Rapala Shad Rap

Easing down any list of top-notch and best lures for all types of fish and not come across the Rapala Shad Rap phenomenon. It is among the most popular lures and one of the most enticing for fish too.  It is no one’s secret that the Rapala Shad Rap, is a great mimic of life but apparently fish don’t know this especially bass. In fact, the top spot for any bass lures review list sort of post deserves this or a handful of other amazing bass lures. You ask any angler or even lure manufacturer what they favorite bass lure and a good number of them will have this lure queued at the very top of their lists.

About Shad Rap Lures

The entire shad rap series features a simple life-like design that is impossible to tell apart from real fish, at least for other fish. It is a versatile lure that can take after thousands of fish species around the world in ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams of interest. It is a simple and elegant yet formidable fish catching machine that will utterly surprise anyone with a negative impression at first sight. This is one of those lures that is made with the perspective of other fish in mind. It might not look much like a convincing decoy to humans but for fish like bass, it is an irresistible meal to bite.

How to use the Rapala shad rap

The lure is made to perfection wand tank-tested for effectiveness with cast just below the surface.  No sooner than the ripples settle than you begin to see immediate strikes where there is an abundance of bass. A wobble should do the trick in combination with a slow and alluring retrieve. A twitch, jerk or troll will not harm as it gives it all the more lifelike characteristics. Even from the usability of this lure, you can probably tell that it is one of the most versatile for use and great results.

Key features

  • Shallow water lip design
  • Balsa wood construction
  • Wounded minnow wobble
  • Premium nickel hooks
  • Natural baitfish look
  • Hand-tuned and tank-tested


This Rapala shad rap review focuses on its key features and uses especially for cold water fishing under all nature of conditions. Here are some key features of the Rapala Shad rap bass followed by its key advantages over other artificial lures for bass.

  • Works under tough cold water conditions

This bait works extremely well even under tough cold water conditions where the bass is very sluggish. It also catches a variety of species. It makes a good staple for the walleye world and comes in multiple colors namely silver, gold, Crawdad and Firetiger. In fact, there was a time when this bait was in the limited edition phase and anglers up north had to take it out on a rent basis because it was proven to be so effective. Even at this time when the production is at an all-time high, the Rapala Shad Rap is still a top seller.

  •  Has stood the test of time

This bait alone has sold a million and one pieces and caught numerous species and over the last couple of years. It is safe to say that the lure is cutting a notch among the top lures for bass and other species and an absolute must-have for Bass fishing lures. Bass has it coming but they have no idea what hooked them when you use this effective and high confidence bait to fish in warm and cooler waters.

  • The best running hard bait

This bait does not discriminate top and bottom feeders, it hooks all of them when running. Whether running to cover much water real quick or still, this is the lure that generates more strikes within the hour compared to many other types. The shad rap family has a shallow water member which is ideal for shallow water fishing too.

  • Versatile use

When choosing shad rap lures, there is no shortage of options for anglers. From the shallow shad rap for skinny waters to the glass shad rap with a sight glass that makes it adaptive to any environment to the super shad and shad rap RS with its impressive lifelike action of baitfish. For instance, those looking to fill a basket full of pike and musky can choose to go with the heavyweight super shad which lands the biggest of them. Because of the numerous options on the table and the ease of use, fish anglers can proceed to nay fishing situation with the utmost confidence of an assured impressive catch on this lure alone.

  • Drives bass into a feeding frenzy

This is one lure that bass can swear on regarding its authenticity as good food. Whether you are trending on shallow waters or running above deeper ends, the lure features an L-shaped lip that keeps the shad just below the surface. The lure is able to generate thrilling strikes with fanatic bass breaking through the surface in a spectacular show of speed and agility.

The bad

It is hard to make out any negatives of the lure as it is simply effective and works like a charm at super slow and ultra-fast trolling speeds without any notable negative effects. We can’t say for sure that it is the ultimate perfection of fishing lures but it generates sure strikes every time. If you happen to know any negative traits of this lure, don’t hesitate to share below because so far, our anglers love it!

Final thoughts on Rapala Shad rap

When all is thrown and drawn, shad rap remains one of the closes lures to anglers hearts and a lucky charm if not the absolute best hard running bait in the world today. When looking to cover some wider open waters real quick, this is the lure that will guarantee a good catch and optimum pleasurable fishing experience.

In short, every serious angler has had or should have a handy number of hard baits for running and the Rapala Shad Rap is the living embodiment of that. An amazing product giving anglers good catch for their money and a must-have in every beginner and pro’s arsenal.