Facebook Launches Lasso – A Short Video App Following TikTok

Short fun videos have become the rage after the viral adoption of musical.ly and tick tock. Earlier there have not been many apps for this kind of activity. Now Facebook have joined in league with the launch of “Lasso” app. This app enables the user to create and share short videos that have music, filters, effects and more. The app from Facebook competes directly with Tik Tok that has similar features. Tik Tok has garnered more popularity compared to other apps. It has been in the playfield for a longer time. Therefore it has a large number of users available with its service. With its service, it is possible to create 15-second videos.

Lasso has been rolled out in the United States for the time being. US is the largest market for Lasso. The app has been introduced for both Android and iOS platforms. Facebook has billions of users in the main app. It is a natural extension of that platform to offer fun features like music addition, filters, etc. although Facebook is late in the game, it remains to be seen what it can achieve in the near future. Currently, there is no news about the app being launched in other countries. A worldwide launch is dependent on the success of the app in the United States.

Lasso a Rival of TikTok

News about Facebook’s plan to launch an app to rival TikTok has been coming since last month. However, Facebook has been quite discreet about the launch of the app. Even the official announcement has been made without much advertising by the Facebook product manager Andy Huang. Since it is part of the Facebook group, users can log in with their Facebook or Instagram account. The various options available with the app are the creation of short videos and various editing tools like effects, filters, rotate, flash, etc. If you think to take a picture of me and use filters, this app is the one.

The privacy settings of the app are less hence users cannot make their Lasso profiles private. It has the features similar to that of Tiktok such as following creators, search for popular trends and hashtags. In addition to that, it is possible for users to post their Lasso videos directly to Facebook stories. Facebook has told that the same sharing feature will be available to Instagram as well. These features are most wanted by users in recent months and have been trending for a while. The features are easy to use to create short videos for Facebook. Reviews have told that it is better than Google video app

It is considered that Facebook has launched Lasso for gaining subscriptions from teens in the US who has been moving away from the platform for a while now. Research from Pew Research Center shows that only 51% of teens are using Facebook, in comparison to 72% using Instagram and 69% using Snapchat. 85% of the teens use YouTube. The current trend is that while teenagers have Facebook accounts, they prefer other social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram to connect with their friends. The app was releases by Facebook on Play Store.

Lasso is considered to be the latest attempt by Facebook to gain more teen users to its platform. The company is hopeful of having this feature resonate with the users. Only time will tell whether the fortune of Lasso app can change in this hyper-competitive space. In the meantime, users can enjoy the new features of this app and create creative videos for their loved ones.