Ten Best Audiobook Player for Android

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to relax and spend time with you. It’s also perfect for studying when you don’t have time and want to learn something new. That’s why we’ve made a repertoire of the best apps you’ll find in the play store to listen the best audiobooks while you’re dedicated to doing other things.

Maybe you were a regular reader and one day you just ran out of time, and now you don’t know how to pick up the pleasure of reading, or maybe you’re a person unable to concentrate more than 10 minutes in front of a book but you still have to read a couple of things for work or college, and need to get the best way to keep you interested. This is why we want to help you make the best decision so that you choose the application that best suits your needs. Within the possibilities you will find free and paid applications, along with its advantages and capabilities.

  1. Overdrive: The easiest way to access a book you want to read is to enter the play store and buy what you are looking for, but there are apps that put their library at your disposal, such as Overdrive, which has an excellent collection for you, as long as you deliver on time.
  2. Downpour: Another option to save is to rent the book that you know you will only need for a short period of time (for a specific research, for example) thanks to the Downpour app, where you can take what you need for 30 or 60 days.
  3. LibriVox: this app offers an excellent benefit for classics lovers: it has 24,000 public domain books just a click away, with the opportunity to shop on the web for free audiobook player android. It has more than 70,000 books waiting to be downloaded and listened to.
  4. Libby: here is a similar option but with the advantage that you can include all the audiobooks that you own in other virtual libraries, becoming an excellent option.
  5. Audible: The experience changes completely when someone is reading you and that’s why you should listen audiobook player, but you could lose track of time and sacrifice valuable sleep time. To protect you from insomnia while helping you study, this app gives you rest times as well as a study timeout. It is a free audiobook player android option.
  6. Smart Audiobook Player: it’s a paid audiobook player that cares about your sleep time, as well as offering you great benefits. It gives you 30 days trial and then starts charging a monthly fee of $1.99.
  7. Com: here you’ll receive this benefit as well, but will include its 50,000 books available to its subscribers so you can select all the books you want to hear.
  8. Kobo: An application that offers you eBooks and audiobooks becomes a space saver in the internal storage of the phone, as well as the peace of mind by not having to learn how to use another application and Kobo is perfect for this, because it started as an eBook platform and now also offers audiobooks, and paying a monthly fee of $ 10 per month you can access its entire library.
  9. Google Play Books: this app has also accessed the new era and now you can have all your books synchronized, moving from the laptop to the phone without losing the page, ven if time is limited and the audiobook saves you the problem of having to sit down and read, it’s always good to have both options.
  10. Kindle: Although it may seem like a rare recommendation, we’ll talk about Kindle, which is a virtual library full of eBooks, but also offers low-cost solutions: if you buy an eBook, you get the option to buy the audible version with a great discount, thus managing to buy a book in their two versions without spending so much money. It is a free app that you can download and use comfortably, with voice audiobook player and reading very easily.

Now is your chance to pick the application that really meets your expectations as well as takes care of all your needs. It’s time to download the app you need and start enjoying the benefits it includes. The top ten audiobook apps have been introduced; choose the one that best suits you.