optimize or reprogram the video to show the buy button after someone watches the video to a certain point. Which means that your videos will be working as a landing page all by its own. Think about the possibility of using Vidyz the youtube killer.
Another cool feature about vidyz is that once a user finishes watching a video, the website instantly redirects the user to the landing page which increases your chances to get sales from that user. This is something that has helped several marketers like Simon Harries and Richard Butler to sale very high amount of sales for their affiliate marketing business.

Learn all the essential details about your user
As a data-driven marketer, I always look at the data that I am getting from YouTube about my viewers. The data I get from Google Analytics actually helps me to know more and more about what my users are looking for. Information like how many views I am getting per day, how many users have watched the whole video, and what was their query that leads them to my promotional videos.
With Vidyz you don’t have to go to YouTube or Google Analytics to get these data anymore, as Vidyz has an integrated analytic system that provides all these data to you. Now you can easily find out the overall watch time of each of your video views and how many people click on the buy button, and which time most of the people took action or stopped watching your video. by analyzing all these data you will be able to take a better decision about promoting any of your product or any of your client’s product online.

Instantly SEO optimize your videos
Every creator and video marketer knows how important it is to search engine optimize videos. Each and every video that you make with Vidyz will provide you with an extensive option to add meta title, meta description, and meta keyword in each of your videos. Of course, you can always do this sort of SEO Optimisation for your videos that are hosted on YouTube, but to effectively do the Optimisation you have to use extensions like tube buddy for which you have to pay extra money per month. With Vidyz, you don’t have to use any other extensions as all these SEO tools come pre-build within this service. Vidyz video seo tool will suggest you the best title, best meta description, and the best meta tags to help your video rank better in Google. So now, beside your subscribed customers, you will be able to harness the power of search engines as well to drive more traffic to your videos that are made with Vidyz.

Crisp clean HD videos
The most common problem with video hosting services is their facility to empower their videos to run smoothly in high definition. The team behind Vidyz are using the most updated hosting services to make sure that your viewers get the best viewing experience. Based on their internet speed, Vidyz will optimize the video to run it smoothly.

100% mobile responsive embedding option
Mobile is the key to the future. If you are a marketer and always promoting products online, you would agree with me that most people now days prefer using the internet from their mobile devices. So, it is very important that your content is accessible from mobile devices. When you embed a video from vidyz, it is instantly made mobile responsive. So no more extra coding required to make a video to look good on the mobile devices.
Upon testing, I have found that the video and all of its features are easily accessible on both mobile and tabs.

Secured video hosting
Besides using some of the best hostings to host videos, this service also makes sure that your video backups are safely hosted. It follows a three-layered entry point to their hosting to make sure that your video assets do not fall into the wrong hand.
With the primary package, you can host 10 videos with 200GB free Bandwidth on their secured server.

One time payment
Besides using a popular video hosting site like youtube, you need to pay a yearly or a monthly fee for cloud hosting to securely host your videos on the internet. But for Vidyz, it is different, for a one time fee, you are getting the video hosting package for life. So, if you think about it the service is almost free of cost. No more recurring cost and no more month to month accounting required to keep your affiliate marketing work going.

Complete newbie friendly interface
If you have used youtube before for video marketing this you will find vidyz to be more user-friendly. There record-and-upload system is really easy to use and within 5 minutes from your post-production time, you will be able to host your videos on vidyz with all the marketing and seo feature included. How cool is that?

No more restrictions
Now you can make a promotional video as you like without being worried about getting your video or site getting banned by top shots like youtube. There is no shortage of stories where youtube shut down a channel without no reason. And to make things worse, there is no way to contact youtube support to convince them to reinstate your channel with all the videos. Just think how you would feel if your money-generating channel gets banned one day without any notice or alert.

Some minor setbacks:

A few things that I don’t like about this package is the limitation of having just 10 videos within the basic package. As I am making videos on a daily basis, it would be really awesome to have the option to upload at least a few more videos.
If you are just starting then the basic package will do just fine for you, but if you are like me then I would suggest you get vidyz with all the OTOs as well. That way you will be able to upload more videos on vidyz platform with extended bandwidth.

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Vidyz provide an extensive option to amplify your video marketing and help you to sale more products online via your videos.