NameCheap Review: Know Everything About It From Pros & Cons To Comparisons With Others

NameCheap is an independent domain registrar found in 2000. They have earned a reputation in the web hosting business with their excellent services. Registered with ICANN, the web hosting company have grown to provide additional value-added services in web hosting. NameCheap WordPress hosting has benefited bloggers who want to increase their audience without worry about maintaining a complex web server.

In this article, we give you the NameCheap hosting review 2018 to understand whether it is the right fit for you.

NameCheap Services:

NameCheap provides three services – Domains, Databases and Disk Space. This enables you to host websites and other technologies in their server. The hosting server servers the web files to anyone who search for it using the domain name. With NameCheap, one can host multiple websites. Each website will have a different domain name. The company supports the industry-leading databases from both Windows and Linux.

NameCheap brand value

NameCheap has come out as a sole winner in the web hosting space. The company is one of the rare independent web hosting company. When compared to large corporations, NameCheap benefits from the size. While they are a small company, they have the agility to serve customer needs in a better way. They take time to understand customer needs and give the best solutions for web hosting. NameCheap has created a brand value on the basis of excellent customer service. They are known for their transparent pricing, and their brand value is reliable in this notoriously confusing industry.

Most customers generally get lost in the technology jargons and choose a suboptimal web hosting solution. But that’s not the case with NameCheap. Customers are guaranteed to get the best deals for their business. Also, NameCheap is an active donor in the cause of internet security and freedom. The company’s services are secure in comparison to other vendors. They are one of the members of Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the that are tasked with evolving the future of the internet safely and responsibly. This shows that NameCheap has a robust culture and are trustworthy. Customers are taking into account this fact while choosing the company.

On-boarding and account management

Like with most new technologies, signing up and getting the services running can be a daunting task. Most companies focus on the technology part and do not give due attention to the customer on-boarding process. But NameCheap is not like that. The company has one of the easiest sign-up processes with minimal issues. It understands that complicated on-boarding process is one of the major deterrents for customers. That’s why it has made the signup process easier. When you sign up for the services, the webpage takes you to a short tutorial page in which you get to learn the basics of web hosting and what you need to do in order to get your website up and running. This saves a lot of pain for the customer, and they can get on with their business management from the dashboard.

Once you have signed up for the web hosting services, NameCheap sends a welcome mail with the link to your account. They also attach a series of links to the training resources from which you can learn whatever is required. The email from them is simple and minimalistic. There are no attempts to upsell services or advertising that are plain annoying. This shows that the company is really focused on customer satisfaction.

Account management is easier with a central dashboard that has a clean design and enables customers to find services right where they want them. It is easy to use, and no training is needed for managing your account. You can pay your monthly fees right from the dashboard without any hassle.

NameCheap vs. GoDaddy

NameCheap has better hosting services than GoDaddy as it provides free whois protection. NameCheap review from various customers has ascertained this fact. NameCheap hosting offers email, website builder, and excellent customer support. Bloggers can rely on the 24-hour support provided by their customer service.

They also offer lots of hosting tools to build a website right from scratch. The best part is that the tools are free of cost. From site builders to website analytics, NameCheap has it all. This gives a comprehensive service to customers as they need not run around to find compatible services in analytics, maintenance. It is all available to them under one roof.

NameCheap vs. Bluehost

NameCheap beats out Bluehost in just about all parameters. One of the significant attractive points is that NameCheap is easier to set up and takes less time to become up and running. This ensures that webmasters do not have significant workload when it comes to setting up the platform. They give a free NameCheap WordPress installation software that installs faster and cleanly. There are no add-ons or themes that might slow down your website.

NameCheap vs. Google domain

While some customers go to Google domain because of its quality, they find that it is not affordable to them in the long run. NameCheap is the only web hosting company that provides services at a cheap cost. This enables the bloggers to maintain a high-quality, responsive website at affordable prices. The hosting services from NameCheap are secure, reliable and can be afforded at $2.88 per month. In comparison to the Google domain which is costlier, with NameCheap customers can run their websites for longer periods of time without denting their pockets.

NameCheap vs. Hostgator

NameCheap is one of those companies that take security seriously. NameCheap fares much better than Hostgator when it comes to security as they provide free whois protection for customers. Whois protection is important as it enables the webmaster to keep the private information safe. With this protection, the website is prone to cyber attacks and hacking. If customer data is hacked from the website, it can close down the entire businesses. Therefore NameCheap is a better option than Hostgator.

NameCheap vs. Inmotion

NameCheap is much better than Inmotion as it is cheaper and more affordable. NameCheap provides a lot more services such as email client, money back guarantee, extensive support for setting up the website. It performs far better than Inmotion in these parameters. The services from Inmotion are not as good as NameCheap. The domain names offered by NameCheap has more variety in comparison to Inmotion. With just $0.48, it is possible to own a domain with NameCheap.

The company has come up with attractive discounts, and incentives for customers such as NameCheap shared hosting coupon. With the help of this, customers can get discounts on their first purchase. NameCheap login can be obtained easily for trial purposes free of cost.

NameCheap domain prices are far lower than that of the market. The consultants from NameCheap helps in selecting the right shared hosting services based on budget, business goals, expertise, and experience.

NameCheap hosting review Reddit says that the company’s services are reliable and an excellent value for money. NameCheap reviews CNET have lauded the company’s technology as it makes setting up a website an easy task. Many customers acknowledge that NameCheap services are easy to operate and maintain. It is a miracle that NameCheap has been able to provide such excellent services at a low cost. There are varieties of plans that are available with NameCheap. Customers can pick and choose the right one for their needs after analyzing the price plans.

NameCheap also offers bonus features to give the best benefits to customers. Customers can choose either the U.S or U.K data center while signing up. This provides flexibility and customization options specific to the country. For businesses who are servicing customers in the U.K, it is preferable to have the website hosting in that country. NameCheap also performs weekly backups of the data, so there is no worry of data getting lost. Customers can also do their own backups from the platform. The best part is that these backups are free of cost and does not cost the customer.

NameCheap easywp review

NameCheap has recently launched a service called easyWP. While the service has received initial enthusiasm from customers, that has faded off. This is because the service does not come with an add-on domain option. It means that if you have multiple domains, it is not possible to manage them in an integrated way with NameCheap easywp. The service is not that good. While we hope that the company will fix the issues over time, it is not advisable to go for this service at this time.


Overall, if you are looking for a decent web hosting and domain registration services that are excellent in technology and at the same time affordable to you in the long run, then NameCheap is the one for you. Flexibility, reliability and cheap cost, you name it, NameCheap has got it all. It is rare to get all these features easily in one place. Try NameCheap and find out whether it is the right fit for you.


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