PUBG New Snow MAP Xbox Named Vikendi

PUBG is quite a popular game in recent time. It was released on 23rd March 2017 and since then is continuously on growth. The number of people playing pubg is increasing whole around the world. This is leading to a large number of people getting used to playing pubg during their free time. Different new updates are regularly getting released to keep their user engaged with the game. The latest hype of PUBG is the new snow map called Vikendi.

This game is popular due to the fighting experience and thrill which it gives to its users. People love getting an experience of battling in the game with the use of different guns and ammo. You are allowed to select the map of your choice where you wish to carry out the fight to survive. The primary goal of the game is to survive till the end from 100 players who have joined you in the combat.

Excitement for the new map

People are yet busy getting to know about every corner of the map of Jungle while there has been an announcement of a new map. The jungle map is of 4×4 km which is designed for the pubg constant fighting experience. This review is mainly intended to give you all the recent updates which are received about the new map release in the form of pubg mobile snow map.

Winter is coming around, and the temperatures are always going to go down. With this in mind, the theme of the new map is also kept the same. The map has a snow-covered region where you will be entering for a combat fight. Even there are few of the additional features added like you will now be able to see the footsteps of other members in the pubg new snow map.

A teaser trailer is released of this new map which is giving a glance of how this island of snow will appear in the game. Still, this trailer is only able to provide a detailed glimpse of the one feature which includes footsteps in the new pubg snow map. More data is yet to come, and many more are still under development to be released this Winter soon.

Snow Map – Vikendi

The new pubg upcoming snow map which is available in the game is named as Vikendi. It is having a slightly round shape with a narrow canal of freezing water in-between the island. Recently one of the data mines can reveal some of the details regarding name, possible vehicles and also key buildings which will be available on this map. This island is of the size of 8×8 km and is of the mountainous nature.

Different texture of the buildings and models were also obtained in the data mine which was released. It is giving some of the details about dino park, rocket, castles, and plenty of Brick Gothic townhouses. There will be some more toys available too for play on the new map which is going to be released. This new map will include C4 and also two new vehicles to try out.

You will really enjoy playing around with C4 while there are also Beetle and Z130 flatbed truck available. They will allow you to crash around with a lorry. The trailer which is released by PUBG E3 2018 has revealed that we will now be able to track the enemy footprints. One can use this to track their enemy quite effectively by reaching over there and eliminating them in pubg new map snow.

Out of all the details mentioned, there is only one key building which is mentioned. It is a massive, Soviet-era cosmodrome. Brendan Greene himself revealed that this building would be available with massive loot, but later they scaled it down. Reason for that being the lack of time for players to deal with such enormous loot. The player unknown’s Battele Ground new map release date (Vikendi map) is still unknown, but it will be this Winter 2018. Still, there are few of the work to be completed before releasing it worldwide.

Ammunition and vehicles in Vikendi

Vikendi has been a disappointment when it comes to ammo and weapon. If you are a big fan of Sanhok then you are up for big disappointment. The vikendi map is full of UMP9 and Uzi which uses 9mm bullets. You dont get QBZ or QBU like the Sanhok Map. It is really tough to find any good/popular weapon in the new snow map. It seems like PUBG team has done their research and chose the most disliked ammos and weapons from all the maps and thrown those option on this new snow map.  You will also find a lot of mini 14’s as well.

As vehicles, they have introduced snowmobiles which are pretty smooth to drive in the road and in snow covered areas. It does not swivel and doesn’t go out of the road.

Cosmodrome-the new Pockenki

Every pubg map has an area where all hell breaks loose right after player’s land. For vikendi, it seems like the area call Cosmodrome. Cosmodrome is an area that looks like a space rocket launching area.  It is full of ammos and the place looks really neat. If you are one of those hotheads who likes to be in do-or-die sitatution right after you land, then cosmo drome is the area for you.


Thus, we can say that vikendi is a new and innovative way of using the upcoming winter to incorporate it in the form of the game map. It will help the players to experience a new thrill of snow clad mountains, rivers and other places in the map while fighting combat. If you ask me, the only thing that i like about this map is the design work they have done for the buildings. Except that there is nothing much to it. Then again, it seems like the team is refining the map every day to make it more exciting for the players. So hope that it would be able to live up to it’s world wide player community.