Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? A Real Overview

With unemployment rates soaring and bills increasing just as fast, many people are looking for a way to fill the gaps in their budget. Sites such as wealthy affiliate seem to offer an answer to the eternal problem of having more bills than money with their promise of easy money on the internet. But how effective is this site in fulfilling their promises? It is an online community membership site founded in 2005 by two online marketers Carson and Kyle. Someone uniting with other members of the same mind, in terms of obtaining and having unlimited legitimate wealth.

A Wealthy Affiliate Review

A review of the pros and cons of WA can help yo u to see whether or not it is worth your time and effort to join. In order to write an honest, helpful the review, it is necessary to look at both the disadvantages and the advantages of the program.

The Disadvantage

Questions Not Answered – There have been occasions when members have asked questions in the forum, and they have not been answered. You can always rewrite your question, making it more specific, and post it again.

The Amazing Advantages

This Wealthy Affiliate review would not be complete without recognizing the tremendous advantages of this online company.

Individual Support – Each member has the opportunity to ask the owners, Kyle and Carson, questions concerning the application of the material being taught. Other members are, also, available to answer specific questions on the forum.

Excellent Teaching Resource – The monthly price includes all of the material you need to succeed in your online business. You will never need to purchase additional material.

Up to Date – Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, have made it a habit to keep their materials up-to-date. Technology is constantly evolving, and you will not be left behind.

As you can see by this review, the advantages of this program far outweigh the disadvantages. No program is perfect, but the opportunity to work in your home, make a decent living and be able to spend quality time daily with your family makes the Wealthy Affiliate study program a worthwhile choice.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Any program with mandatory membership fees may mean it’s a scam, although I can think of loads of business that do it that way but are definitely not scams. But it is a good idea to give people a free test drive first, or at the very least, money back guarantees.

Signing up is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything and yet you get access to a number of training and other resources. That’s how legit affiliate programs usually operate. Once you understand the program, upgrading to premium is recommended but the decision is still completely up to you.

The program is absolutely not a scam. It has actually received numerous positive feedback from people who have gone through the course and have become wealthy by taking advantage of the various business opportunities on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate Login – Is it Worth the Price?

Now, why would I say this after going on how valuable the experience of signing up and experiencing the other side of the wealthy affiliate login can, and is? The minute after I was past Wealthy Affiliate Login, I was besieged with information. There is so much information to apply. I was astonished to see the tools at my disposal. Today, I am so glad to have access to Wealthy Affiliate Login and learning valuable tips and money making methods every day. Not without work it is not a get rich quick system, good old fashioned work required.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate Opportunity?

For every program you find online, ten others turn out as scams. This is not true. Though it depends on how you describe a scam. However amongst those who are unwashed out there, those without any clue, their view is that everything online is a scam.

If you want to identify the legitimate ones. Below are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before investing in such an opportunity.

Are the Promises Too Good to be true?

Many affiliate marketers who are newbies get absorbed in promises which tend to be too good. Since people want prompt success and ea6sy money. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the real world and neither is it in the online arena.

Can Wealthy Affiliate Back-up their Promises?

The program claims to have helped thousands of affiliates find success online. It is considered an industry leader helping even the most technically challenged and least experienced entrepreneur to accelerate the process and achieve success faster.

My Wealthy Affiliate

So after many a promise of internet success from many a trial and error I was introduced to the program. Well, I can say now, that Wealthy Affiliate has been my knight in shining armor. After many different attempts with countless promises of success and many dollars squandered on so many of these moneymaking systems, I finally found a program worth investing.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Complaints usually come from people who try Wealthy Affiliate but fail. They feel the site is unable to fulfill their expectations.  What you should expect and what you should not from this program include:

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme: The tips, tools, and support are all available but one thing we should be clear about is that these do not guarantee overnight success. There may be a disparity in earnings between the members based on their individual capabilities.

Time & Dedication Needed: Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the training and support needed to become a successful and knowledgeable online marketer. BBut, if you want that to happen in a short span of time you are at a wrong place. This won’t happen in ten days or thirty days. Many members fail to put all the pieces together and quit. They are the ones who then voice out complaints and badmouth the program.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, It is free for Starter Membership. For the premium membership, it will cost you $47 per month or $359 annually. Upgrading within 7 days to premium membership within your first month of access will only cost you $19.00


Get Started Today! It is your turn to use this knowledge to identify a niche, build a campaign and take it on from there. You may fail once but make sure you learn from your mistakes and every failure takes you one step towards success. It’s only through trials and errors that you finally master the art. Just visit the website and move ahead step by step to learn the tricks of the program. Work hard and make the best use of the knowledge you acquire from it. Success will be yours!