TMS Cart Canoe Review: Best-selling and Lowest Price Kayak Trailer

If you are looking for the best-selling and the lowest price kayak trailer in the market, then look no further. Thanks to the introduction of the TMS Cart Canoe, all our carrying problems seems to have been solved. Not only that, but you would now be able to carry this dolly from your car to the canoe without encountering any sort of additional hassle. Now, life just does not seem to get any better than this.

So, if you would like to know if this homemade kayak trailer would indeed be suitable for you or not, read on below.

Installation and storage

While majority of the kayak trailers seem to advertise about their product being easy to install and store, very few are actually successful in living up to the promise. However, in case of the TMS Cart Canoe, you would not need to worry about this. This is because the dolly can easily break down for convenient storage. Not only that, but you would also find that it is equally easy to install the next time you require it.


With a solid metal frame and bumpers on each arm, you can pretty much consider yourself to be hooked on to it and comfortable when the dolly is lowered down in to the hull. Also, with the sturdy construction, you would not have to worry about the wheels giving way in the water or wobbling when you are lowering it down. All in all, a pretty durable product.

Strap and tires

This canoe and kayak dolly from TMS seems to come with a strap of almost 12 feet. This just goes on to show that you would not face any trouble in getting yourself comfortable inside it. Not only that, but it is pretty easy to buckle as well.

As for the tires, the two large tires can roll pretty smoothly on water, sand, and gravel. However, it is not recommended for use on highways.


  • The diy kayak trailer is absolutely robust and seems to work on both smooth and uneven surfaces
  • One of the most reasonably priced kayak dollies that you would be able to find on the market
  • Sturdy build

Cons of TMS Cart Canoe review

  • Sometimes the tubes in the cart would not hold in the air

Final verdict

Regardless of some minor setbacks, the overall competency of the kayak trailer cannot be ignored. This is particularly true for the price at which this is being offered.