Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon Review

When you need to get some heavyweight bass at the bottom of the lake then the Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon the godsend lure to buy. Large spoons like this bait have been some of the most effective mechanism to wake dormant bass and put them in a feeding frenzy and where you want them. All species of bass love to eat baitfish and the flutter spoon is designed to resemble an easy meal. The sequence for fishing this lure might be a quick ripping action followed by a dying flutter that gets bass excited by a free meal.

The Rise of Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

The flutter spoon phenomenon is what the Carolina rig was to the last decade or so. The spoon features an ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hook that makes sure to set right securing the catch as soon as a hit is made.

The Nichols Lures Lake Fork Flutter Spoon is to be fished on a slackline for the best performance on deep ends.  Be sure to keep the bait close to the bottom where a weak and dying fish would be an easy meal for the larger bass.

This flutter spoon was first put in the limelight by the legendary bass angler Kelly Jordan. , it has since been up and coming as the next most effective method to catch large bass with a proven concept and easy cast design. This has put forward the assertion that it is not about what human’s think the bait looks like but what the lure actually looks like in the eyes of the fish.

About Nicholes Lures

Nicholes lures is a small bass bait manufacturer with high-quality lures that are hand-tuned and painted for a realistic touch. Nicholes is a Brandable high-end range of products that feels personal and gives each and every user their own thrilling experience in a unique way.

Key features of the Fork Flutter Spoon

Here are some more features of the famous flutter spoon in brief

  • Perfect flutters for life-like performance
  • quality trebles
  • hand-tied flash about
  • Powerful Spro swivels
  • High-grade split rings

Amazing hydrodynamics

There are smaller and larger spoons that will cast like a spear and because of their dynamics, they will sink with a flutter like a light feather suspended in air. This is supposed to look like a dying fish to big bass, an easy meal that they simply cannot resist.

Ease of use

Because of their weight, the metallic spoons will cast further easily and so they are easier to throw for everyone. They also fall with the same swirling motion that draws the attention of large and smallmouths all around thanks to their unique shape. A limp or slackline further gives the spoon the rope to be as lively as possible. A dying shad is what bass want to see on any day to get on feeding mode. Hits are frequent than anything else and hooking is accurate with this deep water lure.

Rapid strikes

Before Jordan’s amazing performance at the Ultimate Fishing Day episode where he won the finals fishing more than 20 lb of good bass in less than 10 minutes, the spoon had been a closely guarded secret of Lake Fork anglers who had been killing it out there with the spooning action for years. Anglers now wanted to know what the big man was throwing and a cat was out of the bag. On the plus side, he saw an opportunity to win the championship and trusted the spoon to reel in victory.

larger bait

This is one of the largest baits for fishing bass measuring a staggering 5,7 inches and surprisingly one very effective lure for larger fish. For bass, a large weak baitfish is a lucky find and the instinct to strike builds up pretty fast.


This lure is heavy meaning that you will require a heavy tackle as well. Jordan recommends the I spool 15-pound-test Fluorocarbon on a 6.3:1 Duckett Fishing 360R. The fishing technique is easier for anglers who are familiar with working with any other jig. a stout gear comes in handy when retrieving a big one from down below.

Natural finish

The beauty of this flutter spoon lies in its unique natural finish that produces the natural look and feel. The paint job and chrome finishes make the illusion of a true fish come to life inside the water in conjunction with the swift action.

There might not be too many people, at your regular fishing ground throwing these and therefore the bass will be much thrilled to bite on this new fish.

Premium handmade products

Nicholes has the advantage of being able to get in touch with their small community of anglers to understand what works best out in the waters and how to refine the absolute best gear for fishing with a difference.  as a result, the company has been able to draw quite some attention and among its best sellers for the year is the Fork flutter Spoon.

The bad

Even as the spooning technique catches on, the Nicholes products remain among the best spoons to cast with lightning speed and easy retrieve. The best part is that the lure is available in more than five different finishes and all of them flutter nicely and convincing. just the same, there are people who find this product expensive and would rather for the cheap knock-offs that you will find as the staple in many sport fishing curios.

Final thoughts on Nichols Lures Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

When it comes to deep water large bass catching offshore, there are very few professional baits that can match the agility and effectiveness of the larger spoons like this flutter spoon. In reality, no other bait has been more productive over the last couple of years than the Nichols Lures Lake Fork Flutter Spoon.

This spoon makes a good value for money buy for anglers who like to keep their boxes tidy and stick to a few proven charms that will make the day good in all weather.