Divi The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

In terms of wordpress templates that you would be able to find out there, it would be pretty normal to feel spoilt for choice. This is thanks to the large number of options that you would be able to get. Even then, your main purpose would be to get one which would be both sophisticated and functional. Not only that, you should also be able to get it at a pretty good price. This is because with your resources being limited, you would have to make a careful decision to make sure that your money would be invested in a place that would yield value. In that case, look no further than Divi templates builder. Considered to be quite an exceptional template, you would be blown away with the wide array of features that it has to offer. When you would couple that with the page builder and the great graphics, this wordpress theme would become almost unbeatable. The best part about this is that any non-coders would be able to use it. In my personal opinion, this would be a pretty great insight. After all, the creative talents of people should not be compromised just because they do not know how to code.

So, if you are looking to find out more about Divi, let us begin.

Divi’s Appearance

Since this is a wordpress theme that we are talking about, your main concern would be to find out how your website would ultimately look. It would be for this reason that we would begin our review with this topic.

Since your content would be king, you would need to make sure that it would be optimized and placed in a manner that would be both appealing and purposeful. That is exactly what Divi will be able to help you to achieve. This is because your content would be placed in the most impressive manner so that your readers would not only have trouble finding their desired content, but also reading it.

Divi ePanel

Thanks to the ePanel, you would be able to access all the important tools that would be required for the building of your website. When you would go to General settings, you would be able to manage things such as favicon, logo of your website, navigation, social media accounts, and navigation code, amongst other things. With the help of navigation tab, you would be able to create the perfect navigation setup for your website. After all, you might have been a victim of getting lost in a particular website at one point or another. So, if you would like to prevent the same tragedy happening to your viewers and readers, you would make sure that navigation would be kept as basic as would be possible. Other than that, you would also be able to modify the choice and number of categories and pages. The Ad management in Divi wordpress theme would help you to manage the banners and advertisements of your website. You would also be able to read all the important documentation, achieve your desired SEO, manage layout settings, and even include additional code.

Customization Panel for Appearance

With your website, you would like to put your personal touch in it. This would be something which you would be able to do with the Divi elegant theme. Thanks to the customization panel, there would be no end to the things you would be able to do where customization of your website is concerned. This is something which you would be able to find in the Customization tab under Appearances. Here, you would be able to change the navigation, color schemes, widgets, and background image. With every new update, you would be able to find new features being added by developers. This just goes on to show that you would have full freedom and flexibility to let your imagination run wild. Even though you would be bound to make mistakes from time to time, you would just be able to get back up and work on it.

How to Use Divi Builder

Where the unique selling proposition of this product is concerned, there would be no denying the fact that it would be the capabilities of page building. Even though you would start with the basics, when you would click on “Page builder”, your world would be about to change.

Now upon initial inspection, you would not find anything pretty great about it. But before you give out your final verdict, explore a bit more. You would have the option of making your choice from the 32 layouts which have already been made ready for you. Or, if you would be feeling slightly adventurous, then you could create one of your own. Even then, you would be able to find that premade layouts more or less seem to include everything. All you would have to do would be find one which would be the most suitable for your website.

So, if you would just be starting out, my recommendation would be to go with the premade layout and then just edit it according to your requirements and needs. The best part is that you would be able to save a large chunk of your precious time as well. This is something which would be important with time being so scarce and so many things that would need to be get done.

On the other hand, if you would be looking to create your website from scratch, you would find this to be a pretty useful tool. This is because you would be able to add sections of all types, along with modules.

Another thing which you would find to be quite useful would be layout importer. This is because it would give you permission to include layouts from previous websites and themes. In this way, you would not be burdened with the monumental task of creating your website from scratch.

Easy to Make

If you would be completely new to this whole thing, your main question would be whether it would be easy or not. After all, there is no way that you would be able to expend considerable amount of time learning the basics and then getting started when there would be so many other things that would need to be get done.

Initially, you might find some things slightly confusing. The overwhelming range of options also would not help in making your task easier. However, once you get the hang of using the premade Divi templates, you would not find the rest so difficult and challenging.

Divi Documentation and Support

Being a wordpress template that you would seriously be considering using, you would need to look at the documentation and support that they would provide. Based on the other reviews that I have gone through, I would be able to tell you that majority of it has been fairly positive. In other words, the support team have been found to be quite sufficient and responsive. So no matter what kind of problem you might be going through, you would easily be able to get it sorted out, thanks to them.

In terms of documentation, you would see that the elegant themes seem to have gotten that covered. This would be particularly useful for non-coders since they would be able to begin using it right away rather than indulging in a mini tutorial session. If you would still be feeling hesitant and uncomfortable, I would recommend that you leaf through the documentation that has been provided before getting started.


Any website whose main purpose would be to generate leads and profit would undoubtedly be concerned about the security. Even though wordpress themes in general seem to have excellent security features, you would not find Divi to disappoint in this matter as well. This is because the developers have made it their priority to make their template as secure for their users as would be possible. This is something which they provide with Sucuri. Termed to be one of the best providers for security solutions for websites, you would be able to understand that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Divi Price

The last thing that we are going to be discussing would be the price. With 86 themes and other plugins, the total would amount to 89 dollars for a year. When you come to think about it, it would actually be a pretty good bargain. This is because you would be getting a very good value for your money. Even though some people have complained about the price tag being slightly high, you would have to look at the diverse range of features that are being provided. In addition, when you would compare this price point with other similar wordpress templates, you would be able to understand how good of a deal you are actually getting.

If you would be looking for cheaper options, then you would be able to find a personal package which would be priced at 69 dollars per year. However, the downside is that it would come without plugins. So, if you would like to take your website to the next level and have also become quite accustomed to the wonderful benefits that plugins would be able to provide you with, then you could easily upgrade to Lifetime Access. All you would have to do is make a one-time payment of 249 dollars and you would be good to go. Another good part is that this payment seems to come with a guarantee of your money back for thirty days. So, upon going through the software and using it, if you decide that Divi would not be the right option for you, then you could simply ask for a refund. However, in my opinion, the chances of that happening are pretty low. This is because once you start using Divi and also become used to the options and features that they seem to provide, there would be no going back.


  • This would be perfect for those entrepreneurs who would not consider themselves to be technologically savvy but would still like to use their creative talents
  • Perfect for freelancers, small businesses or agencies, online stores, and magazines
  • Ability to create landing pages which would be both powerful and sophisticated
  • One of the best drag and drop builders for page with multiple modules, premade layouts, sections
  • Great graphics and aesthetic design
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications
  • Useful documentation for users who would be new to the world of wordpress
  • Lifetime updates
  • Excellent value for your money.


  • The range of options being provided could be slightly overwhelming for first-time users
  • Developers have not found this to be suitable
  • You could face difficult if you switch from Divi to other themes
  • The main panels look slightly outdated.

Final words

So now that we have gone through an extensive review of Divi templates, it would seem suitable to wrap up the whole thing with some final words. If you would have read the whole thing, I can tell you that I would not make this last section long.

Simply put, there would be no end to the features and benefits that Divi has to provide to its users. Since this template has been created while keeping both tech-savvy and non-techsavvy people, you could already see half of the task being done. You would be able to create the landing pages and websites of your dreams. The premade layouts mean that you would not have to fall in a rut or even waste your time. In terms of the drawbacks that have been outlined, you would be able to see that they would not necessarily be termed to be downsides. With a bit of time and effort, you would definitely be able to get a hang of the whole thing. As for the price, there really could not be anything better than this.

That being said, Divi would undoubtedly be one of the most multi-purposeful wordpress templates that you would be able to find out there.


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