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Private blog networks are the link building tactics used for SEO optimization. Private Blog Networks are a set of blogs that are owned by you. You can use free blog services such as WordPress and Tumblr to set up your blogs easily. PBNs are made up of expired domains which you can buy. You can use the blogs in your network to improve your SEO ranking Easy blog network

PBNs have several advantages as it can enable you to get the web pages visible on Google results far easily. However PBNs hard to use and maintain. Managing hundreds and hundreds of blogs in a Private Blog Network is a nightmare. This is where Easy blog network comes in.

Here in this articles, we give you the features of Easy blog network to enable you to take the right decision.

What is Easy Blog Network?

Easy blog network is a specialized solution available for hosting Private Blog Networks (PBNs). They are not hosting providers but are platforms to manage PBNs. Easy blog network enables the user to deploy WordPress blogs to any number of hosting providers and automate the process. They support all the primary hosting providers in the market such as Amazon, IBM, Softlayer, Digital ocean, etc. Easy Blog Network has taken PBN hosting to a new level. It is a complete automation solution that automates setup, management, and maintenance of your Private Blog Network efficiently.

Easy blog network features

Let’s have an overview on the features of easy blog network.

  • Security

Easy Blog Network does not have footprints, and they deliver blogs to the hosts in an efficient manner. The system is checked periodically for prints and security vulnerabilities. Easy blog network currently provides 500 unique IPs that are host to more than 100 data centers. All IPs are from legitimate web hosting companies such as Amazon, Digital river, etc. and have security features built-in. The platform also supports HTTPS/SSL which are the most advanced web security features available on the internet. Thus while using this platform to create or manage website, you do not need to use any vpn software to hide your identity.

  • Ease of use

Easy Blog Network is easy to use compared to its competitors. The user interface is pretty straightforward and has a minimalistic philosophy. The dashboard offered by the platform is fun to work with. It has all the necessary information such as SEO metrics of blogs, indexation status, etc. It also allows you to store your username and password so that you don’t have to enter it every time. With Easy Blog Network, importing your existing blogs present in different hosting services is an easy process.

  • Easy installation

With a single click, Easy blog network enables you to setup and installation multiple WordPress blogs. You can also choose the plug-ins and themes you need. Another fantastic thing is that the platform automatically pulls updates for WordPress blog themes and plug-ins. It also creates backup information automatically, so nothing is lost forever. With Easy Blog Network, you can scale up from 10 to 100 to 500 blogs within a week. It keeps the network safe as it uses natural network building tactics.

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  • Transparency

Easy Blog Network provides the transparency by giving the IP address of the hosting company which no other blog network company does. They offer diverse IPs and show the hosting provider details also. The details of IP, DNS provider, and the hosting provider are available on the dashboard and is easy to access. With it, you don’t need to visit your registrar to setup name servers. It even has automatic name server configuration, and it is easy to use.

  • Blog domain mailbox

You can create customized alerts for monitoring your blog health and enable email notifications. You can get emails to up to 4 mail ids. The information includes SEO metrics from different tools such as Moz, Majestic and Google indexation status. This information is also available on the dashboard also.

  • Blog health

Easy Blog Network has SEO specific toolboxes such as Blog health which takes the learning from all the deindex blogs, analyze them and store them in an actionable box. That box has information about how deindexation can be reduced in future.

  • Safety

Various third-party studies about Easy Blog Network has confirmed that the deindexation rate of the blogs that are setup through the platform is less compared to other competitors. Its platform offers impressive support to WordPress blogs. However, they do not support standard HTML sites. Your blog is entirely safe as the platform assigns randomized usernames and IP address for your blogs across the network. Hence the chances for deindexation is substantially minimized.

  • Support

Easy Blog Network provides both live chat and offline support. You can get help 24X7 and can solve your issues within a single working day. The support staff is also courteous and professional, definitely a major plus point. The tech team behind the platform are knowledgeable, and they are willing to help always. They offer services for fixing bugs, optimizing speed, and improve the security of blogs.

  • Easy blog network pricing

The platform starts at $35 per month for 10 IPs. It can increase to 40 IPs if you are willing to pay $99 per month. This is cheaper compared to the amount of effort you need to maintain your PBNs. There is also a trial offer in which you need to pay only $7, and you can use the platform for 7 days to understand whether it is the right one for you. The platform also offers 30-day money back program in which you can test the services for more extended periods.

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Easy Blog Network is a simple solution to manage the PBNs, which is the backbone of SEO strategy. It is worth to invest in a platform like that saves time and effort in maintenance. Easy Blog Network is an excellent value for money. It is competitively priced, and no other PBN hosting service gives you these many features and easy usability. If you are looking for an easy to use, automated, safe platform for PBN hosting then Easy Blog Network is the right one for you.


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