Boardwalk Empire, The Hit Crime Drama of 2018

Boardwalk Empire is the television series grounded on the popular book ‘Boardwalk Empire’ itself. This is a crime drama television series created by Terence Winter. It is based on the birth, high times and corruption of Atlantic City and set on the prohibition era of the 1920s in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

A brief about the cast

The Boardwalk Empire cast consists of Steve Buscemi in the role of Nucky Thompson, Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Schroeder and Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden/George Mueller, Shea WhighamMichael Stuhlbarg, Vincent Piazza, Michael K. Williams, Jack Huston, Anthony Laciura, Paul Sparks.

The plot of Boardwalk Empire

The story is about the treasurer of Atlantic county Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the most influential person of Atlantic City from 1920 to 1933. The story revolves around Nucky Thompson’s unlawful association with gangsters as well as politicians. His expensive and splendid ways of living seem at balance with his situation, and as well as his illegal interconnection with under-world rolls boot-legging in the area. Expeditiously, the federal agents find the roots of Nucky and his company and the horrific and very Purtian, Agent Nelson Van Alden takes points.

There is not an outright hero in the show, but it is absolutely fine, as the ‘bad guys” in the storyline, done their job with charm and are so engaging. The character of pilot gives an enthralling dare of varieties for the viewers trying to puzzle out how long they want to stay with. The main character of the show is so gimcrack and indulged in different types of crime, yet speaks so persuasively and wisely. The costumes are designed with luxurious and expensive fabrics following the dressing pattern of 1920’s era.

Boardwalk Empire

Sopranos veteran Terrence Winter creates the Boardwalk Empire drama set on prohibition era when no alcohol was allowed to serve. This tv show screened so elegantly and gave competition to other tv series of the same genre.

Each Broadwalk Empire episode of the show was much appreciated for its visual style and execution of historical figures, There were five-season of this show that started on September 19, 2010, and concluded on october 26, 2014.

The Boardwalk Empire season 1 was aired on September 9, 2010, and ended up at December 5, 2010. There were 12 episodes in total in that season, and the audience really liked it. The Boardwalk Empire Season 1 trailer was itself very catchy and interesting, showing the various shades of the show.

Boardwalk Empire season 1 episode 1 was the HBO’s big-budget production and was directed by Martin Scorsese.  It was very promising and captivating, outlining the overall background of the story and creating suspense for the upcoming episodes.

The Boardwalk Empire season 5 is a remarkable season and revealed itself to be one of most excellent crime drama. The season got many best performances, nominations, and awards too. The TRP was great, and critics gave high average ratings across the board. So the series overall was a bonanza.

This show is a super hit tv series and all seasons of Boardwalk Empire tv series is available online on HBO Official site, and Amazon Prime video. The viewers can watch the series online.

The series is not available on Netflix, but you can still rent or buy DVDs from Netflix and watch the entire series of the Boardwalk Empire that does justice to some extent. So watch Boardwalk Empire online, or you can rent the DVDs from Netflix.

To know more about the storyline and all other information regarding the show, just search Boardwalk Empire wiki, and you will be able to get all information on Wikipedia.

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