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To provide our customer with the best experience we are currently using software like google analytics for monitor user data. these pieces of information include your IP address, the area from where you are browsing our website, your ISP details, and the name of the browser you are using.
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Cookie policy
We use cookies to store our user microdata that helps to delivery and present our information faster than ever. We are currently using Google Adsense, amazon affiliate program and few other affiliate programs that might use cookies and web beacons to help them define an authentic user from automated bots.


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Our website currently has a contact form to help our users to send valuable information and suggestion to us. Using our contact form a customer can also suggest us topics and subjects on which we can write blog posts on. We do ask our users to mention their name, email while using our contact form so that we can send you a reply, or an update about their query.

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