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This is the first Turkish series which I have ever seen and literally accidentally stumbled upon this series.
If you are looking for one of the best television series then this is high-time you should start watching Ask Laftan Anlamaz. This story is amazing and the chemistry between the two lead roles is breath-taking. It is such a wonderful and splendid love story that starts with Hayat and Murat.

Though the story is a bit different from the regular ones that we often see, it will surely make a huge place in your heart. The series is Turkish but people from around love watching this series. Ask Laftan Anlamaz is a gem of a show. The viewers of this show have claimed it to be the best romantic drama. Both the lead characters, Hayat and Murat are very attractive and they make a great couple. Their chemistry, acting skills, look, style, expressions, physique, dressing style etc. is absolutely perfect as well as unique. The character Murat is quiet, calm and innocent and on the other hand, Hayat is emotional, loving and joyful. Hence, when two people of such characters come together then the chemistry is just more than perfect.

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is the Turkish of the English sentence, “Love does not understand words”. This show was broadcasted on the channel Show TV. This Turkish television series was premiered on the 15th of June, 2016. It stars two very good-looking characters Hande Ercel and Burak Deniz which are the Hayat and Murat real names. The set up of the series is in Istanbul and it follows a romance of workplace at a very successful multinational company. The whole series has 31 episodes and only one season. All of the episodes of this series are available online so, if you want then you can binge watch it anytime.

Cast and character of Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is basically centred on two main characters, Hayat and Murat. Hande Ercel plays the role of Hayat Uzun and Burk Deniz plays the role of Murat Sarsilmaz. Other than these two the Ask Laftan Anlamaz cast also have Metin Akpinar, Metehan Kuru, Ozcan Tekdemir, Merve Cagiran etc. who played various roles in this series. Each and every character of this series is very nicely built and all of the actors are very professional and skilled. They all have played their role with absolute brilliance. While watching the Hayat and Murat drama to write this in-depth review, I totally forgot that this is a series.

At some points, during the series, I felt like this is a real life story as the acting and performance of all of them were really natural. If you have not watched this series already then you should start watching it. Ask Laftan Anlamaz in Hindi is unavailable but you can get Ask Laftan Anlamaz in English. The Ask Laftan Anlamaz English subtitles are also available on internet. So, even if you do not understand Turkish language then you do not need to worry about it as you have the subtitles to understand the dialogue, story and every detail of the series.

The character of Murat Sarslimaz is the best. These types of guys are only found in dreams. You will feel like he has just walked straight out of the imagination. Murat is a combination of rich and gentle guy who is hardworking, successful, charming and intelligent. This perfect lead role falls head over heels in love with his employee. However, after a certain time he finds out that the girl was lying and this broke his heart to pieces. In spite of all this, this true gentleman marries this girl. Murat real name is Burk Deniz. I would say he is the best fit for this role. No other male actor would be able to fit in this role with such perfection.

The real name of Hayat is Hande Erçel. She is an angel in the body of a woman. She looks stunning and executed her role pretty perfectly. Though at some points you will feel like the character of this lead is quite confusing, in the end she is able to fix her clichéd role in the right way. The role is bit confusing because, the character is always demanding Murat to be truthful and honest to her but on the other hand, she is the one lying to Murat all the time, at some points, the viewer feels that the whole existence of Hayat is a deception to Murat. However, the character is very strong, outspoken and joyful which complements the character of Murat. So, even if the character of Hayat feels a bit unwelcoming to you, their chemistry and love in the series will make you forget about the problems she has.

We can say that, both of the characters have their on uniqueness and style. They complement each other with not just face but acting skills, looks and get-up as well.

Here is a scene from Ask Laftan Anlamaz Episode on with english subtitle:

Hayat Uzun is the daughter of a fisherman who is under the pressure of securing her job in Istanbul otherwise she will have to return to her village to her family. Due to some mistake in the identity she gains a good job in a multinational textile company which is headed by Nejat Sarsilmaz. She becomes the personal assistant of the lead male actor, Murat Sarsilmaz who is the son and heir of the owner of the company. As Murat starts to fall for Hayat, this provokes jealousy in the ex-girlfriend of Murat, Didem who is the lead model of this multinational textile company. This is how the story goes on.

They face obstacle when they are in love with each other but they somehow manages everything nicely and continue their relationship. The story goes on and they face problems and issues but however, they are able to solve each of them nicely. As the series is consists of just 31 episodes and as the makers of the show do not have any plan to come up with another series of Ask Laftan Anlamaz. Hence, they finished the show with a happy ending of Hayat and Murat.

How Hayat and Murat meet for the first time

The Murat and Hayat episode 1 has their introduction and the background of the story of the series. The episode one also gives a bit overview of the characters of the series so that the viewers get an idea about Hayat and Murat. Both of the characters are very strong, independent and charming, hence you will not feel bored while watching the series. The Hayat and Murat drama is very attractive and impressive. The series has been carried out in a splendid way not just by the lead characters but the other actors and actresses as well. Though a lot of viewers complained that the series is very small and they asked for a second season but the makers of the series do not want to stretch it and make it boring. For this reason, they have ended it in just a 31 episodes. All the episodes of Ask Laftan Anlamaz are available on YouTube with English subtitles. Ask Laftan Anlamaz in Hindi is not available so far but as it is available in English you can enjoy watching it.

The actress Hande Ercel as Hayat Uzun

Hande Ercel has been in the industry from 2013. She was born on 24th November, 1993. She is Turkish television actress. She is best known for her unforgettable role in one of the most popular shows Ask Laftan Anlamaz.

She entered the industry after winning the award if Miss Civilization of the World in the year 2012. She did many roles in many shows but the life changing role of her character was Hayat Uzun because it gave her a solid platform in the Turkish television industry.

Apart from acting, she also has a degree in fine arts and wishes to pursue her carrier in this field. In one of her recent interviews, she said that she has plans to study in USA and wants to join Hollywood. She has a dream to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling. Right now, she is working for another television series. Though she has other works at hand but she is more interested in making a career on fine arts. For this reason, recently she is giving more priority to fine arts than acting because she believes the life of modelling and acting industry can die at any time but fine arts will not leave her hand even during her hardest time.

The actor Burak Deniz as Murat Sarsilmaz

The very sexy and attractive actor Burak Deniz is a Turkish actor. He is best known for his role in the Ask Laftan Anlamaz as Murat Sarsilmaz. He is the lead of this series. Apart from Ask Laftan Anlamaz, Burak Deniz played significant roles in many other television series like Bizim Hikaye, Night Queen, Tatti Kucuk Yalancilar, Sultan, College Diary and lots more.

Burak Deniz in a scence from Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

He won the best actor award in 2017 from the Adnan Menderes University for his splendid role in Ask Laftan Anlamaz. He is very good looking and the character of Murat suited him nicely. The on-screen chemistry that he showed with Hande has become a standard of rom-com in Turkey. People are now expecting the actors of the series to be like Burak Deniz. Apart from being an actor and photo model, he has degree from Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. From 2016, he is dating Busra Develi. This woman does not have any ties with the acting and model industry of Turkey. He is the perfect fit for the role of Murat Sarsilmaz in Ask Laftan Anlamaz.

This is pretty much the personal life of Hayat and Murat. You will be able to find out more about these two from the Hayat and Murat wiki. More details of their career and personal life are available there. If you are want to more about them then head to Wikipedia for more personal information about these two. Though there are other people in Hayat and Murat cast, they are not important or significant enough to write about. These actors and actresses performed well in the series but no one could take the place of Murat and Hayat.

Murat Embrassing hayat Scene from Ask Laftan AnlamazAsk Laftan Anlamaz is a very classy series. This show is now available throughout the world in various languages. People converted it in their own language as they were surprised with the acting skills of the actors and actresses especially Hayat and Murat. They both are very talented artists and people love this show as well as them. One of the major platforms where this show gained popularity is Facebook. Through Facebook, the sneak-peeks and trailers of this show came into the eyes of the viewers and this is how, they started loving the character Hayat and Murat. Even, if you have seen it yet, I am pretty sure that you have seen any video or trailer of this show.
There are many Turkish television series available online but this series will take a very important place in your heart. This series is better than the series of many paid websites like Hulu and Netflix. You can also watch all the online dubbed episodes of Ask laftan anlamaz here. The Ask Laftan Anlamaz is also available on YouTube. If you have not found any link to download this series then you can always watch in on YouTube. Find the ones available with subtitles otherwise you will not be able to understand the storyline.

The plot, cast, acting and screenplay etc. of this television series is perfect. Whether you are from Turkey or any other part of the world, you can enjoy watching this rom-com along with your family. Teenagers and new twenties seem to enjoy this series a lot. Start watching Ask Laftan Anlamaz and you will definitely fall in love with them. As all of the episodes are available online, you can binge watch it anytime. This is one of the best television series which has the record of gaining popularity throughout the world; therefore, this must be in your “watch next” list.

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Ask laftan Anlamaz is an international hit. Excellent script, beautiful casting, and engaging storyline made this Turkish serial and it’s cast an international sensation.

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