Fastcomet Coupon and Hosting Review

Headquarter of FastComet is situated in San Francisco. They are currently featuring a customer base of over 60,000 across 83 countries. These diverse bases of customers are managed by the eight server locations in big cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, and Chicago.

FastComet hosting Coupon and Review

Here in this fast comet review 2019, we tried to sum up both the pros and cons of this hosting site. Well, fastcomet being a small and new firm, made some pretty bold claims. The good thing is that they were able to back up a lot of their claims. We have monitored them for a long time before posting this review.


Here is a full look of our observation:

  1. The robust uptime out of the gate: When you fastcomet login from the homepage, one of the first things that you notice is the impressive graph on their website. This graph shows the positions of their provided services against many famous brands in the industry. This ensures that they are the best in the market.

Luckily, the uptime performance of fastcomet started pretty strong. The average uptime is 99.97%. This shows how efficient the company is.

  1. Fast customer service: Fastcomet might be small compared to other popular hosting companies. If you have not understood yet then, this can also be an advantage as well.

They are providing cloud hosting since 2013, but the founding team is in this business over 10 years. They worked with various popular, complex and big companies. If they could take care of such a big business then scaling down would not be an issue.

They are currently running over more than 400,000 live chat sessions along with 875,000 customer support tickets.

Another great thing about the small companies is that they can offer significant services fast while big companies remain busy with big projects.

While in other company’s chat a fake chat pops up on the website, fastcomet has a real person there to help you out in every problem. Every customer care attendant is friendly, professional and on the top of that, they actually what they are doing.

  1. Longer than most other money back guarantees: Let’s get real, moving to a new hosting company is the worse. It is very disruptive, and it forces you to take down a great and easy to use website. Sometimes there are technical issues, and it is time-consuming as well.

So, the last thing you want to do is change the hosting company, no matter how much you hate their work. You might be unhappy, but you have nothing than accepting your fate.

However, this is not the case with fastcomet. They give you a full 45 days money back guarantee. This means that you can try their service o just like us, do a test like we did and you are getting over a month to vet them.

The best thing is, 45 days guarantee is the longest we have seen. This means that they are confident about the service they are providing.

  1. The coupons: Who does not love to get coupons? Fastcomet coupon will give you off up to 25% on the total price. Fastcomet coupon code 2019 ensures you discount 25% on the cloud, 15% on shared hosting, 15% on all shared hosting plans and 10% on all VPS or dedicated server plans.
  2. Free migration: This is not all. There is more to it. If you have a site on the interweb, then fastcomet will help you to move it for free to their service.

Fastcomet has a team of experts who will move the entire site of their clients. You do not even need to do anything. The whole thing will be wrapped in an hour at best and that too without any fee or service charge.


Pros and cons walk hand-in-hand. There are of course some cons of the service provided by fastcomet. Let’s find out what are those.

  1. Concerning speed: When the other clocked at an average of 420m, the average speed taken by Fastcomet was around 955m. This is very poor compared to the other hosting sites.

Comparison with other hosting websites

Fastcomet blew us away with many factors but how does it perform in compared to other hosting sites? Let’s find out.

Both fastcomet and siteground provide reasonably priced services, but when it comes to fastcomet vs. siteground, the clear winner is fastcomet. Why? Because, if you want to gain more control over your website and improve the loading speed along with a 45 days long money back guarantee then, only Fastcomet is the one for you. Although the comparison siteground vs. fastcomet was neck to neck, with the price range and quality service, fastcomet won the show.

Now, let’s compare fastcomet vs. a2hosting.  This information is based on the real data retrieved from the business owners. According to them, fastcomet WordPress hosting is better than a2hosting in regards of price and free trial period.

In another comparison between fastcomet vs. GoDaddy, most of the users were in favor of fastcomet here as well. The users get the fastcomet coupon at least 4 times a year. Fastcomet coupon reduces the price of the services to up to 25%.

Fastcomet resellers said that fastcomet users love to avail their fastcomet coupon while taking the service. And as the service comes with a free trial period, this also ensures the clients to rely on their service of fastcomet.


We loved Fastcomet. And, in addition to this, the fastcomet coupon is the best thing about their services. You are not just getting a free trial but also, a discount on their services.

There was only one complaint about the performance and it is quite a big one. If they improve their speed then, fastcomet will go a long way. Just like us, the other customers love their services. And, it is impossible to get so many services at one place.