Hongmeng OS: The New Android Alternative for Huawei?

Who does not know about the conflict between Huawei and Android? The Chinese Brand Huawei moved from Google and this means, these two companies will not work together with any longer. As a result, users will not have access to the Google Play Store. And along with Google Play Store, the Huawei mobile phones will not have access to Google apps like Chrome, Google Map and YouTube.

Hongmeng OS: The New Android Alternative for Huawei

Hongmeng OS: The New Android Alternative for Huawei?

So, Huawei had to come with an operating system that can give a better user experience to the new as well as the existing users. Recently, the news of Huawei new operating system for the android operated phone has hit the market. This company has patented for its very own operating system that prepares the phones for life without Android.

The new Hongmeng OS Huawei is the result of a global tussle between China and the US. Huawei, the second largest smartphone maker of the world has started to trademark Hongmeng OS Huawei in a few countries. The list of the countries includes Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Cambodia, Canada, Australia, the European Union, and many more.

Huawei is planning on its own OS for a long time. Hence, the ban on Android does not affect Huawei much until now. The Huawei new Android OS replacement, Hongmeng OS is expected to be compatible with phones, computers, tablets, TVs and even cars. This operating system also supposed to include other support Android apps. Hence, they are making it based on the source code of Android.

However, with the support for the Android apps, this OS can use the third-party app store, for example, The App Gallery of Huawei. As long as the US ban on Huawei phone is effective, the Play Store will not come pre-installed on the phones or tables of this Chinese company.

Some days ago there was a rumor about Hongmeng. The rumor was Huawei will release new phones in October this year with this operating system. By the source of this rumor, this will be first released on entry-level devices until it is more updated and ready to handle the flagships of Huawei.

When Hongmeng OS will be released?

Huawei is one of the top smartphones sellers in the world. They know the market better than most other smartphone companies. Therefore, they are not wasting any more time and replacing the Android by next month. The reason Huawei could release its own Operating System so soon because Huawei has been working on their own OS for years and according to some sources, it has been ready since January 2018.

The Vice President and Managing Director of Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East, Alaa Elshimy said that they had a strong bond with Google. They did not want to ruin the relationship. But, as the circumstance is forcing them to change their operating system, they are planning to launch it by next month.

What about the apps in Hongmeng OS?

Huawei users are asking what will happen to the apps that they are already using in their smartphones. In this matter, Alaa Elshimy says, all the applications of Android will on Hongmeng operating system. And, the users will be able to download new applications through the Huawei AppGallery.

Lately, we have seen other third-party app stores to try entering into the market e.g. the Amazon Appstore for Android. The main issue with such third-party app stores is that the user gets only a fraction of apps that are found on Play Store. Along with this, most of these apps are outdated.

Will there be any Hongmeng OS apk?

Well, as you all know apk stands for Android Application Package that is a file format used by the Android OS. Now, the questions, will there be OS build for Huawei download apk? This is not yet been decided. There are so many things going in this US and China trade war. So, whether there is any download Hongmeng OS apk or not is hard to say at this point.

We have to wait till the Hongmeng OS comes in the next month to understand how it will affect the market for Huawei.

Is Hongmeng faster than Android?

Huawei’s Hongmeng is reportedly 60% faster than the Android operating system. Recently, the Chinese vendors OPPO and Vivo have tested the Android Alternative, Hongmeng. Apparently, both of these vendors will use this new OS in their upcoming devices.

A lot of the market researchers are saying the statement of being 60% faster is a marketing policy. If this statement is true, the popularity of Android will go into dust. This statement does not prove anything so far. It can either be true or just a mere marketing policy. As a user, we need to use it by ourselves to find out.

Evidentially, Hongmeng OS is an entry-level operating system at this point. As this OS will work only with entry-level and mid-level devices, it can be assumed that Hongmeng will not have many applications in the Huawei Gallery. This explains its reason for being faster than Android.


Huawei is bringing Hongmeng to the market as a tool of survival. They planned it more than seven years ago. China-based smartphones companies understood that the key to surviving in this industry is to be self-sufficient.

Will Android come back to Huawei? If USA takes the ban off only then we can again wish for Android to come to Huawei. Aside from this, Android is not the perfect OS. There are many problems that come with Android such as storage problem, battery problem, and frequent updates. All this together are making it tough on the Android-users. Hence, the world needed a superhero to save them from such issues.