Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg

The Strike King KVD Sexy Dawn is one of those lures that will drive bass into a feeding frenzy getting then super hungry such that they don’t take their time to discern a meal from the trap. Any aspiring top tier angler needs to have tried this already because it works its magic. Its main features include popping and spitting or side-to-side action which imitates the lifelike natural prey of bass and other fish like rockfish and catfish. It also features a unique internal rattle chamber and an indestructible chip-resistant finish.

Here’s is what’s more to like about the Sexy Dawg.

Key Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg  features

  • Genius engineering design for striking resemblance to life.
  • Design by Kevin VanDam the 2011 Bassmaster Classic champion.
  • Smooth and realistic action
  • Good for walking the dog technique
  • Amazing credible brand, strike King
  • Realistic 3D eyes
  • Rugged and strong treble hooks
  • Loud internal rattle chambers
  • Multiple actions and movement (popping, spitting and side to side
  • Chipping resistant finish

The trebles come in handy when it comes to holding a big one with a huge tag. The hard bait features easy throw to accurate depth and light towing for immediate strikes as soon as the ripples settle. When it comes to picking out the best lures for bass and other smaller fish, the best anglers will tell you to keep it simple stupid and the King KVD Sexy Dawg is one great pick for the KISS code.

There are only a handful of hands tuned and proven lures that a seasoned angler needs to make a great catch on a tough day and the King KVD Sexy Dawg is one of them. Any walking bait should have good qualities relating to ease of use and reliability for strike generation comparable to the Dawg. It is not only one of the easiest walking baits you will ever encounter but also one of the most effective fish snatchers you might never leave on a future expedition.


It is always an exciting thing to shop for lures and especially when you receive a package from a renowned angler like Strike King. The brand develops some high-value lures with premium hooks and action for competitive pricing. Strike King is a leading artificial lures maker with busy labs for development and constant research working on improving their products to ones that catch fish all the time. They say that if it is sexy and easy to walk, it has to be Strike King. Talk of the amazing 3XD,5XD and 6XD crankbaits series that has had the best strike king writers talking for a while now.

Looking at the King KVD Sexy Dawg in action you realize that you have something special at hand. Now the cat is out of the bag that the Dawg is the easiest and best fish catcher and it is out to draw some blood. The dawg can be purchased in two sizes with a larger one measuring 4.5 inches and a smaller version with two hooks at 3.75 and a milliard of colors to choose from for both. There is the most popular Blue Gill, Blue Gizzard Shad, and the chartreue Sexy Shad to consider for only $8 apiece!

When you consider the King KVD Sexy Dawg for a while or take it for a swim alongside your regular walkers you will inevitably note the following if you are keen enough.

Ease of casting

The Dawg can cast as swift as an arrow and retriever nicer than most other walkers. It can easily be imparted on the bait by even a newbie angler so that you don’t have to worry about your KVD status when choosing whether to have it shipping or not. You will love the action on the gadget which can be rapid even compared to the swiftest moving lures. With a simple twitch and pull will recreate the natural setting of escaping prey showing that the baitfish recognizes its natural predator and therefore generate immediate strikes.

Catches fish on all conditions

This is the proven lure that will kill it out there regardless of whether you are having a bluebird calm day or not. That owes partly to the action and the commotion the bait is able to make with the internal rattle chamber.


The King KVD Sexy Dawg is one of those baits you can catch up to hundreds of fish on and still it works like a lucky charm. It is hit resistant and can stand even with tens of big strikes.  The hooks are premium quality strong and will lift a literal ton of fish especially the three hooks fitted with the 4.5 bait. For anglers who prefer three hooks, this is the lure of choice. Additionally, the hooks are super sharp and are able to retain it for longer owing to the hardness factor.

For warmer topwater fishing activities, the King KVD Sexy Dawg will rule the territory for as long as there are big and smaller fish left underneath the surface.

The bad

The standard treble hooks are great as they hardly affect the superior walk the dog action of the Strike King® KVD Sexy Dawg. For those who prefer other hooks, it may present a slight challenge changing the hooks as this may interfere with the performance of the bait. Other than that, the Strike King® KVD Sexy Dawg is actually still perfect for bass and other fish. It is the absolute next best thing if you haven’t already included it in your arsenal

Final thoughts on Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg bass lure

Whether you choose to roll out the junior or larger model of the Dawg, you will enjoy similar powerful attention-seeking features and enhanced hits with the compact design and natural streamlines.  The piece is engineered to the perfect lifelike imperfection with simple but effective twitching motion thanks to the proven design. It is a pro walking the dog lure that will give you an unfair advantage at your usual fishing spot.