Ten Best Audiobook App for iOS

Studying and acquiring more knowledge is the better way to improve in any workplace, even if we believe that we do not have time to learn something new. Audiobooks allow anyone to take advantage of the time they spend driving, on public transport or even bathing. We have found you the ten best audiobook apps for iOs. Being an Apple user means having to choose the best options for the operating system, and we’re here to make your search and selection easier.

Apple offers only the best for its users, with the possibility to choose between free apps and paid apps with different monthly costs.

It’s a matter of asking you the right questions, recognizing what your needs are and choosing the applications that best solve your problems, like iOs audio book player with bookmark. It is necessary to invest in your education and entertainment, but you can save yourself the task of searching different places. It’s always good to have an economical and accessible option, especially when you’re starting to invest in knowledge and don’t know what to choose


  1. Apple Books: the best thing about this application is that it comes installed at the factory, so you won’t have to sacrifice storage. In addition, all audiobook purchases you make will be charged directly to your iCloud account, and can be available on all your associated devices.
  2. Google Play Books: we know it sounds crazy, but if you’re a newcomer to the Apple world, the best thing you can do is bring you the books you’ve previously purchased as an audible player for ios, saving time and money in search; this is a great ease that you must take into account at all times.
  3. Scribd: another app you should own if you’re someone dedicated to study and research. This platform offers you its entire library for the price of $8.99 per month. This translates to thousands of audiobooks available by the paid audiobook player monthly payment, on any of your screens, with the convenience that Apple gives you.
  4. LibriVox: for reading fans, public domain books are the best choice for listening to new books every day without going bankrupt every year. This is an excellent option to save without sacrificing your tastes and listen auditbook player apk.
  5. Bookmobile: with this audiobook player you can get everything you need without leaving the app as you can log in to iTunes and start reading all the books you’ve downloaded. It’s easy, convenient and free.
  6. Multi-Path Audio: it’s the perfect smart audiobook player ios for parents who don’t want to give up books yet. It has a large selection of fantasy audiobooks, perfect to be heard in the company of the little ones in the house.
  7. Audible: you will fall in love with the interface of this application, and also will be able to have more than 150,000 audiobooks available at all times, with the comforts that your phone has.
  8. OverDrive: in addition to being perfectly synced with iTunes, you can borrow books from selected libraries without having any problems with Apple or any audiobook reader. It is a legal application that gives you great benefits.
  9. NeoBook: since users are the most important thing, this app is cool and convenient to use and is also the best audiobook app uk, allowing you to download books to listen to them when you’re offline. It is a perfect combination between its value and simplicity of use.
  10. Bound: this app makes your life easier by synchronizing all the audiobooks you own on other platforms, letting all the important information focus on one place. This way you can know that the storytelling will continue where you left it.

Everything is possible when you search the right place, especially if you know what you are looking for. Apple users have a wide variety of applications that solve each and every one of their problems, delivering the option to pay for the solution or look for something cheaper. You don’t need to get too tangled up trying to learn something new, listening to a good audiobook should be something easy and simple to achieve, so it’s time to download the app you need and start making your life easier.