Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets Columbia

So you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Great how is the budget coming? Kitchen cabinets Columbia account for close to half of the total estimated costs, right? Yeah that’s probably because they are design style setters for your dream kitchen, a vital component that you cannot dare compromise on the quality of.

Once upon a time all you needed to distinguish a high end form a low end was to keenly look at the dovetail joints in the drawers, not any more. Manufacturers have made all too difficult to distinguish high end products and low end stuff that will is all too real looking. In fact at times the fake can be more attractive than the original! But with a little digging into the background of each manufacturer and a little more faith in your taste, you can choose the best kitchen cabinets Columbia.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Columbia Categorized by Cost

Premium cabinets

These come with plywood boxes and other premium features but will cost you quite a bit of money. They are all about style quality and durability. These have the disadvantage of being almost as expensive as fully custom cabinets.


These are less expensive and also have plenty of room and style too. They are the sound economical choice with but they can be made from low quality veneered particle board.

Budget (stocks)

These are frameless construction based cheap off the shelf kitchen cabinets Columbia. They have the unique advantage of being affordable to most people on a budget.

Choice of kitchen cabinets based on material

  • Metal

As the name suggests, these are made from metals, often stainless steel and other materials. If you scratch these it is going to take more than a damp cloth to fix it!

  • Thermo foil

These are made of Medium density fiberboards of molten vinyl. They are cheap and available in numerous patterns. These have the disadvantage of being almost irreparable

  • Laminate

Mad from veneers in thin layers with a plastic matrix. These are not as attractive but are relatively cheap and durable. Plastics can last surprisingly long indoors.

  • Eco friendly

These kitchen cabinets Columbia are made from recycled and reclaimed wood material. They also have the looks for a fair price. These have the unique advantage of being environmentally friendly.

  • Wood

These are made from wood and veneered particle boards. They have advantage of being easily repairable and repaint able when scratched.

Final decision on installing your kitchen cabinets Columbia

  • Consider refurbishing

If your kitchen cabinets are not that badly off the mark you can remove the doors and sand paper them before repainting them where applicable. You can change just the doors.

  • Consider your budget

Pick a style

You have to have a particular design in mind the have your interior designer draw it out. You can choose either framed or frameless style of kitchen cabinets Columbia. If you go for frameless then it is more stylish but the rigidity is questionable given that it has no frame.