Gamingjobsonline Review: Can you Really make money playing games

Gamingjobsonline took the world by storm by the deals they were offering just by playing games. Can you really make money just by playing video games online? Let us explore this review of the website and other fundamental information about all gaming jobs online.

Gaming Jobs Online Review

Earning through playing games online sounds exciting, right? But first, know how genuine these online offering gaming job sites are. Coming across so many websites claiming to be authentic, I decided to do some research and come up with a genuine review! And guess what it is? In precise words “ridiculous and fake” because some of the claims (especially earnings), they made on their website, is too good to be true. The only person who is really making money is the creator of a site & he earns money from your membership fees and from the companies he is affiliated with.


Several websites are claiming to provide Gaming jobs. But what are they? Basically, Gaming Jobs Online find and list different gaming related job offers and display them within the members’ area. All you have to do is click on those links and complete the offers and get PAID.

According to www.gamingjobonline website, professional video game testers are earning an average of $39,000 a year just to play video games. But coincidently, this site seems to be very much similar to Photography jobs Online and needless to say, they both have come out to be Scam! membership

Memberships for gaming Jobs online. That is where real gaming begins, not for you but for the ones who offer you such jobs. In other words, the owner is probably a member of those sites. Whenever you join and earn/spend money on getting membership he will get commissions from you. Other than that, there will be a bunch of outdated job offers and full of broken links.

Global Beta test Network

Get paid to test games, sounds cool! Isn’t? They pay you for testing their games online. Once you register, they send you non-disclosure document to sign. Usually, they send a survey to see if you can attend the game test, each test lasts about 1 hour-long, and the pay-out is different for every country. The tests are not hard, you need to follow the instructions, and at the end of the test you will have to fill out a survey about the game test, that’s about it.

Erli Bird

Earning is a lot easier, especially for Tech lovers!! Erli Bird a US-based site promises to pay up to $10 for beta testing new apps for Android and iOS, websites, and gadgets. After you test, you are asked to provide feedback on what you think of the product you tested, how it could be improved on, etc. If your feedback is high quality, you can get paid. The rewards for testing are cash, karma, or a donation.

Various video game beta testing opportunities

Earning becomes more enjoyable when it comes from the things you love. Beta Tester is a job where people get paid for testing products and providing feedback to the developers so that they can improve the product. Similarly, for video game freaks, there are a whole lot of opportunities where you get paid for testing new video games that most people don’t even have access to yet.  All you need to do is work for companies that design and develop games. But that’s not for everyone. You must know gaming and have some insider knowledge of how it all works.

Cash Dazzle

Cash Dazzle is a website that tries to combine entertainment with the ability to earn a bit of extra money online. The system is based on a token economy; you need tokens to play the games and attempt to win the cash prizes. However, Cash Dazzle doesn’t seem to have many positive reviews. Its’ promotions are said to be fake and don’t provide games to play for money. And its’ ‘free’ offers tend to be endless unless you buy something from a third party.


Allowing members to earn money by opting for offers from sponsors and advertisers is what Lalaloot up for! This puts it among the ranks of GPT (Get Paid To) websites, whose operation is based on enticing members to take part in sponsor and advertiser offers in return for earning money. It looks like a mixed bag when it comes to LalaLoot’s payment record as some members vouch that they got paid almost every time while some others cry about their payment never reaching them.

Game tester register:

Video game testers are the ones who are the quality control inspectors for the game. These professionals see to it that the games meet certain quality standards, and they also try out products to determine if there are any flaws. For instance, the video game testers see for problems in programs like glitches, broken applications or malfunctioning visual effects. They can get registered into companies if they have the required skills and academics.

Video game testing jobs from home for free:

A game tester is a person who test video games for video game production companies before the game is released in the market. The beta game testers are those who receive a version of the game that is in its final stages. They must play some games from start to finish many numbers of times, to find out bugs present in the game. This job is getting more hype due to this generations love for games.

Earn money by playing games PayPal

PayPal lets you get registered into their community to test apps as well as games. You have to play the games and use the apps thoroughly to find glitches and bugs. You get a free version of the game and apps, but you also get paid to test them. It conducts surveys, test applications, and much more and you will be paid for all the things you take up.

Get paid to play ps4 games

PS4 games are getting more popular day by day. A lot of bigger gaming companies such as Sony are opening up more gates for beta testers. Though all can sign up for these companies, they don’t allow everyone to become verified testers for them.

If you have the correct academics and knowledge, then they will let you become an official game tester for them.

Beta game tester:

A beta game tester is the same as a game tester. They get an earlier version of games to play and uncover the glitches and bugs of it. They also get paid to do that. If you are interested in the video gaming industry, its important to learn about the beta testing industry first. A lot of websites offer free courses to help you learn the tidbits of beta game testing.

Get paid to play games on Android:

PS4 games aren’t the only excited games. Android games are equally favorite among the teens as they are mobile friendly. The gaming world has evolved a lot, and now some websites pay you to simply play some games without taking anything from you (except your name and email maybe).

Online game testing jobs at home

Another perk of game testing jobs is that it lets you work from home at your leisure times. There’s no hassle about reporting to anyone or rules. All you have to do is play the games a number of times, find the bugs and glitches and voila! You will get paid for that. The opportunities are endless as more than just a few websites and companies are seeking beta testers for their games.

Free game testing jobs:

The bigger companies like Sony offer free beta testing jobs. They select from the enrolled candidates and let you play the games before releasing them to the public, to solve bugs and glitches. The video game testing industry is set to become the most significant industry now. So all you have to do is select one company or websites that suits your interest or choice and get yourself registered. But make sure you have the required knowledge and skills if you want to get accepted.

Computer game testing from home

More than half of the games are built for HD monitors and screens. So naturally, computer games are far more graphical and most explicit than android versions. Hence the computer game testing jobs are getting more popular day by day. Game testing is primarily done in order to discover and document any defects in the software. The field involves expertise in computers, analytics and evaluation plus endurance to play games for a long period of time.

Play online games and earn money

In the early days of computer and video games, the developer was in charge of all the testing. More than two programmers were not required due to the limited scope of those games. The programmers in a few cases can undertake all the testing.

But the world has revolutionized drastically since then, and hence beta testers are required to detect all software defects. The testers get paid to do that.

Video game tester jobs at home get paid

Game tester is the person responsible for the game working correctly and managing bug lists. A lead tester supervises the QA staff. The lead tester works hands – on with both designers and programmers, from the starting to the end of the project. The lead tester is responsible for tracking bug reports and ensuring that they are fixed. In return, they get paid.

Game tester jobs in Mumbai:

Mumbai is a big city with burgeoning job opportunities. If you have the required academics and skills, then nothing can stop you from getting your dream job here. A game tester can earn approximately Rs. 225,907 per year as per Yes, you read that absolutely correct.

Earn money by playing games on android

You could make money by playing games on your android phones. Who would have thought of earning while having fun?  It is not mega amounts, but it is a passive source of income.  Sometimes it is not in money, but you get bitcoins. There are various such apps available for Android such as slide job, Trizia, Dreamll, etc. Play balance allows its users to use the balance across movies, etc.

Game tester jobs salary in India

Game testing is not an easy field as it sounds. It requires experience and technical know-how. According to the figures on, an experienced earns somewhere around Rs. 225,907 per year. For a fresher, salary amounts as low as 5k/month and can be as high as 150k/month also. As you get proficient the range of salary increases in the gaming industry.

Game tester jobs qualifications

For game testing, you need to possess certain skills apart from a passion for playing games. Some of them are:

  • Investigation and troubleshooting skills: These are essential to finding out bugs easily and their rectification.
  • Patience: Game testing requires a lot of patience being a repetitive and monotonous job.
  • Keen observation skill: If you can’t catch bugs, you can’t be a game tester.

Gaming jobs online

Beta game tester, virtual gaming support, and service representative, YouTube gaming talent, and personality, game programming, online web or Android developers, are some crucial jobs in the gaming industry. Testing games on platforms like Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Nintendo; finding and rectifying bugs are specific jobs in the field of game testing. Varieties of jobs online are also bifurcated as a mobile game tester and desktop game tester.

Get paid to test apps android

Before launching android or web app, app developer team gets the apps tested. The usability requires fixing. Bugs need to be found and rectified before the public launch of an app. You don’t need to be a tech geek for being an app tester. An average app testing takes 15 minutes to one hour. The average pay for an app tester is $100-200 per month. For each test $ 10, could be earned.

Get paid to test apps on iPhone

Just like Android, for each test for an app on ios, you can make $10 for each test. Companies like test fairy, Tester Sign up, Testbirds, Moneypantry, Tester Work, UserFeel, etc. pay you for testing apps of client firms. All you have to do is download apps on iPhone, complete the tests and then log into your tester dashboard to report any bugs you find on the apps.

Is game-testers not legit?

Game testing is legit as an actual job. Although there are scammer websites in the name of game testing, so it is always advisable to beware and check reviews. But these are low paying jobs. It is as such a mundane thing to do but if you have the passion for playing games, go for it. But the downside is low job security of the job.

Online video game tester job openings

How wonderful it is to earn while playing games sitting conveniently on our sofa. There are a variety of decent paying online jobs from network support in the gaming industry. Some important openings are a freelance game tester, QA tester, beta tester, game developer and game designer.  There are jobs for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile games in the field of testing new games.

Play free online games to earn money

If you enjoy playing games, you could make some extra cash with it. 3-5% of legit websites like inboxdollars, Swagbucks, Bingo! Zone, Paid game player, GSN Cash games, Gamesville Second life, Farmville, etc. have such options available on the online platform. The most significant merit is that such sites are free to use. So gamers don’t have to pay anything to play games. Plus they get paid for having fun playing games.

How to make money playing video games at home

Do you dream of playing video games for a living? There are numerous ways for that. Such as:

  • Play online games on Points Clubs.
  • Become a professional gamer if you are passionate about playing games
  • Become a game tester.
  • Become a YouTube celebrity.
  • Become a professional game.
  • Be a writer for games.
  • Customer servicing for other gamers.
  • Provide game coaching

Legit game testing jobs

Game testing is as legit as any other actual job. There are numerous job openings for game testers under categories of QA tester, beta testers, etc. available online, trade magazines or recruitment section of the publishers. But it is always advisable to beware of the scammer websites if you want to work as a quality assurance game tester, video game tester or other available job openings.

How to get into game testing?

Isn’t it interesting, that you are getting paid to play games all day?? I mean everyone’s dream to have such a job. So if you are thinking of becoming a game tester, then read below step.

  • First, learn what a game tester does and decide whether a game testing career is right for you.
  • Learn the basic skills & vocabulary of game testing.
  • Complete your formal education and training in Quality Assurance, i.e., QA in any software company.
  • Write your game testing resume.
  • Search for jobs and apply for an opening that fit your interest, salary, and location.

Online game tester job opening

The best part of doing online work is you are your boss, theirs no one to tell you how much work you have to do, and that too in game testing. It is an exciting job.

Now there is massive demand for tester & many game companies and websites like, etc. provides you online game tester job for part time / full time as per your convenience.

This job will never be out of demand.

Game tester job opening at home?

If you are a student then you can efficiently work from home, i.e., a freelancer in your spare time, and game testing is such job that you will love to do if you are a game lover or want to pursue your career in QA, this will give you experience + money. Many companies/Website/Clients that are looking for freelancer game tester, all you need is to search on Online on various websites.

Video game tester requirements:

You should be well aware of gaming vocabulary and also have experience as a QA in any software company.

You must be detail oriented person because as a teaser you should know how you get bug and write report on it and you should also have a good command on English because as a tester you have to coordinate with coder, designer, etc. so you have to brief them in such a way that they can understand and change it as per requirement.

Video game testing sites

Video game testing is one of the complicated work because from coding to design to resolution, etc. need to be proper as per game requirements and testing varies from game to game. Here you need to test all gaming features, bug, cliche, etc. before handling to users.

Their QA team who look over &test on various websites as per requirement and gives a test report to developer’s and if anything goes wrong with users then game tester is responsible.

Is game tester net legit?

Yes, there are online companies or website that provides a game tester job. All you need is to search online different companies, and on careers, they have different requirements in various disciplines.

But before going to work online with any sites all you need is to check if they are legal or not because some of few among hundreds are scam sites.

Testbird: is it better then G

Testbird a site where people make extra income, here best thing is they give a chance to all newbies without experience and if you have experience then you various choice to work but before joining they take simple test to check your ability once you clear the test then you are free to take test work as per your choice . They also have a smooth and simple payment method.

Tester work review

It is a place where the employer posts everything. This site doesn’t work correctly; it takes a lot of time to show Result and payment method is also not proper. It requires a lot of improvising with graphics and codes so that it takes less time to show test result.

So this was the comprehensive review of the gaming review jobs. When going through any such service on the Internet ask some basic questions as to what their benefit is by giving you money and what exactly are you making an impact when you play games? Stay away from scams and most importantly, never share personal information.

Game tester salary in India

Software companies are a place where the person initially get 5k to 7k per month; similarly, a game tester is paid 7-8k per month as a fresher, but once he gains experience and changes the company he/she may be nicked to minimum 20k per month anywhere in India.

Gaming is a place where your salary depends on your experience.


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