Skillshare Review: Honest Skillshare vs Udemy Comparison Inc. Cost and Trial Offer

Are you looking for an affordable online class? The Skillshare review will help you to settle for the best affordable online course ever. Skillshare is an online learning community designed for both students and teachers of real-world skills. These skills are discovered and learned through the aid of project-based classes.

Skillshare Review

In Skillshare Review: The pros and cons are given below

Skillshare vs. Udemy

By looking at skillshare vs Udemy, There are no loyalty programs or subscription plans. You will be paying per class. However, you will receive a certificate for the approved course that you take.

Team Plan under Udemy’s begins at $240 for the year per user. There is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 on the team members. The Skillshare price is a $99 annual fee per user.

For a plan of 21 and above users, there is an Enterprise plan for Udemy. There is no equivalent plan for Skillshare, although you can contact them directly to negotiate a price for a large team.

Skillshare Free Trial – Special 2 Month Offer

Skillshare free trial exists for a 2-month which is meant for new users. It gives unlimited access to over 24,000 classes.

How Much Is Skillshare?

If you are wondering about how much the classes can cost you. The skillshare pricing exists in three price tiers for the classes: premium, team plans including a free plan. Skillshare provides many free classes.


If you want to have in-depth learning, Skillshare Premium is best for you. Skillshare cost goes for a monthly price of $15, you will have access to over 23,000 classes which it offers. You can be billed annually for $99 instead.

Skillshare vs Lynda

Both Skillshare and Lynda  are popular sites that offer different e-Learning opportunities.Based on this review, you will decide on which is the better option for your professional and personal goals.

Skillshare Pros

  • With Premium Membership, You Will Have an Offline Access
  • You can have learned on the go on your mobile device or tablet, whether you are on or off the grid. Premium membership is also not a major cost difference for the benefit.
  • No ads while watching lessons
  • This offers uninterrupted learning with video content, whether they are short or lengthy.

Skillshare Cons

These courses cannot offer you completion certificates. Skillshare courses are best for learning a specific skill for yourself or to build a portfolio, not to add to your professional resume. So for the person looking for technical or business-related skills, this is not the best option.

Lynda Pros,

Lynda’s media content is professional and well produced. The quality alone is a nice investment, as the content is frequently updated and there is access to content for the duration of your subscription.

Looks better on your resume, Certificates gained through Lynda will actually look impressive on your resume when you go for an interview, as opposed to a course that you take through other platforms like Skillshare. Lynda courses are more academic in nature compared to many other online course platforms.

Lynda Cons

More costly, the financial investment is substantially larger. About double the cost of Skillshare, depending on whether you’re paying monthly or annually. So for those on a budget looking to gain skills, might not be the wiser option.

You can check on the Skillshare review Reddit for more information

Skillshare Cancel Membership

If you want to cancel your skillshare membership. Follow the below procedure

  1. Go to in a web browser. If you signed up for your account at, use this method for skillshare cancel membership.
  2. Through skillshare log in, Sign in to your account.If you’re not already signed in, enter your username and password, then click on skillshare sign in. If your Skillshare account is connected to your Facebook or Google login, select one of those options to sign in instead.
  3. Click Cancel Membership.It’s under the ″Payments″ header near the top of the right column.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your subscription.Once you have processed the cancellation, the current plan will be expiring at the end of your current billing cycle. You will continue using Skillshare.

The Best Skillshare Classes

Skillshare offers a variety of classes across several categories. Classes may change over time. So if you see one that piques your interest, be sure to sign up as soon as you can. Some of the Skillshare classes include design, business, and technology, etc.

Skillshare App

Skillshare – Online Learning app provides online classes including projects to assist you to learn. You will be able to go freelance, expand your creative skills, or discover what drives. Download the skillshare app and watch hundreds of free classes.

Skillshare Refund

You will be able to cancel your subscription any time through the Payments section in your Account Settings. After you have canceled, your Premium Membership is set to expire at the end of the current pay period. If you were charged in error, you can contact skillshare for refund.

Skillshare discount code. You can save up to 10% off Annual Membership. This is Valid for new members only. Skillshare discount code is applied at the end of your free trial.

Free Courses App

Free courses apps are available on iOS and android. They include

1. Udemy

This is an online service offering several courses on everything from personal development to web development. Whether you are a virtuoso or beginner, Udemy has several courses to assist. This app will allow you to access all your learning materials and courses’ videos on the go by your mobile device.

2. Lynda will boast a vast variety of courses in different subject areas, including software development and video production. This mobile app will also give you the freedom to be able to learn whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. You can learn at your own pace. Lynda offers a no-risk and a ten-day test drive which is free.

The Final Thought

Is Skillshare worth it? This will depend on what you want from an online education platform. Skillshare will provide a personalized and intimate class setting for your online classes. It will offer several classes from personal to professional enrichment.

Additionally, there are different options for payment in skillshare, thus your financial situation does not stop you from assessing the skillshare. Whenever you are signing up, apply for your Skillshare discount code for extra savings.