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LinkedIn has grown to be a massive platform over the years for professionals to connect with each other. This has caught the interest of Business to Business (B2B) marketers as the potential platform for raising the awareness of their products and services. LinkedIn has nearly 500 million professionals from 250 countries in the world. Therefore it is a tremendous opportunity for B2B marketers to reach a large audience. However, LinkedIn does not have special tools for marketers to leverage this audience. Messaging needs to be sent to profiles one by one which makes marketing efforts insurmountable, thus comes Leonard.



Leonard is a LinkedIn extension software that can automate your marketing efforts on the professional social media platform LinkedIn. For a digital marketer, Leonard is a fantastic LinkedIn automation software enabling them to automate all the daily tasks right from messaging, connecting, finding prospects and generating leads. This tool has helped marketers to derive 10% value from their marketing efforts at the minimum time. In this Leonard review,  we will look at the features that make this tool valuable for digital marketers.

Leonard is the automated linked software that works seamlessly with LinkedIn. The fundamental principle of growing your networks relies on your ability to look at various profiles and send them messages. Leonard, LinkedIn lead generation software helps you to do it at scale. You can search and filter the profiles based on keywords such as company size, industry, location and the type of relationship (1st degree, 2nd degree or 3rd degree). It automates LinkedIn connections and helps marketers build professional networks for their business purposes.

The free LinkedIn automation tools help in sending dozens of personalized invitation messages within seconds. Leonard is easy to use automation bot tailor-made for sales, lead generation and marketing your products. Leonard has advanced Artificial Intelligence programs that understand your target audience and send them personalized messages. It performs tasks as you would expect. It has one of the best LinkedIn automation tools available for marketers.

Use of Leonard

With the help of Leonard chrome extension, you can:

  • Send automated bulk messages through LinkedIn messaging software to your first connections. It enables you to reach more connections within a short period of time
  • View people profiles automatically and get them interested in connecting to you. This happens because you will appear in their “who viewed my page” option and they may want to connect with you
  • Create dedicated messaging campaigns to profiles LinkedIn has and reach out to a large audience
  • Leonard LinkedIn lets you build your network organically

Meet Leonard LinkedIn review has been positive from various reviewers. This is valuable to get connected to the network and expand it. Engaging new prospective clients has never been easier. The software has a dedicated CRM module that enables you to stay in touch with your first connections by sending them automatic messages. The sales navigator option allows you to search for results on the basis of keywords. Meet Leonard chrome extension makes the Linkedin search for profiles easier. The company has tutorials that explain how to prospect using LinkedIn automation tools. This gives the digital marketers a head start compared to other tool users.

The tool has a dedicated CRM window that gives you statistics related to the number of messages used, amount of auto invites done etc. from the dashboard, it is possible to manage invitation requests, create new customized messages for prospects based on their profile, send them to follow up messages, create tags and posts for your audience. The tool also allows you to send in Mail to people who are not yet in your network. This gives you a chance to increase your network size beyond your three degrees of connection. This platform increases the discoverability of your profile in the noisy social media and does it at a minimal cost.

With Leonard chrome extension, product marketers can build awareness of their products and services by automatically visiting the profile of various prospects and indicating them of the available services. This will get them interested in visiting your profile and getting added to your network. The integrated dashboard helps in managing your contacts. The analytics tools available help in understanding the behavior of the prospects and create strategies that help in increasing the sales automatically.

Meet Leonard pricing

Meet Leonard appsumo is priced at $49 per year for the standard package and $99 for the premium package. It includes an auto invite to 100 prospects, 400+ auto profile visits, personalized bulk messages of about 300.


Meet Leonard chrome extension is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools to build and grow your network organically. The pricing for this chrome extension is less, and it is worth every penny. It is a must-have tool for the marketers to increase the scale of their reach.


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