Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait Review

The Megabass Vision 110 is a one premium fishing lure for bass fishing that finds application in nearly all water bodies from streams to lakes and ponds. This bait is widely considered by leading anglers around the world as the favorite jerk baiting lure that never disappoints. The lure rose to fame after winning many fishing tournaments and with large and smallmouth to show for every catch.

There are several commonly experienced problems that make jerk baiting difficult for beginners and experienced anglers too. The Megabass Vision 110 is made to solve the weight balancing issue making the bait super easy to suspend correctly. Other cheap baits will take forever to position and cause unnecessary noise which could scare off fish.

Over the years, the Megabass Vision 110 has proven to be one indispensable lure to have on your car or boat before heading out for any fishing expedition. The lure features a unique and convincing darting action that leaves the hunger of large and small fish lit like fireworks.

Features of the Megabass Vision 110

  • Convincing darting action
  • Lifelike colors and flash
  • Multiway-moving balancing system
  • Three Katsauge out-barb treble hooks

This lure comes in realistic color patterns variations that make it come alive instantaneously at least for the fish with their blurry vision. Incidentally, also the makers of this bait made sure to include the proprietary new multi-way balancer. The tungsten balancer moves in order to cast the lure like an arrow and produce that commotion that draws much-needed attention generating amazing instant strikes.

Ideal sizes

The Megabass Vision 110 is shipping in ideal sizes at 4 1/3” of length that makes the lure much life like taking after many forage fishes that bigger fish love to have for brunch. This bait is much like the famous Squarebill 110, the Ito Shiner and even the Ito vision 110 Tour FX Premium. It is however considered by many anglers as the staple of the category being able to manage a good catch under the most disturbing conditions.

Easy to throw

When you have fished with other jerk baits like the Ito Vision 110 since its ascent into the market then you understand their allure especially back in the day when they were in the limited edition phase. The Megabass Vision 110 makes an even better lure for much less with more action and easier strikes for veterans and newbies alike.

Exciting action

There is no shortage of jerk baits currently flooding the lure market but there is only a handful of these that can actually perform the same action as the Megabass Vision 110. There are cheap knockoffs everywhere claiming to be replicas of this lure which should go a long way in convincing any doubting newbies that this lure is worth faking.

Internal balancer

The unique balancing system makes this bait upright at all times and also the rattle that makes it more realistic and life-like.  The correct move is the jerk-jerk retrieve that simulates a scenario whereby the baitfish is actually running away. They say that the thrill is in the chase and that seems to be truer for the fish world too.

Stays in the strike zone

The Megabass Vision 110 stays in the strike zone for longer and can be set correctly regardless of the turmoil caused by the wind and the mounting pressure. The balancer also helps that the lure comes in more lifelike colors and patterns

Beyond the castability of the lure, the perfect posture also comes with up and down darting capability so that the lure remains in the strike zone for longer.

Does not break easily

There are complaints that many of the cheap kinds of lures have lips that break away with every hit and lures getting lost in the rocks. It’s not like you are going to use the Megabass Vision 110 as a dep diver for bottom bass but hey, who knows someday it might feel like the ideal thing to do. You can snatch the through weeds and occasionally bounce them off hard targets.

You can take off the katsauge hooks if you like even though they work just fine and try the standard no 5s in their place or even the triple grip thin wire hooks if they are what you like. The Katsauge hooks work just fine but every angler has their own preferences with it comes to hook thickness and preference and this customizable feature of the Megabass Vision 110 is to like.

Optimal sinking

Perhaps the optimal depth depends on the lake o water body of interest but you will find that the 14-18 feet range is the sweet spot for clear calm lake waters. You don’t want your lure to sink like a rock but instead dart and then die and sink slowly as if life were quickly escaping its body.

The bad

The Megabass Vision 110 has been reviewed negatively by the users for lips that broke away. The brand has since to the best of our knowledge strived to produce even stronger clad lures with a thicker skin and chip-resistant finish. It’s a delicate balance though because when you want high performance, you want a lure that is light for maximum movement. The in-thing here is to take care of these babies and know their worth. On the plus side, it forces anglers to throw their lures more respectfully and as though they know they actually want to catch something.

Final thoughts on the Megabass Vision 110

The lure as we have seen is a premium high-end performing bait that can perform at the most extreme setting. Anglers must understand that the swiftest sports car is not built for smashing into stationary objects. For some of the leading anglers in the world, this bait is literary worth millions and a must-have for their box when going out for a serious fishing experience.

For the cooler months of the year and ever cold waters, the Megabass Vision 110 lure will do well with the standard jerkbait issue. This entails the typical double-rip, short-pause, and another short rip and a long pause. The pause can be as long as 30 seconds but preferably shorter.

The color should be correctly matched to the water clarity for optimal results.