Our Honest Jungle Scout Review incl webapp Extension and Jungle Scout Free

Are you planning to sell on amazon? If so, there are a number of basics you have to get right the first time if you want to be successful in your venture. One of these basic things you have to ponder over is knowing what you have the best shot selling. Selling on amazon is a jungle that you can only navigate with the help of a scout like jungle scout to steer clear of low priced competitor flooded markets that burry sellers in search results.

What is jungle scout?

If you are wondering what this software is, you are still on the right page. This product is a web based ecommerce marketing tool that helps sellers make the best decisions for optimally selling items to stock up for sale on Amazon. Jungle scout does as the name suggests, scouts for best-selling low competition items that can make some good cash selling online on Amazon.

The scope of this review

In this jungle scout review we examine the dynamics of the software package and what desirable about its principle of operation. This is all the information you need to know about the dos and don’ts of using jungle scout for your Amazon FBA business.  There is a reason why most people are talking about jungle scout as though it were the conventional gold standard of all other Amazon research and analysis tools are judged. That is probably because it is.

Why do you need to do product research and why you need jungle scout?

Having unique products and solutions is often not enough for ecommerce because then you find that not that many people are seeking your preferred products. The key is picking items that sell faster but are not too Nichey. For that purpose, you need a stats analyzer that can help you determine what sells profitably on Amazon.

Just how large is “the Amazon?”

To understand just how large the Amazon ecommerce giant is, consider that it owns more than half of the total ecommerce sales last year. Amazon wooed in a staggering 142 billion US dollars in the year 2018 with the last quarter alone accounting for 31% of all sales for the years. The trend is upward and this figure is expected to rise over the coming years.

Even with the large volume of sales, you still wonder what percentages of items are sold by third party sellers like yourself. This constitutes a majority of the items with slightly more than 50% of the total sales being from third-party sellers in most years.

Selling on Amazon

If you are an inventor and you would like to put your amazing new line of products out there, you will be glad that this comes today and not about a decade or two ago. Rather than begging and pitching to buyers from the likes of Wal-Mart and Bedbath you can rely on these lighting fast digital marketing tools save time to make your brand better and pretty much something you love doing.

While shelf space on virtual stores is much easier to acquire than traditional stores, emerging from search results on the king on e-commerce is no easy task. This is why we dedicated this article to not only discuss jungle scout review but also explain what a good product to sell on amazon entails.

How to do amazon product research

Many people ask what makes a good investment in eCommerce and specifically how do you pick the best items to stock up? Well, you could have the next electric bulb or even re-invent the wheel but we will not buy it simply because nobody needs it yet. That is to say that you should generally steer clear of too specialized items that people rarely buy.

Find niches that are not saturated

On the other hand, your niche needs not to be saturated with offers some of which are far below what you intend as your selling price. Buyers are able to filter through search results by cost and not surprisingly people tend to take out a low-quality low priced items compared to high-quality pricey ones that serve a similar purpose.


As you get into this, you need to understand that Amazon is a very competitive place to sell products that also present sellers with a golden chance to make some good cash. Sometimes it’s hard to break into the market where there are competitive niches even with the help of marketing tools.

Finding consistent demand

You also want to go with a product that has a consistent demand pattern, so that you are not getting in on the action that is already dying down for good. You can also take advantage of seasonal demands though making sure not to overstock so that too much of your inventory remains in hand.  There are even instances when something is really popular in other markets but almost no one is buying it on Amazon. You need to be triple sure that people are actually buying the same on Amazon and that the trend is looking promising. The jungle scout sales estimator feature is specifically built to handle this problem.

The unique benefit

If you really do want to have the winning best-seller, you still need to be innovative enough to create an unfair advantage over other sellers in your category. There needs to be a clear advantage of buying from you as compared to the competition. At the very least a free gift should do the trick and avoid being a copy cut product as is common among sellers on platforms such as this. You will be surprised to learn that people are actually not against paying more for the same product if they feel assured of an additional benefit and guaranteed quality. So price wars are not all that effective except in eating away your profits.

While you can get a lot of insights from jungle scout, it is just your virtual assistant bean counter. Bean counting is an important but uniqueness is a personal effort. Your brand must stand out at all costs.

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How jungle scout works

Product research software is keen on monitoring the products that are retailing on Amazon to determine which ones can be the most profitable selling on the same platform. This works because Amazon wants to help sellers make informed choices on which products to stock up especially. They do this by providing a seller rank on each item that you view on amazon. The problem is that a manual hunt is tedious and inaccurate.

With these numbers, the software can estimate the daily quantity of sales per item and plot a graph over a given period of time. The advantage that jungle scouts has over other apps that do a similar operation is the accuracy and verification of the sales for each item. The software does this with the help of the tracking feature that can follow the sales on each item over a longer period of time.

The other half of the equation that correctly represents the operation of Jungle Scout is the product database. Together, the database and jungle scout product tracker make the two major components of the software which can only be accessed through the extension or the web based application that you purchase.

The Niche Hunter Filter Options

Basically, the niche hunter and jungle scout product tracker options are unlocked for more items when you decide to upgrade to the business and standard plans. The niche hunter makes a great tool for making the most of your time when research products to sell on amazon. Because amazon in infinitely large, you will find the products and niche filter very useful when you are interesting in listing products only in a specific category. You can also filter niche by average units sold, competitiveness, and average price per item and opportunity scores among others.

Average price

This filter provides the mean selling price for the top ten listings for each item that you are interested in selling. Price is an important because it influences the sales and also total amount of money you will have to invest to keep the item in stock.

Opportunity score

An opportunity score like the aggregate score of an item on three qualities, demand, competition and listing quality. Generally, the higher the opportunity score the more viable an item is for investment. A lower score could mean that you have chosen a keyword that has high competition,

Listing quality

The parameter LQS is yet another terminology that you will become familiar with when researching products to sell on Amazon with this amazing software. It refers to the quality of a listing as worked out by a special in-house algorithm run by jungle scout.  This is the feature that makes it possible for sellers to find a niche whose listing leave room for optimization. The listing quality checks out some important details about the listing such as keyword relevance, photos, presentation of content and the overall outlook of the listing. Listings with smaller LQs are of low quality while the highest values are between 8 to 10

The other good feature you will love about using jungle scout in your product research is that you can always save presents in filters when you need to stop your search and resume much later. You can pick up the search right where you left off when something more urgent and important comes up. To get your presets in Niche Hunter, you will need to use the load filter button which you can locate at the

Pricing review for jungle scout software

Buying the jungle scout software can feel a little odd because you sort of have to choose between the extension and the web based application. If you want to enjoy both functionalities then you have to buy both because they are treated as different products. However, they still give you a fair discount if you decide to pay annually for your app.

When it comes to pricing, this software is one of the most competitively priced service giving users value for money. We say this because users subscribe to a number of add-on features as they please. The two main variant are the web app and the extension. To get the extension, users opt to pay a one-time fee of $97 or $197 to unlock the features that they like to use. As for the earlier option of web apps the cost ranges from $39 to $99 monthly.

Jungle scout web application users get to choose from entrepreneur, growing business and high volume sellers for $39, $69, $99 monthly respectively. If you decide to pay annually you get to save a considerable amount of money. For instance the cost of taking out the high volume seller plan comes down by nearly half the monthly subscription fee when you pay for the whole year.

On its part, the extension comes in two forms namely, lite and pro versions. These two are to paid for one time fees for a lifetime of access. When you decide to upgrade to the pro version, you unlock new levels of functionality including the fee estimator and profit calculator.

Considering the quality of results and detail that you get with jungle scout app, most users feel that they get value for money with this option compared to other software. Frankly, one has no business talking about finding the right niches on Amazon without the use of a research tool like this one. Fortunately, this web-based software has the fastest and most formidably accurate proprietary algorithm for finding the golden geese of Amazon markets.

Which jungle scout to buy?

You might be wondering which of the plans available for the web-based application is best. When you are just starting out, the entrepreneur package will do just fine. It is equipped with all the functionality you need for the startup eCommerce business. Understanding the differences between the startup plan and other plans is key to making the most informed purchase decision to avoid missing out on functionality you need or having to purchase again.

Pro versus lite versions?

You can choose to have the jungle scout chrome extension or the web app. The app more rigid obviously but the extension is able to provide timely stats when you search amazon. The detail is similar so that you are not at a loss when you choose to use the lighter browser extension, after all the whole engine is cloud-based.

While you can easily and comfortably go with the lowest tier of the software package, paying the extra 100$ is a worthy investment to unlock full functionality taking out all the whistles. You need all the whistles out especially when you are just starting out and your options are wide. With the niche hunter available from the middle tier in the app version you can find niches that you would otherwise miss and which can be critical to your success.

Jungle scout will help you avoid picking slow-selling and costly items that can leave you with a boatload of unsold inventory leading to losses. Once you are in a position to pick the right products for Amazon you will be well on your way to great success and a huge financial upside.

Money back guarantee

The money back guarantee which comes in form as a 14 day refund policy makes sure that you get value for your money and serves the purpose of trial period. With nothing more to lose, there is no reason you should not try this amazing software right away.

For the above reasons, you will most likely find Jungle scout as useful and essential for beginners and experienced Amazon sellers alike. If you make jungle scout your virtual assistant today, you will reap the full benefits.

The negatives

Time now for some shortcomings and there aren’t that many except that the software does not have a completely free trial version. There are applications for which jungle scout will not be the most suitable BI tool. It works best for Amazon.

In short, this software is great but it might not be what you are looking for so here is a brief comparison with AmaSuite and Viral Launch packages.

Jungle scout alternatives

People often wonder whether there are any suitable replacements for jungle scout. We often get requests for jungle scout vs AmaSuite or say jungle scout vs viral launch reviews.  Well, with the package itself you will only have two variants that is the browser extension and the web-based application. That doesn’t mean that there are no other apps that work in a similar way. This app is unlike any other when it comes to delivering accurate projections for sales per item on Amazon. Above all, you get to understand the ranking opportunity which is what mostly influences sales and profit on the eCommerce platform.

It’s the combination of fantastic software and real-time customer support that make JS a great option of everyone especially newbie sellers. So if you are still undecided whether or not you even need the software package in the first place, be advised that it draws the line between success and failure with e-commerce. Mind you, I am not impossible to find gold without a metal detector but it is that close. It’s akin to finding the proverbial needle in a stack of needles.


Jungle scout vs AmaSuite

We have discussed the features and pricing of jungle scout already and so let us now examine highlights of the same for AmaSuite and viral launch before arriving at our final verdict.

AmaSuite will cost you $197 and they have a flexible installment payment plan where you pay $67 four times. The level of support is also good and users report solid live support features on the AmaSuite website.

The downside of AmaSuite is that it is inaccurate and undependable for overseas sales and the facebook integrated features hardly work on AmaSuite  5. However, the company promises new updates over the coming period having seen five major upgrades since its inception.

Compared to jungle scout, AmaSuite is the pricier option because the lowest tier for the earlier begins at $29. Also, the total price of $197 or $268 in four installments is much higher the cost of taking out the pro version of the chrome extension of jungle scout.

Overall, JS is the cheaper and most relied upon the software for product research. It is kind on your wallet and does not prove scientific to use.

Jungle scout vs Viral Launch

Jungle scout and viral launch are tow equally amazing pieces of software by their own rights. The problem is that although many people wish to compare the two, they are for slightly different stuff. You will find that the functionalities of the two apps overlap slightly because viral launch gives the same if not more accurate sales data on some items.

For better results, people have often combined the power of both software to get more accurate data on each niche. The better app depends on the tier of the jangle scout software that you have unlocked.

Final verdict

Like most ventures, picking the right niche for your online and offline business will hugely determine your success. This software does come with the full suite of requirements for anyone fishing for the best products to sell and to evaluate their performance. The ability to peer into every amazon venture and understand the details in predictive data for each item can help you to avoid wasting time and money on the wrong products.

There is no such a thing as a sure bet when it comes to putting your amazing new products out there and hoping for a winner but business intelligence apps like this one increase your odds of success considerably. It pays to research products before embarking on your online business venture and surely this package will save you money and valuable time.


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