TMS Cart-Canoe Kayak

When it comes to looking for a kayak trailer, you would be able to find so many options being presented in front of you. In addition, this is something which you would strictly be using for your leisure and entertainment purposes. So while you do not definitely want something which is top of the line, it should at least be meeting your minimum level of expectations. In that case, you can give TMS cart-canoe Kayak a try. Just read on below to find out more details about this product.

Capacity of TMS Cart-Canoe Kayak Review

While a cart-canoe might look like it would be able to bear a lot of weight, it actually tends to differ between different models of kayak trailers. So, in this model, you would find the capacity to be almost 120 pounds with a 12 foot long strap attached to it. With the help of this strap, it would be possible to take on a bit more weight. In addition, it will also prevent the kayak trailer from tipping itself when you lower it down on to the water.


The kayak dolly has been made with anodized stainless steel and aluminum pipe. So, when it comes to assessing the durability of kayak trailers, you have nothing to worry about here. Not only that, but these pipes can simply be taken apart as well. As a result, it would not be posing as a barrier when you would like to transport it from one place to another.

Allows easy transport

With the Cart Canoe and Kayak dolly, transport has never been easier. Other than that, the V-shaped cradle of the homemade kayak trailer would help in supporting the extra weight and also if you would like to take it upon uneven terrain. The foam bumpers on each handle would ensure that whoever is sitting on it would be comfortable and relaxed for the entire period of the journey.


  • The kayak trailer is very easy to unpack and use
  • The trailer opening is small enough to prevent the whole thing from sliding through
  • The dowels help keeping the dolly in place which makes the entire process all the more easier
  • Quality workmanship and excellent value


  • Some of the instructions on the instruction manual are not very clear, thus making the setup process slightly complicated.

Final words

So, that brings us to the end of this kayak trailer review. As you can see, you would be able to get a superb product at a very reasonable price. Even though there are a lot of things that are yet to be desired, this would definitely be fulfilling your purpose.