Magic Page Plugin Review: Make money with mass page wordpress site

These days building a website is not a big deal, especially for those looking for “How to start a local lead generation business”, because WordPress gives them the most accessible platform to build websites. In WordPress, you will get a lot of plugins dealing with local business lead generation system, helping you in efficiently developing your website with an impressive layout.

If we talk about the process of page creation, it is a simple procedure due to the plugins present in the WordPress plugins section. Many searchers of the question “How to start a local lead generation business” have installed the Magic page plugin for their websites. They feel that it is an excellent tool for creating the pages on the website. In this blog, we will discuss the reviews of Magic page plugin as well as its advantages & features. So, keep reading!

First of all, let’s talk about why reviews are so important for a business/product/service/ individual:

  1. Helps in understanding the services of the product better.
  2. Helps in getting doubts cleared.
  3. Helps in having the information about what others are thinking about the services or product.
  4. Helps in checking the advantages as well as disadvantages of the product.
  5. Reviews help in building trust on particular services or the product provider.
  6. Reviews are helpful in getting information on How to start a local lead generation business.

Here are top-most reviews or the benefits of the Magic page plugin:

Training is provided: Since there are many plugins like source flood available online but they can’t beat the Magic Page plugin. Since it works upon the principle of the lead generation business model and often acts as a bulk page creator, but the thing is they cannot provide proper training to their users, which we believe is quite important.

From the official website of the Magic Page plugin, you can have the training for using the plugin which will automatically save your precious time and will make your work easier.

Easy to Install: Perhaps, there are many plugins like source flood that follow the strategy of the lead generation business model available on the WordPress store, but the plugin namely Magic page is the easiest one to use and install. Even though, you can also get the tutorial videos for the process of installation from its official website too.

Built-in Feature: For the SEO point of view, a website must have which help the website in building its credibility along with getting a higher position on the Google search results. The feature of the helps in providing Google the architecture of the website as well as all the necessary information regarding the website in a more profound way.

Beneficial for the local businesses: For those business owners or the website owner, who wants to target customers locally and searches to download source flood, Magic page plugin is very beneficial. They can easily select the location of the business and can enter the details of the exact location of the business with it.

Compatible with the normal hosting: WordPress users are many who searches for the plugins which are compatible with their hosting, but they find it very difficult, especially with source flood. For Magic page plugin users, its easier to generate leads for local business. It is easy to run this plugin with the normal hosting, and one can easily create millions of pages within a matter of seconds.

Seo Friendly Plugin: It is challenging for the website developer to search for the plugins like source flood or workhourse plugin which are SEO friendly. The Plugin for the magic page creator is the right option for them since it has the feature of WordPress automatic page creation, sitemap creation, schemas creation, easy to rank the website on SERP, completely safe and secure, etc.

Multiple Location Targeting: There are many companies which are working from multiple locations. For them, the function of multiple location targeting is very much beneficial because they can select various locations from the sidebar and can enter the details of the radius for all the locations.

Different map for different pages: Unlike workhourse plugin, this is a significant advantage of using the magic page plugin. You can use the map on various pages of the website.

Money saving deals: If you want to save your money and want to purchase the Magic page plugin, then you can easily avail the deal. The deals are different for different locations, and the prices can also be different which you can check on its official website.

Bulk Post Creator: For a blogging website or an e-commerce website where the creation of multiple pages is required, bulk post creator WordPress or the mass page creator WordPress can be used.

Very Simple to Configure: In case, you are not techy, then also you can take advantage of the magic page plugin since its configuration process is quite simple.

Makes Engagement easy: With the help of magic page, you get access to use the feature of Facebook, i.e., open graph, which will automatically get added to your website. It will help you in having a better engagement with your customers or clients through Facebook. We believe that this will benefit those website owners who want to promote their website on Facebook or other social media platforms.

For Twitter, a feature of the Twitter card will also get added to your website enabling the ease to share tweets.

Secure: Website owner always search for the plugin which is secure, and that cannot harm their website. The Magic page plugin is highly secure and doesn’t cause any harm to the site.

Internal Linking is Easy: he benefit of using the Magic page or bulk page creator WordPress is that it becomes easier for the website owner to create internal links on their website. This technique is beneficial for SEO ( search engine optimization), helps the user in getting brief information regarding the site as well as improves the bounce rate of the website.

What the customers of Magic Page say about this plugin?

After the previous discussion, if you have made your mind regarding the purchase of the magic page, then just grab the deal today. But, in case you are yet not prepared, then have a look at what other users are saying about the services or the features of the magic page.

  • The best support provider in terms of its services.
  • The customer service of the local business lead generation system provided by the team is fantastic.
  • The facilities are superior.
  • The plugin is so pretty easy to install and use
  • This plugin is easy to use to improve the online presence of the business at multiple locations. It also improves the functionality of the website using the technique of the local business lead generation system.
  • One of the magic page plugin reviews states that after using this plugin, the user feels that the interface of his website has been improved a lot.
  • The users believe that after using the mass page creator WordPress, they do not need to work on the SEO so much because this mass page creator automatically adjusts the schemas, sitemap and other vital things needed for on-page SEO.
  • Another user has posted that after using the bulk page creator WordPress or magic page plugin the indexing of their webpage becomes easy as well as fast than before.
  • Another review states that the site owner has created the website having around 160 pages in the time interval of 24 hours which is unbelievable.
  • The users have posted on the website of WordPress automatic page creation that after downloading this, they automatically get the guidance regarding how to use the plugin, how to install the plugin and how to create the pages quickly.
  • People using bulk post creator WordPress or magic page plugin posted that with the help of this, their local lead generation has been increased a lot. Even the support system provided by the company is amazing, the technical support team has resolved their problem related to how to generate leads for local business in minutes. You even get an online chat facility.

User Rating: Users have given Magic Page plugin a rating of  5 out of 5.


We hope you have got all the necessary information regarding the Magic page plugin and you will definitely take advantage of this plugin. Because in today’s era of internet, it is critical to design a website without investing a lot of your time, that’s why the users widely use this plugin.

Magic page plugin is the best option for them since it helps them in effectively utilizing their time and helps in making the process of website designing and development easy.

If you have started using the Magic Page plugin, then rate this today and share your experience so, that everyone can become aware of its services. Just add or post your magic page plugin review today!


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