Hide.me VPN review

Although the Hide.me has been launched just a few years ago, they are growing pretty well in last few years because of their utter privacy to the user. Recently, they have developed their server locations in many strategic areas for the improvement of performance of their service. They have also come up with custom software for the simplification of installation of VPN and its usage. They are a Malaysia based provider of VPN. They hand their hat on the super fast speed and excellent privacy and security. However, many think the price is bit higher than usual but yet, people are using their service because of the amazing VPN service.

Plans and pricing

Free plan: Hide.me provides a free version to the new users that is can be accessed without any credit card, all you need is a valid email address and some information. Users ranked this as the top three free VPNS of recent time. You can transfer about 2 GB data at a speed of 3MB/sec. You can use it once in your device and it s limited to only three servers, Singapore, Canada and Netherlands. As they are providing free service, it is quite justified.


Plus plan: Moving on to their paid version, you will still be able to use the paid version in one device but you are going to get access to all servers and 75GB size of data transfer. This is their plus plan. The price starts from 4.99 dollars per month.

Premium plan: The most popular plan of Hide.me is their premium plan. The price starts from 9.99 dollars and comes with a lot of features. This is perfect for heavy users and businesses. It has additional features like port forwarding and unlimited data transfer.


The website has been designed very efficiently and it has been kept free from any unnecessary clutter. You will be able to navigate through the website very quickly and find your required information in a very short time. The signing up process is very simple and easy. You only need a valid email ID. Once you sign up with your email address, they will send a link to activate your account and install the software successfully. If you are new to this, it will be very easy for you.


The DNS test: Hide.me has DNS leak protection so you will easily be able to activate this feature and keep your identity and information secure. If you carry out a DNS test, you will find that the results give DNS server that is associated with Hide.me VPN service.

The WebRTC test: while using VPN, it is one of the main concerns of the users is to look after their real IP address which means user do not want their IP address to get revealed. So, do a WebRTC test and you will find that, your real IP address is safe and secured.

Hide.me works great on mobile devices just like the desktop. The company has launched applications for iOS, windows phones and android. This is one of the best and most secure VPN service. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting VPN service, there is nothing better than Hide.me.