Brave Browser Review: Things no one is telling you!

Do you know the ads that follow you around all the time? You don’t have to worry about the ads anymore. If you enjoy watching ads, you will receive payment for that. The brave browser review helps you to know more about the browser in terms of its benefits. Brave is an unusual web browser that let you navigate through the internet and display content.

Brave Browser Review

The brave browser for Mac is available. You can browse securely and fast on the macOX platform. This is achieved without involving a lot of your computer’s memory. Brave browser app does not need much RAM. It uses at least 170MB of your RAM. It is important to note that Brave is a chromium based browser. Brave browser for windows is also available and ensures that your browsing is safe and fast on windows platform.

Brave Browser Extension

Brave is set up on the Chromium platform. It uses chromium extension. Chromium is an open-source system that also powers popular browsers like Google Chrome. You can use all Chrome extensions on it based on the capability of chromium. This extension can be added to brave through the Chrome Web Store.


  • Interface. I like the fact that brave offers a simple, clean and intuitive interface.
  • Speed. I hate dealing with slow speed. Brave’s speed is fast based on the default ad blocker
  • Privacy and security are good. It has blocking features which make Brave’s anti-tracking tools among the best.
  • Extensions. It is good that I can use Chrome extension since brave is built in chromium extension.


  • Rewards system. Its compensation program and the opt-in add is not clear to people.

Is Brave Browser Safe?

Improved Privacy during Browsing makes the browser safe. Malicious ads are automatically blocked. This allows you to browse safely. The browser does not have access to your identifiable data. Brave also comes with additional tactics to boost privacy while browsing. HTTPS is incorporated everywhere which allows you to use web encryption.

The use of fingerprinting feature in brave prevents third parties following your activity. You can activate this feature in your browser.

Brave Browser vs. Chrome


 It Syncs with the desktop browser such as passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, and history, from your desktop.Safety and privacy have been taken care ofHttps is incorporated everywhere and there is no third party tracking.
It Supports the latest web standards such as CSS3 and HTML5Built-in Adblock. It contains an optional "Allow Brave Acceptable Ads” you can only support the site you enjoy.


Google can track your browsing history since your usage data is sent to Google by chrome.The interface is outdated, and still, you can see the tabs in full-screen mode.

Brave Browser vs. Safari


BraveSafari Browser
There are Privacy and safety, https is incorporated everywhere and no third-party tracking.Works elegantly in OSXThe rendering of the pages and the browser compatibility with OSX works smoothly
Option to disable additional privacy concernsLike fingerprint tracking.iCloud syncing. Tabs, passwords, bookmarks and, history all sync across devices


BraveSafari Browser
Poor plugin support. It is still missing many essential pluginsOSX only. Apple dropped Windows support after Safari 5.

Bottom Line

In my Brave browser review, I find it as one of the best browsers. It is secure, stable and fast. If you are an anonymous online user. The Browser offers quality ads matching. It ensures the privacy of your browsing history, this is because the data needed for ad-matching cannot leave the system. Its trackers and blocks ads are effective. Its usage of opt-in and ad-blocking for its rewards system is also an eye-opener in the online browsing world.