GTA 6 Release: New Leaks Revealed

Remember when Grand Theft Auto 5 came out literally triumphed over all the video game? Now, as Grand Theft Auto 6 is on the way, we can tell that hundreds of artists, developers, and actors from over the world are working hard on it.

After the release of GTA 5, Rockstar sold more than 110 million copies, and this made a sequel very likely. Last year, Red Dead Redemption was only released for gaming consoles, and the fans are still hoping for it to arrive on PC.

So, what was the GTA6 leak was all about? The Reddit user JackOLantern1982 made a post revealing the settings, mechanics as well as the themes of this much-awaited game. His source of information was from his friends who work for PC Gamer and Kotaku. He also had some non-verbal confirmation from a friend who works at Rockstar.

After the massive success of their previous game, it is quite apparent that Rockstar started working on GTA 6 right after the release of GTA 5. But, how authentic the information about the GTA 6 Rockstar is?

What does the GTA 6 leak detail?

The development of GTA VI started in 2012, but it was not in production till 2015. The production was stopped for a while, and the team was pulled to deliver Red Dead Redemption 2.

This game was developed under the codename “Project Americas.” It is said that the GTA 6 location is set in both Vice City and the fictional location of Rio de Janeiro. Along with these two places, Liberty city will appear in the game.

Inspired by the famous Netflix drama, Narcos, the player will play the role of an aspirant drug lord named Ricardo. GTA 6 trailer is not out yet, and we can assume that you need to start from doing drug runs from Vice city and eventually build your empire. It was said that this game would discuss topics like Fidel Castro, immigration, and HIV.

When GTA 6 will be released?

At the end of 2017, some claimed that the GTA release date 2018 had been set.

JackOLantern1982 did not specify any GTA 6 release date PS4 or Xbox but claimed that the game is only made for next-generation consoles and PC. However, we can expect the GTA 6 release date to be in 2020 along with the PS5.

As they, said, GTA 6 will be for next-gen console/PC owners we can expect to be mind-blown by the graphics.

What is the latest GTA 6 news?

With new games coming like Borderlands and GTA awaiting to get released, we are leading the best time. We are quite sure that, sooner or later, we will get to play the GTA 6 but have you ever thought what is new in this industry?

According to the new leak, there is no certainty in the release date of GTA 6. There was a gap of five years between the release of GTA 4 and GTA 5. So, if we are calculating in the same way, theoretically GTA 6 should be released by last year. But, as Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption 2 in the meantime, logic says, GTA 6 will not come out until 2021 or 2022. So, this is way too early to tease the fans with the glimpse of the new version.

Many other sources said that Rockstar might release GTA 6 by the end of this year. However, the possibilities are less. Most of the sources are saying their release date would be 2020. The Grand Theft Auto 6 was also linked to the release of the PS 5 gaming console. It could be the “big money” deal for both of the companies.

There is important information that has been revealed. You will not be able to play the new GTA on your Xbox One or PS4. Several other leaks have said the sad thing about the latest version of Grand Theft Auto. As Rockstar has not come out yet with proper news, we can still hope for it. The leak also said that the location of GTA would be vice city then, gradually, the player needs to unlock the locations throughout the story.

One of the locations of GTA 6 map is in South America. This location will also include many other characters that have already been featured in the GTA games. It was also reported that some of the missions would take place in different states of the USA, but they will not feature open world exploration. Hence, this can be assumed that the GTA 6 map size is going to be smaller than that of GTA 5. For some of the players, this might be the bad news!

If you are die-hard GTA fan then, you should know that a younger Martin Madrazo will appear to provide the players with different missions throughout the game although it is still unclear if there will be any connection or references to the older versions of GTA.

The original GTA Vice City had a small map which made it problematic for Rockstar to revamp completely. The fans are now expecting more from the new version. They would be hoping to discover Easter eggs during the game.

So, would you be able to have free GTA 6 download? Well, not in a year after the release. Rockstar keeps an eye on most of these sites where cracked or pirated version of the games are offered. This is because the company spends millions of dollars on the production of one game. So, they are not giving it away for free.

These are all possible real GTA 6 wiki we have found till now. There are many rumors flying around in the air, but not all of those are believable.

With so many news around, it is hard to guess which one is true, which one is not. We hope Rockstar release the game as soon as possible to feed the hungry gamers.