Marzia Bisognin, aka Cutiepie leaving YouTube for good

In terms of YouTubers who seem to be taking over the internet one person at a time, you would be able to find no end to it. However, none would be as popular as Marzia Bisognin, also known as Cutie. Known for her quirky personality and the amazing videos that she seems to put up, she has definitely created a mass fan following for herself. Her journey started off with discovering Felix’s gaming platform way back in 2012. After just a few months of courtship, she moved from Sweden to start living with him. that just goes on to show how dedicated and serious she was in her relationship. Other than that, she would also be one of those few rare individuals who seem to have shown a glimpse in to her personal life. She showed all her the fans the journey of her relationship with Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie.

However, the sad news is that she has recently announced her exit from Cutiepie YouTube which seems to have sent all her fans in a state of shock. While a lot of people might be thinking of this to be a hoax, she herself has given a personal statement that she would be leaving the platform for real and for good. On the other hand, it would also not come as a surprise because in her channel, she has often talked about her feelings, the complications that she faces, and also the difficulties that she has to go through in order to make content for her viewers.

Cutie and PewDiePie were seen as one of the most well-liked and powerful couples on the platform of YouTube. While she has definitely shown her magic on this platform for the past seven years, she is definitely ready to move on to something new.

In her words, “This might seem sudden to some of you, but it’s something I’ve known for a long time. I’ve struggled with finding a reason to keep going. I didn’t know how to talk to you about it. I just had to open up and let you know how I’m feeling.”

Known to be the introverted and shy type, starting her own channel was definitely considered to be daunting. This is because she had absolutely no idea about the things to talk about, how to connect with her viewers, and keep them immersed. But with a bit of help from her loving and supportive partner, she definitely made ground for herself and made a mark. However, it was after that the popularity of PewDiePie blew up. It was that point that she felt of herself to be a fraud. In her opinion, she was living someone else’s life and invading another person’s space. With life being so short, she did not want to continue doing something which she did not enjoy and did not feel that her heart was in it. It was for this reason that she took the heart-wrenching decision of leaving YouTube.

Even though cutie pie Marzia has lived some of the best moments of her life through her channel, it would now be high time to bid goodbye and look for new beginnings.


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