Easy Azon Review | Localize your Amazon Affiliate link in Seconds

EasyAzon plugin has been one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress.  This is an exclusive plug-in that was developed by Chris Guthrie. The same developer who has developed amasuite research tool for amazon affiliates.This person is best known for his successful career in Amazon affiliate. He has already earned a commission of over 100,000 dollars from the affiliate program of Amazon and also sold his top Amazon site in a six-digit deal of dollars as well. The EasyAzon plugin has been developed with the real knowledge of Chris which he knows would work for everyone. The primary function of EasyAzon is to allow you to get the links to the products of Amazon without leaving the dashboard of WordPress. Hence, I thought about writing a full review on the EasyAzon including the EasyAzon coupon and EasyAzon discount.

Key features of EasyAzon Plugin

If you want to be an Amazon affiliate, then you should take the help of this plug-in. Amazon azon will help you to make money in this way.

  1. Assist you in to create Amazon affiliate links without leaving the dashboard of WordPress: If you use this plug-in, then you do not even have to log into the associated account on Amazon even. Everything that you need to do will be done from the specific pages or posts. This is an excellent Amazon affiliate WordPress plug-in that will bring tremendous change in your business within few days.
  2. Offers various styles of the link: Text links along with the alternative details of products on mouse over, image links with different options of size, the call to action options and information blocks will be provided by this plug-in of Amazon affiliate WordPress. Therefore, by using this Amazon affiliate link localizer plug-in, you will be able to get various styles of links for your targeted Amazon product.
  3. The built-in option the localization of link: The EasyAzon comes with a built-in option of link localization that automatically offers the clients the country specific links to Amazon products. This will help you to get sales commissions for those who are living outside the United States, so there is no chance of you to miss out on anything. The Amazon tracking id will also be country specific in case of these products.
  4. Offers the “add to cart” option: Amazon affiliate code will help you to develop your business by the successful use of WordPress. Once you start Amazon affiliate make money, you will understand the usefulness of this plug-in. By the offering, the option of adding any product to the cart gives you ninety days to make a selling of the item.

Amazon EasyAzon Discount

Three bonuses are in progress right now:

Bonus 1: The ultimate course of Amazon affiliate training

Bonus 2: The AzonTheme which is premium WordPress theme designed for the review sites of Amazon.

Bonus 3: The Amatheme which is the premium WordPress theme for the mobile-friendly Amazon sites.

This EasyAzon coupon code link will also help you to get 28% off. So, what are you waiting for? Get EasyAzon plugin right now for flourishing Amazon affiliate business.

Plugin overview
  • Link localization
  • Link placement
  • Customer support
  • Usability