Malone Top Tier Utility Trailer Cross Bar Review

With the help of a utility trailer cross bar system on your kayak trailer, you would be able to increase the workload or the overload like never that you have imagined before. This is because on long hauls and tiring journeys, it sometimes becomes slightly difficult to get all the things transported at once. So even though you might be trying your level best to cut down on costs, you are just not being able to do that. But now, thanks to the utility trailer cross bar system from Malone, you would find all your problems to be solved. The fact that it is also top rated should also speak volumes about its credibility.

Increase the capacity of the utility trailer payload

In this kayak trailer for sale, you would be able to get the opportunity of significantly increasing the capacity. This is something which would come to be quite handy particularly when travelling long distances. Also, with the help of this solution, you would no longer have to invest in the purchase of additional equipment to increase the capacity or payload.

Easy installation in Malone utility trailer cross bar system review

While it might look slightly intimidating and complex in pictures, you would find that this utility trailer cross bar system is actually pretty easy to install. With the help of the clear and detailed instructions manual, you would have no trouble in setting up the whole thing. The steel cross bars and uprights also help in increasing the overall durability of the cross bar system.

A great solution for transportation of kayaks and canoes

The whole point of purchasing kayak trailers would be that you could easily transport them from one place to another. This is because while outdoor trips might be your passion, you just do not want to undertake the additional hassle of bearing all this weight. So, thanks to this utility cross bar system from Malone, you would find all your weight problems to be solved.


  • A solid piece of work for the transportation of kayaks and canoes
  • The cross bars helps in adding that extra weight and support
  • Very easy to install
  • Comes with a great rack


  • No such drawbacks have been found in this kayak trailer

Final words

Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal utility trailer cross bar system, this one from Malone would seem like the ideal choice.