How to get paid via Payoneer

There is absolutely no doubt that making and receiving payments online might seem like a pretty shady thing to do. In addition, you might also think that there would be so much risk involved since you never can be sure till the last payment if the transaction has been completed.

So, in this borderless world that we currently seem to live in, you would be able to come across mastercard. Considered to be a blessing to internet users located all over the world, you would be able to send and receive payment without encountering any sort of additional hassle. You, as a user, would be able to get a Payoneer card which you would then be using like any ordinary card.

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The Payoneer MasterCard review would remain incomplete if we do not talk about the services that they tend to offer. Hence, we would just go about it briefly.

• International bank account
While this might sound too good to be true, you would be happy to know that you would actually be able to get an international bank account. Thanks to the routing numbers and identification details, international companies would be able to make payments to your account directly. If you are into amazon affiliate program and want to get paid, you can also use your bank account details that you get with your payoneer account to collect monthly commissions. Check out this article on how to find easy products to promote as an Amazon affiliate
• Transactions between Payoneer accounts free of charge
If you know of someone who is the holder of a Payoneer account, then you would be able to conduct transactions with them absolutely free of cost. In this way, you would not have to worry about unnecessary charges being deducted.
• Payoneer mastercard
In mastercard, you would also be able to enjoy the status and facilities of owning a mastercard. This would mean that you would be able to use this card on any ATM all across the globe. In addition, this card could also be used to make online payments. As a result, dealing with cash just could not get any easier than this.

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Payoneer mastercard fees

Just like any other card that you would seem to use, a bit of charge would definitely be deducted as account maintenance charges. In the case of Payoneer, you would only have to pay around $29.95 per year. So, when you come to think about it, it would be next to nothing. And if you are buying hosting from various top hosting companies like siteground, there is no additional charge.

As for every transaction that would be conducted, you would be charged $3.15 as ATM charges. Other than that, there would be some other charges which would be applicable. For that, you could easily browse their website and get to know more about it.

How to activate Payoneer MasterCard

So, now that you seem to have a very basic understanding of how Payoneer seems to work, the next logical step would be to find out how to set up your Payoneer MasterCard account.
First things first, the entire process is extremely easy. Just by depositing the annual fee, you would receive your MasterCard in the mail. After that, you would just have to log in to the website and get your card activated. Even though this would act like a credit card, you would actually need to have funds for it to work.

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All in all, the Payoneer MasterCard would be a great option for online freelancers since they do not want to be burdened with additional payment hassle. In addition, the Payoneer MasterCard fees has also been deemed to be quite favorable. All in all, this would be something which you could definitely think about trying.

Payoneer usability review
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