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Whether you are a blogging nerd or you are just starting out, you are a professional video marketer or you are just looking for an easy to use video marketing intelligence app, SEO is the key to a brighter future for your online presence. But with so many avenues to gather insights on consumer sentiments spread out thin all over the web it becomes quite difficult to keep track of your progress and rank for different keywords and generating new keyword ideas for your niche that you can compete effectively for. Ranking reporting software like Pro Rank Tracker is essential in the monitoring of Google SERPs to establish which articles got the best number of searches and how well they ranked.  With this kind of information at your fingertips, you can easily discern which posts are worth your effort and follow up.

Use this review to find out whether Pro Rank Tracker is what you need when it comes to tracing your milestones towards better outreach for all your videos and blog posts.

About Pro Rank Tracker software

If you are wondering what this software is all everyone keeps talking about, here is why. This software package constitutes a simple intuitive yet incredibly powerful professional SEO tool for ranking videos and posts for an effective marketing campaign.

Overview of Pro Rank Tracker review features

You might wonder about the details of what is unique about using this tool that make it such an effective masterpiece with every new update. Here are some reasons why you will love it!

  • No installation needed

Since the software is fully cloud-based, you hardly need to install any software to access it fully functional. Additionally, you can open a free account to test the waters even though it has way limited functionality.

  • Modern fluid and easy to use dashboard

All the tools are accessible on the dashboard to the left and a summary of your keywords for the last 24 hrs or last week and month available to the right. It’s simple to use such that there will be almost no learning curve at all.

  • Cheapest rank tracker software

Cost effective digital marketing means you get to reach more high potential customers for less so your awesome solutions and products can reach more users for less. The free version is an excellent way to test the waters but with only 20 keywords and only 2 URLs limit.

  • Compatible with multiple devices and platforms

The Pro Rank Tracker software you don’t have to keep glued to your workstation at home or office to keep up to date with your real-time ranking insights. You can use the software across platforms on windows and on mobile devices namely android smartphones and the iPhone.

  • Rank for both Google SERPS and YouTube videos

Whether you are into blogging and vlogging, now you have a single tool that can give you a detailed performance of each of your posts.

  • Daily reports in the mailbox

Reports are easy to understand with clear illustrations that you can process on the go.

Pro Rank Tracker pricing

Starting with a free version, there are 8 packages to choose depending on the amount of functionality you need for your marketing campaign and amount of posts that you want to track. There is a bronze package for only $19 per month which I really the best way to check it out if you am taking your rank seriously.

Then there is the bronze plus option for $39 a month and has all the features of the earlier plus 800 terms and also includes a MyRanks client app.

The silver and gold accounts are the next most affordable going for $59 and $119/month respectively before you can head on to the more expensive but feature reach enterprise section

Final verdict: is Pro Rank Tracker software worth the buck?

This software is not new in the market and has been tried and tested and found to be one of the most accurate ranks tracking software available online. Other options like Semrush and Serpbook have their moments but all through, Pro Rank Tracker has proved more reliable for accurate more detailed reports while remaining the most affordable and offering way for more features. It is the most practical as a keyword tracking software that you can use to gain some ground on the competition.

ProRankTracker review
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