Ranktrackr Review – What Makes It Better Than Others?

Have you ever wondered how links and search results on Google are sorted? The sorting techniques for search results are quite sophisticated. This technique helps search engines to show relevant results for user queries efficiently.

Search engines sort the search results based on the information, content structure, actual content, design of the webpage, and popularity of the website, etc. Search engine optimization techniques are used to sort millions of WebPages all over the internet. Techniques of SEO are becoming more popular among website developers and maintainers.

Most of the website focuses more on SEO than any other relevant factors. This is obviously important since it is the main method for getting visitors to sites. Without search engines, it is challenging to find the desired relevant results on the internet. Website owners spend a tremendous amount of money to improve their ranking in search engine results. Even they use various rank tracking softwares to know their sites rank.

SEO is a slow process and takes a lot of time for better results. Many companies provide SEO services. But there is no guarantee that your website will be listed on the first page of relevant search results.

Checking the performance growth and rank optimization is also crucial after doing SEO. All of us expects a result after doing any work. If you own a website and you are focusing on SEO of your site, you naturally want to know how your website is doing on search engine results. Checking rank of your website in search engine result is the useful method to know if your SEO is working or not.

There are multiple tools available online to check rank your website. But here we are going to talk about Ranktrackr along with an in-depth Ranktrackr review.

What is Ranktrackr?

Ranktrackr is an online cloud-based rank tracking software that shows how your SEO is doing, whether your website is doing good or bad. This tool has a very high rate of accuracy. The company claims that the results it provide is almost 98 percent accurate.

The tool helps you in getting information about current ranking of your website on search result page and also provides the history of your SEO. It even provides you current SERP standings along with the improvement you have made so far. You can check your ranking as per your competitors too which will give you an upper-hand in the industry. In short, Ranktrackr is one of the best rank tracking tool which plays a crucial role in your SEO strategy.

You can avail Ranktrackr free of cost for 10-days, as they are offering a 10-day free trial for this tool.

Services provided by Ranktrackr

Ranktrackr provides a service to know how your website’s ranking is doing and you can also compare your ranking with some other competitor websites. The main feature of this tool is its area wise results.

You can track the performance of your website with accuracy in the area of your choice.  This tool provides you service to monitor your ranking result in city, region or country. You can also enter a zip code to track your website ranking in that particular area

The tool analyzes your website performance on many popular search engines. Other rank tracking tools gather your website’s data on the average amount of 10 results per page per request. But Ranktrackr claims that they collect website data to 100 results per page.

You can filter keywords in this tool to know how keywords are affecting your SEO. You can also customize the view for displaying results to gain efficiency. The tools displays results based on a collection of your data to show you insight. You can get information about your Adwords data, search volume, and CPC.

The tool provides you reports on their website and also provide service to receive reports on email. You can set schedule for receiving reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis on email. It is one of the free rank tracking tool available online for all the SEO professionals.

Here is a list of all services provided by Ranktrackr

  • Search Volume
  • Client Reports
  • Customization
  • Historical Overview
  • Report Scheduling
  • Local Tracking
  • Email Reports
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Management

Ranktrackr vs. Serplab

Serplab provides service to check your rank for a particular country, While Rancktrackr offers this service way better than this. Ranktrackr shows you deep insight for ranking based on city, country, area and also Zip codes.

Serplab is in beta stage, so there might be possibilities that the tool is not accurate. But Ranktrackr is fully optimized and not in beta stage. Serplab provides just SERP results, but Ranktrackr not only provides this but has other features too.

Ranktrackr vs. Proranktracker

The features provided by Proranktracker are accuracy, daily updates, security, cloud-based system, YouTube and Google Videos tracking and many more. Ranktrackr also provides all the above-described features. Proranktracker also has mobile rank tracking. It also provides services in multiple languages.

Proranktracker does not provide cost per click service, while Ranktrackr does offer it. Proranktracker does not give reports in PDF or Excel sheets, while Ranktrackr does provide. This a best rank tracking tool that you should try at least.

Ranktrackr pricing

Ranktrackr provides free trial services, But its not a free rank tracking tool. Once free trial expires, you can subscribe to a monthly or daily basis plan. Monthly plan starts at $9 per month and extends up to $429. Yearly plans start at $90 and extend up to $4290. You can get a discount for two months of payment if you subscribe to the annual plans.

While the Ranktrackr does not provide YouTube rank checking services but there are multiple ytrank, ytcockpit, ezeeranktracker and many more. These are YouTube rank checker online free tools.


It’s crucial for every business to track their SERP ranking for which Ranktracker is one of the best tool available online. Using it, one can customize reports to get exact information related to the ranking. It’s accurate and highly useful.


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