Bluehost Review

In the case of starting up your own website, you might think of it to be quite daunting. Even though you are being able to connect with your target audience through Facebook, you believe that it would be more effective to have your own website. In that case, you might have heard about the name Bluehost website builder. Thanks to this web hosting service, you would be able to maintain a balance between features and price. This would be particularly useful if you would find yourself to be completely new to the world of web hosting. On the other hand, if you would consider yourself to be an experienced web administrator, then you would be happy to find some extra features as well.


Shared web hosting

In the case of shared hosting options, you would find that Bluehost does not tend to offer much, particularly on a monthly basis. Hence, it would require you to sign up for a yearly plan. In addition, if you would remain committed with them for three years, then you would be able to get quite an attractive discount.

VPS web hosting

If you would have specific compliance requirements, would expect high volumes of internet traffic, or would require more power, then you could go for VPS web hosting. In this case, you would find the offerings to be divided into three tiers, ranging from $29.99 to $119.99 per month. The sad part would be that it would not offer VPS for Windows.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review

Their cloud hosting service is one of the best there is. Do know that cloud hosting has the same bluehost cpanel url like you’re the one you get with a shared plain. You will also get the same option to create email account as well. The advantage is the cloud one is almost like a dedicated hosting program with where you will get a dedicated ip address from bluehost. On a cloud based hosting, you can use dns hosting process to setup any website you want.
And the good part you can use our yearly bluehost domain renewal coupon to save money while paying the fee.

If you add some extra add-ons like bluehost full cpanel backup you can secure yourself for life.

But if this is your first website then I would not suggest you to choose the cloud option as it is a bit expensive. I would say that their monthly hosting would work just fine for you. Cloud based hosting is really helpful if you want to use it as forum hosting. It’s because it has really low incident of hosting down related issue.

Dedicated web hosting

The good news is that Hostgator Bluehost provides dedicated web hosting configurations. With the servers starting from $109 per month, it would be able to provide you with 1Tb of hard drive space.

Bluehost review in summery



  • Thanks to it being a premium hosting service, you would be able to enjoy an excellent uptime
  • An excellent customer service which would mean that you would be able to reach the staff quickly through chat or email
  • Extremely suitable for new users since the WordPress has been found to be quite easy to install
  • You would be able to get free coupons for Google AdWord, Bing, and also other bonuses when you would purchase a hosting.
  • You can pay via paypal and Payoneer



  • The basic offer seems to be for the website only. You might be required to update your plan if you would like to host multiple websites at once
  • It takes a lot of time to add domains since it is a very confusing process.

Creation of site

In terms of building your website, you would find that Bluehost tends to offer a wide range of tools. Not only that, but you would also be able to collect site statistics, manage email, filter spam, and also manage domains. In the case of building your site, you would be able to use the WordPress content management platform. Not only that, but you would also be able to create your website by using Weebly.

Generally you use and as name servers to point your domain to your bluehost hosting. But based on the program you pick for your website, you might have to do bluehost nameservers change.



By hearing about Bluehost discount, you might be wondering if the security would be up to the mark or not. In that case, you would be able to breathe a sigh of relief because the security features have been found to be pretty good. This is because it would offer you with three antispam tools:

  • Apache Spam Assassin
  • Spam Experts
  • Spam Hammer.

Other than these three tools, you would also be able to get hotlink protection. Not only that, but you would be able to create directories that can be protected by passwords, filters for users and email accounts, manage digital certificates and private keys, as well as creation of IP address blacklists.

I have been using bluehost for almost 3 years now and I have never had any problem related to bluehost blocking custom email addresses without solid reasons. Although there are many posts online by users who have complained about bluehost blocking ip address.

This is very common for the people who buy a domain and hosting to create spammy websites or send bulk emails to random users online. If you are just starting your career as an online marketer, I would suggest you not to do any spammy stuff using your website cause this is a serious fault and bluehost might cancel your hosting for good. Do know that when this happens you can not just cancel your hosting and keep the domain.

Once you get your hosting banned, you will have your domain blacklisted all over the internet too. So be very careful. And do know that changing one bluehost hosting plan to the other will not help.

I have seen many forum threads where people have advised others that if you face something like that you can just change your primary domain and that will solve the problem. Unfortunately, that does not work either. So it is better to follow ethical marketing.

Rock-solid uptime

By using the Bluehost discount code, you would also be able to enjoy a rock-solid uptime. This is because the website uptime would be quite an important element for your overall web hosting experience. This is because if your site would be down, then your customers would not be able to reach you. That would definitely not be a situation that you would like to experience. That is why upon further testing, it has been found that Bluehost is indeed quite stable.

Bluehost webmail review

Like most premium web hosting providers, this hosting also provides you options to create customized email address to match your website url. To know more about how you can create one and start using it please search for bluehost related wordpress videos on youtube.

Bluehost WordPress hosting vs shared hosting

One thing that worth mentioning is that Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting’s speed is super fast. It is perfect for e-commerce, and authority blog sites with 1000 plus publish posts. And the bandwidth is very much stable which is something that hundreds of blogs on website hosting reviews have mentioned.

And once you are done the primary work to point a record to bluehost, all you have to do is use the one-click wp installation option to have your very own website ready to go within minutes. And for those who are wondering, both wp and shared options come with add ssl and dynamic dns option.

What are other hosting options?

When pricing and quality is concerned, there is no other alternatives to bluehost. Generally in bluehost, 3rd party ssl will cost you less than $2 per month. You can pay for your package using paypal or payoneer. But on other hosting they might cost you a leg and a limb. Plus there is very little proof of an incident regarding Bluehost accounts getting hacked.

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You can use multiple add on domain if you buy the Plus shared hosting options from them including the option to use bluehost add ssl function you’re your domain. This is very important has google is giving more and more priorities to websites that have secure socket options in their domain. Based on this factors I would say bluehost alternatives 2018 does not exist. Call me a bit biased but based on my experience unlike other hostings, I have never found any complaint regarding blocked email addresses or blocked ip address.

Bluehost vs Wix vs Weebly

Many new users who love to use drag and drop capabilities want to know which option would be the best one for them? Bluehost or wix? If you like the second option just for it’s drag and drop option, then you can use bluehost website builder to have the same luxury. It requires a lot of time for a wix based website to get indexed and get ranked in google. Thus in the battle between bluehost vs wix, the first option always wins.

From my personal experience one thing I would like to mention is that never go for free site builders like wix or weebly to create your online assets as they are volatile, have less security, most of the time not seo optimized (check bluehost vs weebly comparisons online for more information). This is the same reason why I would suggest you not to go for a comparison between bluehost vs wordpress org service. Because a paid premium hosting will always provide you better service then the paid one. But If you are looking for the cheapest cost to buy domains then I would suggest 1&1 between bluehost vs 1and1 comparison. Cause it is cheap and also DNS propagation time is shorter.

Final verdict

All that being said, that brings us to the end of the discussion where Bluehost review is concerned. Even though the Bluehost discount coupon seems like quite an attractive option, there are quite some other things which should be appreciated. Since it is considered to be a highly stable and respectable web host, you would find your task of setting up your website to be a breeze. Thanks to the wide array of security options that it tends to provide, you would find it to be much better than the other web hosting services. All in all, this would definitely be a service that you could give a try.