Tai Lopez scam: Read it before buying any of his products

When thinking about turning your life around, you might believe that this would be something which you would be able to do on your own. By believing in yourself, along with the love and support that you could gather from your friends and family, there is nothing which would be deemed impossible for you.

Even then, you would find a lot of people to fail in achieving their goals. This is because while they do start off with a bang, they would fizzle out and lose direction somewhere along the way. The main cause behind it would be that majority of the people would not begin their journey with a clear picture in mind. As such, when they would encounter a problem or obstacle, they would retreat rather than coming up with solutions and strategies to move forward. This is something that you would be able to learn more when you read in-depth best reviews review on Tai Lopez.

All that being said, Tai Lopez might be a name that you have heard of. Considered to be one of the most popular mentors that you would be able to find out there, he is the one who could help you to turn your life around. With his humble beginnings and difficult times, he has managed to become a sensation over the internet. Even then, you would be able to come across Tai Lopez scam pages. Now that might make you wonder if this man would be all that he claims to be. In addition, his meetings and interviews with some of the top-rated celebrities in the world, his luxury living, and fancy cars would just add more to the confusion. It would be because of this reason that it would seem like a good idea to get to the bottom of this confusion once and for all.

About Tai Lopez

When you would visit his official website, you would find it to be plain and informative – just how someone of his caliber should be. No matter which page you would browse, you would be able to find all sorts of relevant information pertaining to your cause. The same thing could be said if you would like to know more about him. This is because Tai Lopez is not someone whom you would find lurking behind in the shadows.

Simply put, he is a partner, investor, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar companies. Thanks to his podcasts and book club, he would share advice on wealth, how to achieve wealth, happiness, and love with over 1.4 million people who seem to be situated in forty countries. Other than all this, he also seems to have one of the fastest growing Ted Talks, with almost 2 million views.

Tai Lopez would also be the owner of Mentor Box, named to be world’s largest book shipping club. He was also voted as Number One Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine. If this does not seem to speak volumes about his work and success, I do not know what would.

Besides all this, he seems to have interviewed some of the top names in the business. Some of them would include – Rihanna, Hilary Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Mark Cuban, Steven Spielberg, and more.

Tai Lopez net worth

While statistical values would be something which you would be able to find in every website, what would be more interesting to note are the huge numbers. Again, a lot of people might find it to be suspicious about he managed to get so many social media followers across all social media channels in such a short amount of time, but there is no denying the true and hard facts. It just goes on to show the content that he is displaying in his videos and its effectiveness. In other words, he is definitely being successful in getting his message across and changing the lives of people all over the world.

Tai Lopez Wikipedia

When you would visit his Wikipedia page, you would be able to find a lot more information about him and his businesses. By entering the online scene in the year 2015, he managed to climb up the ranks fairly quickly. While he does talk a lot about how he managed to reach this current position, you would find him to be vague at times about how he amassed this huge amount of wealth.

His time of living with the Amish is considered to be the turning point in his life. With simple living and minimal desires, he was able to understand about the true purpose of life.

Over time, he tried out his luck by investing in a salsa nightclub. When that bombed big time, he then turned to online dating sites. Currently, you would find him to be the CEO of an online education company whose main purpose is to sell training courses to people. Thanks to these courses, people would be able to learn about the achievement of wealth, health, happiness, and love. According to him, everyone would like to lead the good life but very few people actually know how to achieve that. Other than that, you would also be able to find a ton of Tai Lopez online business. This just goes on to show how smart this man really is. Rather than placing all his eggs in one basket, he has diversified his money. So that even if he does land himself in trouble one day, these backup options would definitely be able to pull him through.

Even after saying all this, you would still find a lot of people to be hesitant about Tai Lopez net worth. If this person only started his business in the year 2015, how did he manage to get so wealthy and successful in such a short amount of time. Not only that, but with the mark that Lopez seems to have made, it does not show that he would be packing up his bags anytime soon. It would be because of all these reasons that it would make people wonder more about how legit he really is.

Tai Lopez review

Hence, in order to know if Tai Lopez is a true man of his words, the only way we would be able to know more about it is by reviewing some of his products. That being said, we would focus more on actual facts rather than believing what people have to say about it. While everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion, that does not in any way mean that you should believe whatever you would hear or see. This would particularly be the case when thinking about purchasing life lessons. Since this is something which you would have to invest heavily in, there would be no turning back. As such, you would like to be absolutely sure that you would be getting your desired results at the end of the day.

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Review of 67 steps

Amongst Tai Lopez scam, one of the first topics that you would be able to find is his 67 Steps program. This is the first corse that bought tai to limelight as one of the best funnel builders. Despite it being simplistic and straightforward, along with getting high praise, a lot of detractors seem to have said that this program fails to serve its purpose. It was because of this reason that I decided to give it a try. And lo and behold, I was beyond impressed. In addition to being one of the finer motivational programs that I have come across, it provides absolute value for money. With $1 being charged per video, there would be no way that you would regret it. This would only be the case if you would thoroughly listen and absorb to what Tai Lopez is saying in each video.

Just like the name suggests, the program would consist of 67 videos which seem to highlight 67 steps about how you would be able to turn your life around. In addition to his personal comments, you would be able to see that he has indeed done a good and thorough job by picking out examples from books and successful people.

Even though I watched these videos a long time ago, the message has still managed to stick through. I definitely intend to watch them all over again. I hope he updated some of the content and the way the video was taped. The main point is that you would have to make a commitment of watching all 67 videos.

In addition, you would also get an audio book of Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself. Despite it being a quick read, you would be able to get a lot of important pointers.

Hence, in terms of Tai Lopez review, I was quite satisfied with this program. With some interesting insights, I was able to see myself in a completely different light. As a result, I was able to implement these new learnings in to my life and see the change for myself. The best part is that once you have purchased this program, you would have it by your side till the end of your life. With each lesson, it would leave an impact on you. So, upon going through all of these, it made me believe that even though there were a lot of general comments, there is no way that you would be able to overlook the hard work and research that this man has put in to making these videos. Even then, it would definitely help you to make your life better to some extent.

Mini MBA Program

Being a Tai Lopez mentor, there would be another program that you could take a look at. That would be Mini MBA program. When I looked at it, it was being offered at $1000 over a course of three months. Speaking from my personal experience and also what I had heard from other people, it was to haggle so that the price would be brought lower. That is exactly what I did. The good news is that I was successful in getting the entire program for $500. The more surprising bit is that the customer service personnel were quite willing to accept the offer. That made me wonder if this program would actually offer value. So as sorry as I am to break this to you, I cancelled my offer after three months had passed.

It’s not that I would call this program bad. The problem is that since I have enrolled in so many other courses of this sort, I was not entirely satisfied and convinced with what this one had to offer. Even though a lot of people would not consider $500 to be a big deal, the opposite was true for me. Despite watching his videos multiple times, I felt that I was not getting anything good or valuable from it. Now that it has been a couple of years, I still stick to my statements.

In terms of what you would get from this program, it would include a video library and weekly Q&A calls which would be conducted live. Initially the group started out small, I saw that it grew over time. However, the problems with these sessions would be just what you would expect. With the line being unclear and so many people scrambling to get their questions answered, the entire situation would end up messy and being out of hand. Even then, in terms of Tai Lopez scam, I found the videos to be lively and informative. I was able to learn a lot from then. Even then, I was not satisfied with what I was getting for my money. This is because there was no specific structure to the program. The Mentor interviews were also disappointing.

However, it would be unfair if I do not point out the good sides. With it being quite easy to understand, no complicated math was used in it. The anecdotes in his videos were also helpful in getting the message across. Over time, I have also noticed Tai upgrading his videos in terms of content and taping, so that would be a plus as well.

In my opinion, this program could include more key points to teach, add a bit more structure, provide specific and tangible skills, abilities, and knowledge. Even then, it was impressive to see how Tai Lopez net worth seems to have increased with the help of this sales funnel program. By doing different things and testing various price levels, it shows his level of effort and dedication. This also shows that he is not afraid to take risks and try out new things. This would be a trait that hopefully all of us could integrate in to our personality.

Social Media Marketing Agency course review

In Tai Lopez review, the next thing that we are going to be discussing is his tai lopez social media marketing course review. Even though this would be a new course that he has released, there is no denying the fact that it has garnered its fair share of attention. In this course, Tai would teach you about how you would be able to travel the world while earning millions in your pocket. When you come to think about, this would be a dream come true for almost everyone. After all, who would not like to follow their passion while also being paid for it. In addition, when it would come to touring scenic and dream destinations, no one would turn down this offer.

So, in the Tai Lopez social media review, this course would be spread out over four months. Here, you would be taught about how you could start up your own social media agency and get the ball rolling. Based on that, you would be able to travel the whole world without having to worry about what you are doing for work.

So, even though I have not given this course a try, there are a lot of things that I have heard from other people. Some of the findings are as follows:

  • A lot of smoke seems to surround this entire situation. This is because people who do not seem to know much about social media would be drawn in to starting their own agency and getting their certification. The interesting bit is that they would get scammed and burned as they would not be able to get their desired result.
  • Businesses would only like to get customers and sales from social media, as has been highlighted by Tai Lopez net worth. So, even though it would be possible, that would only be the case to some extent. This is because you would have to do more than just post ads and messages if you would like to make a big buck.

As a result, this led me to draw the conclusion that this program would not offer all that it promises. What I believe that this would be an underlying scam program where an entire cycle would be started when one person would purchase this course. In addition, since this course would only focus on the short term, businesses are likely to suffer great losses in the long run. This would particularly be the case if they would not be able to understand what is actually happening.

In fact, this program would be one of the main reasons why so many people seem to believe Tai Lopez scam. And I do not really blame them for it. Even then, it would be too soon to pass comments. My opinion would be that we wait a couple of years and see if the smoke clears up and people do indeed become savvy or not. Since we seem to find ourselves to be in the stage of trying out new things, there is a lot that we still need to learn. So, just be patient, and time will tell all.

Overall thoughts

Hence, that brings us to the end of the discussion of Tai Lopez review. A lot of things have been said and a lot more assumed. Even though it would take a couple of years to say for sure about the success of this man, I would just like to wrap up this discussion by summarizing the things that I seemed to like and dislike about the whole situation. so, while you might not agree with me about a lot of things (and that is absolutely fine), you would at least be able to gain a better understanding about the whole thing.


Where Tai Lopez net worth is concerned, I have definitely seen my share of self-made millionaires. In fact, you would be able to find a lot of well-reputed people speaking highly of him. on first notion, you might not believe what these people are saying. But when you give his courses a try, you would be able to understand a lot of things. In fact, this was one of the main reasons that got me attracted to him. Despite some of the subject matters being vague and general, there is no doubt that you will be able to learn a lot from him. Then there were others that would deeply interest you and make you think about life from a different perspective. He also talked about a lot of important components for success such as hard work, recognizing your weaknesses, and giving back to the community and the people you love.

The books that he seems to talk about on Tai Lopez YouTube really seems to have helped me a lot. In addition to creating a love for knowledge and learning, I also seemed to have learned a lot about a diverse range of topics.


Amongst the things that I did not like, it was his business model and behavior. Even though I have no problem with people showing off their wealth on social media, I just did not understand Tai’s reasons for doing this. This is because it seems to go against the teachings and principles that he talks about in his videos.

Where his business model is concerned, I believe that there are some flaws. This is because the quick way to become rich is something which seems to have existed for a very long time. However, the true part is that they eventually are brought to light. This would happen when customers would not derive any results. In some cases, they would even risk getting sued and being put out of business for good.

The same thing could be said about Tai Lopez webinar as well. Even though he does not seem to host them quite frequently, you would be able to get very minimal outcomes from it. That would also only happen if you manage to get tickets or passes.

All in all, my gut feeling seems to say that something just does not add up. Again, only time will tell the truth.

Final words

Hence, that brings us to the end of Tai Lopez review. In my opinion, I do not think that he is a scammer, even though there are some things that I do not like about him. There is no doubt about him being a successful entrepreneur online. Despite some of his marketing methods being shady, his approach to affiliate marketing is more than commendable.

To wrap it up, I would just like to say that you would be able to learn a lot from him.