Top Trendy Carpet Design 2019

One of the most controversial flooring subjects is the carpet. Not just controversial but the love for carpets vary from person to person and it is hard to settle for one when you are talking about the carpet. But, carpet is the thing that does not only make enhance the beauty of the house but also protects the floor.

Homeowners in 2019 are looking for cozy, soft and environment-friendly carpets. The traditional carpets were always in style but in addition to this, we are seeing some other styles which are loved by the homeowners. 2019 introduced us carpets with bold colors along with a balance of warm neutrals, taupe, and grey. There are countless types of carpets to choose from. The carpet shopping becomes tiring and frustrating if you do not know about the latest trends and this is why we are presenting you the top trendy carpet designs of 2019.

  1. Recycled carpet: Like every other thing in the market, Eco-friendly and green carpets are the biggest trends of this year. In fact, most of the carpets this day are made from recycled material. The manufacturers and the homeowners are paying more attention to conserve the environment in the right way. This is the trend that will go stronger with time.
  2. Cut and loop carpets: The cut and loop carpet combines both the little loops and straight cuts. These carpets were the most popular household item in the 70s. Like any other fashion trend, this is now being followed by 50 percent of the crowd. This type of carpet offers a lot of patterns and textures, this is the reason this is a hot cake now.
  3. Frieze carpet: If you have not searched in the market for a frieze carpet then you probably have no idea about it. These carpets are also known as the twist carpet. This is called frieze or twist carpet because this is twisted so many times that it gives the twisted or curly texture and look. Suppose, you have slept with braided hair, it will look wavy in the next morning. Twist carpet is absolutely like that.
  4. The tile rugs: This is the coolest carpet on the market right now. The best thing about the carpet tile rugs is you can custom your own design. This trend is loved by the family with kids because even if any part of the carpet is ruined, you can easily replace it as it is just a tile.
  5. The bold carpets: Bold carpets are love. If you have monochrome furniture in your house then, the best way to make brighten your house is by adding bold colored carpets. You can either go for a single color or pattern. The purple, orange and multi-colored rugs and carpets are ruling all over 2018.

These are the top five trends of carpets based on top carpet manufactures and carpet cleaners. But, there is always a special place for the traditional ones. You can use them to your house to give the old classic look.